Cheap Aerone Orion Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Aerone Orion Gaming Glasses - Anti-Blue Light

  • Aerone Orion gaming glasses are specially designed to filter harmful blue light from screens as much as possible to protect your eyes. These glasses with yellow lenses adapted to gamers , allow both to reduce visual fatigue and not to disturb their sleep rhythm.

    With the Aerone Orion gaming glasses , keep your best level in the game phase!

    More and more of us are spending several hours on our different screens (computer, tablet, smartphone, television), both for professional reasons and for gaming .

    It has been proven that our eyes get tired from prolonged exposure to these different light sources (LEDs). These gaming glasses allow you to considerably reduce visual fatigue to be able to gain concentration .

    Our lenses block blue light from reaching your retina while maintaining comfortable vision of your screens in all colors (including blue).

    Tinted yellow lenses are particularly suitable for playing games (eSport) by filtering up to 80% of the blue light from screens.

    Clear lenses filter up to 40% of blue light and are geared toward professionals spending long hours in front of their screens.

    The black Orion frame (gloss or matte finish) has both a modern and discreet look. A trendy frame suitable for all face shapes.

Protected from blue light

This pair of gaming glasses filters out up to 80% of harmful blue light from your screens. It is recommended for gamers spending time in front of screens.

These anti-blue light glasses are also suitable for professionals working at night in an artificially lit environment.

Also in transparent glasses

Our screen glasses frame is also available with transparent lenses that filter up to 40% of blue light. Clear lenses are designed for professionals who work daily in front of the screen to reduce visual fatigue.

matte or glossy frame

The Orion frame of the Aerone screen glasses is also available in glossy black (glossy black) or matte (mat black). Depending on your preference to match your look as closely as possible.

Suitable for all faces

Our Aerone Orion gaming glasses are designed on a frame shape suitable for all faces. They are comfortable to wear to protect your eyes most effectively.

A very trendy shape to wear them both at home and at work. You will no longer have red eyes after a long day, or find it difficult to concentrate after several hours in front of the screens.

An amber hue

For video game enthusiasts looking to maintain their best concentration, amber lenses reduce visual fatigue by protecting up to 80% less harmful blue light (40% for clear lenses).

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