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Why buy a gaming chair floor mat?

Pourquoi acheter un tapis de sol chaise gaming ?

For a complete and efficient setup , you must choose a comfortable gaming chair , a suitable gaming table , opt for an adequate mouse pad , protective gaming glasses but also think about the floor mat for your gaming chair. Yes, any good gamer must have his floor mat for his gaming chair so as not to scratch, damage or dirty the floor of your room when your gaming chair moves.

Indeed, the wheels, in contact with the ground, can damage the latter. It is therefore important to find a quality floor mat in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your floor , and there is no shortage of choice. Many models with different sizes exist on the market: opaque, heated, designs, transparent, thick, thin, etc.

This dedicated article will therefore help you better understand why it is essential to buy a gaming chair floor mat.


1. Avoid wheel scratches on the floor (especially on parquet)

The majority of gaming chairs do not have anti-mark wheels and if they do their price is very high. So for a reasonable budget and similar efficiency, the gaming chair floor mat is the right solution to avoid damaging your floor and avoid any traces of your chair wheels on your floor.

Indeed, the floor mat will be your ally in order to avoid the permanent contact of your gaming chair wheels on the floor of your room. Whatever the covering of your floor (parquet, carpet or even floor tiles) the wear of the latter can therefore be avoided with a floor mat under your armchair. In addition, the floor mat also collects any stains or waste that you may drop on your floor and will thus protect it.

2 - Acoustic insulation from noise on the floor

In addition to not damaging your floor, the gaming chair floor mat will allow you to isolate any noise when you move your chair and prevent it from skidding when you are seated on it. Indeed, it will absorb any shock and noise so that you can play or work in silence, without disturbing others.

3 - Soft material to rest your feet on

A comfort element for a game or work session, the gaming chair floor mat provides you with pleasant support for resting your feet . Indeed, different materials exist and some bring softness allowing a very pleasant touch, especially if you spend many hours in a seated position.

4 - Non-slip surface

For more stability during your moments on your gaming chair, the floor mat offers a non-slip surface which will adhere to the ground thanks to a material which prevents any slipping and will also allow you flexibility in your movements in order to be efficient. and comfortable when working or playing online.

Indeed, when you are concentrated you can have impulses in terms of movements and gestures, things that sometimes destabilize your chair. The floor mat will allow your chair to follow your movements gently and with maximum grip.

5 - Insulates from the cold of the ground

Finally, the chair floor mat will allow you to insulate your room from the cold . Made of different materials more or less thick, it will act as a barrier between the temperature of your floor and your body contact points. So you can play or work without having to worry about the temperature of your floor.


As you will have understood, the gaming chair floor mat will contribute to a silent grip between your gaming chair and your floor, will improve the longevity of your floor covering but will also be a vector of comfort when you spend many hours sitting down to play or to work.

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