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More and more people spend many hours in front of their computer, laptop or even TV screen. But what about our eyes? Indeed, whether to play or to work, when you are in front of the screen several hours a day it is necessary to have a adapted equipment to protect your health.

The Aerone team then looked at the issue of blue light blocking glasses to inform you about good practices so that you can spend time games or work in all serenity, without harming your health or eyes.

Find out why it is useful to buy a pair of blue anti-light gaming bezel.


THE gaming glasses, also called gaming glasses, are essential for anyone who spends several hours in front of a screen, whatever their activity.

Faced with a long period of exposure to screens, the eye gets tired and damaged more quickly. You need to protect yourself from blue light with a pair of anti-fatigue gaming glasses.

It has been proven that due to a exposure to different types of screens, your eyes are affected if you do not protect them. The blue light released by these screens can, in the medium term, affect your health, your fatigue and lower your concentration.

This is what gaming glasses are for: protect your health and your eyes. In effect, gamer glasses lens tint helps stop the bluish effects of light from screens and thus create a barrier to protect your retina.

After seeing what are screen glasses used for, here are the benefits of having a nose mount while gaming online or working on a monitor to protect your eyes from that harmful blue light.


Several advantages are to be noted when you wear screen glasses for maintain health and maximum concentration : a decrease in fatigue, an improvement in your view and therefore of your reactivity but also a maximum concentration. Here's the detail.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about kidg glasses or blue light bezel.