Do you have to see an ophthalmologist to get gaming glasses?


Very coveted these days for gaming sessions or work in front of screens, gaming glasses are very popular and are becoming more and more necessary to protect your eyesight and improve your concentration . But many questions on this subject appear from users or future users, in particular gaming glasses are reimbursed or not ? Is it necessary to see an ophthalmologist before buying gaming glasses? When to use them and what are the types of correction ? It is therefore through this dedicated article that we answer all your questions in order to help you with the use of screen glasses.


1. When to use gaming glasses?

Anti-blue light gaming glasses are designed to continue using your screens without disrupting your internal sleep clock. Indeed, this way you will avoid headaches, time disorders, fatigue as well as vision problems while improving your ability to concentrate .

has . When you often have dry and irritated eyes after a while in front of a screen

After long hours spent in front of the screens, discomfort can be caused in terms of your vision. Often, we wonder if we should go see an ophthalmologist for the acquisition of gaming glasses or we are looking for methods to remedy these unpleasant sensations. Indeed, when your eyes are dry and irritated, you should wear screen glasses to protect yourself from blue light .

b. When working at night in an artificially lit environment

When working in a dark or artificial light place, we advise you to wear screen glasses to prevent eye strain and keep your eyes healthy. Indeed, artificial light or a dark environment will impact your eyes because they will force your vision to adapt to what is not good for it. Hence the importance of wearing suitable glasses.
After having detailed together when to wear gaming glasses in order to protect your sight and the ailments that result from it, here is some information on the need or not of an ophthalmologist for gaming glasses and what you need to know.


2. Do you have to go see an ophthalmologist to buy gaming glasses?

No, you don't have to go see an ophthalmologist to get gaming glasses. Indeed, gaming glasses, also called anti-blue light glasses, are not reimbursed by social security. If, however, you already wear glasses for a sight defect, you can try to get this on your prescription, but almost the majority of screen glasses are uncorrected and do not require the consultation of an ophthalmologist to have them. .


3. Do Aerone gaming glasses lenses have a prescription?

Aerone gaming glasses lenses do not have a correction. However, you can combine them with your pair of (thin) glasses or with your corrective lenses because the design of blue light blocking glasses allows you to layer them. Ingenious, no?

For information, two types of glasses for screens are available : tinted yellow glasses which adapt to the practice of eSport since they filter up to 80% of the harmful blue light of screens and transparent glasses which are intended for professionals passing days in front of their screens (these filter up to 40% of blue light).

In conclusion, ophthalmologists for gaming glasses are not essential when you want to acquire them because gaming glasses are not reimbursed by social security .

We advise you to choose your screen glasses carefully when you spend many hours in front of the computer, tablet, television or smartphone because different models exist and each is adapted to a specific practice.


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