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Why buy a large gaming mouse pad?

Pourquoi acheter un tapis de souris gamer grande taille ?

A real accessory for a complete gamer setup , the mouse pad is a very important element for your comfort and performance . Indeed, different mouse pads exist (large gaming mouse pad, basic mouse pad, XL mouse pad, etc.) and making your choice is not always easy. The Aerone team has therefore looked into the subject in order to explain to you why the mouse pad is a necessary accessory and what are the different models that exist.


1. The mouse pad, an important element not to be overlooked

The mouse pad is not just a decorative object and is very important. Indeed, neglecting it would be a mistake because it goes hand in hand with your mouse and must be adapted to it. An essential accessory for a perfect and professional setup , the gaming mouse pad will bring you undeniable comfort during gaming or work sessions. It is therefore important to choose it well.

The gaming mouse pad will give you the possibility of controlling your mouse with ease thanks to certain non-slip surfaces but also will make your supports comfortable thanks to a sometimes significant thickness for more flexibility, precision and dexterity when you are in front of your mouse. screen.


2. What are the different types of gaming mouse pads?

In this section, we will show you the different existing models of gaming mouse pads. Indeed, there are many with different sizes (large mouse pad, large gaming mouse pad, etc.), of different brands, with different coatings (smooth, hard, rough, fleecy, etc.) and surfaces and also various designs.

The important thing to consider when choosing a gaming mouse pad is the quality of the coating layer. Indeed, each type of game has its type of mouse pad: the smoother the top layer of your gaming mat, the faster your mouse can be moved and the rougher it will be, the more precise you will be. We propose to introduce you to the following types of coatings: gaming mouse pads with smooth and hard surface, those with rough and hard surface and those in fabrics so that you can make your choice in an informed way.

has. Smooth and hard surface gaming mouse pads

Gaming mouse pads with a smooth and hard surface will allow you to have more flexibility, glide and speed in all the movements of your hand. Indeed, if you are a player who needs a lot of action (movements and clicks), such as MOBA players, we advise you to opt for gaming mouse pads with a smooth and hard surface.

b. rough and hard surface gaming mouse pads

Gaming mouse pads with a rough and hard surface , on the other hand, provide more resistance due to a more eye-catching coating. They will therefore provide you with more precision than those with a smooth surface since your movements will be framed and controlled with more force. Indeed, we recommend gamer mouse pads with a rough and hard surface for players who need precision in their game such as FPS players.

vs. fabric gaming mouse pads

Cloth gaming mouse pads provide smoother, more intuitive hand gliding and superior precision . We recommend fabric surfaces because carpets of this type provide good wrist support, and thanks to a thick layer you will enjoy unfailing stability and comfort.


3. What is a full size mouse pad used for?

A large gaming mouse pad (from L format to XL mouse pad) allows you to increase your comfort and performance . Indeed, the large capacity of your large gaming mouse pad allows you freedom of movement and action with your mouse. Plus, having the option to put your keyboard and mouse on a large mouse pad saves you time during your online games and allows you to be more responsive.

has. A large surface area for in-game precision with your mouse

Having an XL gaming mouse pad allows you to lower the sensitivity of your mouse and thus gain precision in your movements without having to get out of your pad. We therefore advise you for a pleasant and optimal gaming experience to opt for a large mouse pad. Precision and control are inherent in XL mouse pads.

b. An XL mouse pad for comfort

If comfort is important to you during your games or online sessions, you should choose an XL mouse pad . Indeed, some are equipped with a hand rest at the keyboard or mouse level in order to bring you comfort and well-being with much more space, when you play or work in front of the screen .

vs. A great gaming mouse pad for the look

Choosing a large gaming mouse pad allows you to have a stylish and stylish setup , worthy of the greatest players. So why deprive yourself of a beautiful design, maximum comfort and optimal precision? No reason !

In short, as you will have understood, for good performance, maximum comfort and an optimal gaming setup, the choice of your mouse pad is essential . Then have fun customizing it with your emblem, your team or simply the colors of your setup and you're done for long, high-performance gaming sessions in any style!

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