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Invest in the comfort of your teams with Aerone. According to a recent study, nearly 90% of executives sit for more than 7 hours a day!

Aerone is committed to offering companies solutions to improve their working conditions. We guarantee you better productivity , less fatigue and a drastic reduction in musculoskeletal disorders .

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Aerone chairs have been designed and developed by gaming professionals. Thanks to design work and high-end components , it is now possible to spend several hours in a seated position without impacting health and well-being.

Ready to make the life of your employees in the company more comfortable? Opt for the range of Aerone chairs.


The Aerone chairs are designed in such a way as to create harmony between the seat and the backrest . You will be able to adjust your chair (seat, backrest, seat height and armrests) in order to find the ideal position and relieve the pressure points of your body while maximizing your comfort.


The various adjustments offered on the Aerone chairs make it possible to satisfy your needs in terms of ergonomics . With high-end components such as different types of armrests (2D, 3D and 4D) or seat cushions to relieve your spine, Aerone office chairs allow an optimal position for your entire body .


Aerone chairs are equipped with:

  • Class 4 air pistons for maximum strength and efficiency
  • Silent, non-marking wheels and a brake lever
  • A multifunction tilt system allowing easy adjustment of your chair
  • From a solid steel base

Aerone finishes, materials and components have been designed for your comfort and the durability of your product.


Aerone offers you a tailor-made customization service .
Personalize your chairs in the image of your company! We realize your desires (embroidery, logo, colors…).

Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated service at for any request.