When and how to clean your gaming glasses?

Quand et Comment nettoyer ses lunettes gaming?

Using gaming glasses will allow you to stay focused longer, have better performance while protecting your vision from screens . It is therefore important to take care of your screen glasses by cleaning them.

With coated lenses , screen glasses must be cared for daily in a special way so that they are durable and effective. We are therefore going to show you our various tips and recommendations for cleaning gaming glasses in a logic of efficiency, protection and longevity.


1. Cleaning gaming glasses: Our recommendations

Before giving you the tips for cleaning your gaming glasses , here are our preliminary recommendations. Be careful never to use alcohol or chemicals to clean your gaming glasses otherwise you will alter the treatments of your glasses that exist to protect your eyes.

has. Clean your gaming glasses regularly

For quality maintenance, we advise you to clean your screen glasses regularly , i.e. several times a week depending on their use, or even daily if you use them every day.

Indeed, cleaning is undeniable, you just have to use the right way to do it so as not to damage your gaming glasses.

b. Store them in a case when transporting

When transporting your screen glasses, we also recommend that you store them in their case . Indeed, when you are not wearing them, it is important that they are stored in a case to preserve the lenses and the frame and thus avoid scratches.

vs. Do not wipe your gaming glasses with your clothes

In order to preserve them, we recommend that you do not clean the gaming glasses with your clothes. Indeed, the fabric of your clothes is not made to clean spectacle lenses because it can damage them or leave layers of dust and particles on the lenses. In addition, this could scratch them directly and thus alter your vision by reducing the quality and effectiveness of the treated lenses.

d. Do not use your saliva to clean your gaming glasses

To clean your screen glasses , do not use your saliva as this may leave a greasy or particulate film on your lenses. Saliva is not a cleaner for glasses and it is therefore important to avoid this gesture, which is sometimes simpler.

e. Do not use absorbent paper (paper towel) but use a microfiber cloth

If you wish to maintain and clean your screen glasses , please avoid using absorbent paper or paper towels and prefer the microfiber cloth. Indeed, the microfiber wipe does not damage the glasses and takes care of the treatment of the glasses. There are also cleaning and degreasing wipes that you will find in specialized stores or supermarkets to clean your gaming glasses with respect.


2. METHOD 1: With soap and water

The first method for cleaning gaming glasses is the most natural and simple: with soap and warm water .
The recipe is as follows:

  • lukewarm water
  • Liquid hand soap or dish soap

Gently rub the lenses of your screen glasses with your fingers using your liquid soap and rinse with lukewarm water . In order to eliminate any excess water, please blot gently with a microfiber cloth or one made for this purpose.


3. METHOD 2: Eyeglass cleaning spray or wipes

Method number 2 for cleaning gaming glasses is to use a cleaning spray or glasses wipes . Indeed, different cleaning solution sprays exist for glasses as well as different types of ready-to-use wipes. You will find it in supermarkets, at your optician or directly in a pharmacy.


4. METHOD 3: With white vinegar

The last cleaning method is with white vinegar . Way to clean your glasses in a simple, effective and homemade way. To do this, mix white vinegar and water in a container, preferably in a spray bottle, and then put the solution on your glasses and then wipe with a microfiber cloth to dry your glasses without damaging them.


As you will have understood along this article dedicated to cleaning your screen glasses , there are many ways to proceed with efficiency and respect for your glasses .

You have the choice of the method to clean your glasses and we advise you whatever happens to dry your glasses of glasses with a microfiber cloth to keep your glasses for screen intact.

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