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The Aerone Gaming Chair Collection

The Aerone Gaming Chair collection offers you the best value for money with a selection of gaming chairs that are both comfortable and equipped with the strongest components on the market. Ideal for both E-Sport fans and professionals. They are also recommended by Conso-Mag .

Why buy a gaming chair?

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Contrary to its name, a gaming chair is not just for video gamers . It is also strongly recommended for those who spend a large part of their time in front of screens, whether for pleasure or for work.

More than just an option, the gaming chair is highly recommended for both comfort and the health of your back . Although it is a more expensive initial investment than a classic office chair, the gaming chair will bring you a significant plus in the long term.

1. The impact of a cheap gaming chair on your health

Too often people spend several hours sitting, whether at their desk or playing, minimize the effects on their bodies and especially on their backs.

However , the risks on the back are real since they can cause sciatica, a compression of the spine or muscle contractions. Generally, pain in the trapezius can generate permanent torticollis .

In addition, in the long term, a bad sitting position can create certain lumbar deformities andhave an impact on your health .

2. Comfort? Does it really matter?

In addition to the immediate benefit of feeling good in your gaming chair, studies have shown that being comfortably seated for long periods of time increases productivity.

Indeed, being well positioned in your office chair allows you not to be focused on the various pains that you may feel and therefore to boost your performance both in the field of work and in that of play.

3. What are the differences between gaming chairs and other types of chairs?

Gaming chairs allow better positioning thanks to many advantages:

  • First, they are customizable. Indeed, the armrests and the backrest adapt to your stature and your needs . Everything can be adjusted according to the size of the user.
  • The materials are made to last . Intended for intensive use, gaming chairs are designed with resistant and suitable materials.
  • Suitable for all sizes. The same gaming chair can adapt to both a large person and a small person. Some gaming chairs can accommodate people weighing more than 100 kg.
  • Not insignificant little extras. Depending on the models, whether optional or basic, you can have head or lumbar cushions, which helps to avoid tension in the back.
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Aerone Gaming Chair Buying Guide

After having seen why it is important for your comfort and your health to choose a gaming chair, we will see with you the important points during your selection:

1. The dimensions of a gaming chair

Logically, if you are 1m90 for 90 kg you will need larger dimensions to accommodate you than a person of 1m60 for 50 kg. This is why there are more or less large gaming chairs

2. Accessories:

In order to provide you with maximum comfort, remember to take a good look at the accessories available to the gaming chair that suits you. As a reminder, the head cushion or the lumbar cushion can make a big difference in the long term.

3. Materials and structure:

Even though the price may be higher than a cheap gaming chair, an Aerone chair should be seen as an investment. It is important to choose a seat with solid materials to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

4. Customizable settings:

Adjustable armrest, backrest inclination, wheels, all these parameters of your seat must be taken into account according to your habits before purchase. You will then have a product that meets your expectations as much as possible.