About Aerone

The idea for Aerone came to us from a simple observation: gaming is becoming more democratic today, and takes on different forms. In recent years, gamers are no longer just in their living room, but above all on their computers: streamers are multiplying, and their audience too. More and more people are spending a lot of time in front of their computer, whether for work or leisure, and that's who we're talking to.

Sitting for several hours a day at a stretch has significant effects on health and day-to-day efficiency : when you sit too long, your veins dilate and your muscles get damaged.

Comfort is important , and a classic chair is not suitable for daily use for several hours. To meet the needs of those who find themselves in this description, we have developed Aerone : office chairs suitable for both leisure and work .

We have thought and designed these gaming chairs for you, in a European market (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium) that is still underdeveloped . Whether for leisure or work, the Aerone gaming chairs will allow you to be comfortable and take care of your health - all with class .