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Do gaming glasses help games?

Est-ce que les lunettes gaming aident aux jeux ?

More and more people spend many hours in front of their computer, laptop or even television screen. But what about our eyes?

Indeed, whether it is to play or to work, when you are in front of the screen for several hours a day , it is necessary to have suitable equipment to protect your health.

Fromthe quality gaming chair , to the solid gaming desk and the protective gaming glasses, nothing should be overlooked. The Aerone team has therefore looked into the issue of anti-blue light glasses in order to inform you about good practices so that you can spend time playing or working in complete serenity, without damaging your health or your eyesight. .


1. What are gaming glasses for?

Gaming glasses , also called gaming glasses , are essential for anyone who spends several hours in front of a screen, whatever their activity. Indeed, when your eyes are exposed to screens for a long time, they get tired and damaged.

It has been proven that due to exposure to different types of screens , your eyes are affected if you do not protect them. The blue light released by these screens can, in the medium term, affect your health, your fatigue and lower your concentration. That's what gaming glasses are for: protecting your health and your eyes . Indeed, the tint of the lenses of anti-blue light glasses makes it possible to stop the bluish effects of screen light and thus act as a barrier to protect your retina.

After having seen what gaming glasses are used for , here are the advantages of wearing them when you play online or when you work on screen.


2. What are the benefits of wearing gaming glasses while gaming?

Several advantages should be noted when you wear gaming glasses to maintain maximum health and concentration : a reduction in fatigue, an improvement in your sight and therefore your reactivity, but also maximum concentration. Here is the detail.

has. Reduced fatigue

After several hours in front of your screen, the light can “blind” you and thus attack your retina: it is this famous blue light and its LEDs that impacts your sight and increases your fatigue . If you opt for gaming glasses, this will allow you to no longer feel visual fatigue and to have clear ideas for better performance . Indeed, relieving your eye fatigue will allow for better overall health because many cardiovascular complications are linked in particular to fatigue, headaches, insomnia and therefore to the eyes, hence the importance of protecting them.

b. Improved vision, responsiveness

Wearing blue light blocking glasses also allows you to improve your vision thanks to a reduction in reflections and an improvement in colors , and therefore to positively impact your concentration and reactivity. Isn't it more pleasant to play or work while seeing clearly? Also, better vision will benefit your performance and also your gaming or even working experience.

vs. Maintain concentration for several hours

Thanks to gaming glasses you will also be able to concentrate much longer and be more efficient since you will not be hindered by your vision. Working or playing long hours will no longer be a hassle. Indeed, anti-blue light glasses will reduce your eye fatigue and therefore reduce any disturbance caused by the light of different types of screen.

d. More natural colors with amber tinted lenses

You'll also get closer to much nicer colors by wearing gaming glasses. Indeed, the colors will be more vivid and more real due to the less blue light. In addition, the blue light spectrum is harmful and can also alter the colors perceived on your different screens.

3. The dangers of blue light from LED screens

The blue light from LED screens presents many dangers for your eyes , your health and therefore your physical and moral state as a whole, hence the importance of paying attention to it. Here are the most well-known dangers of the latter if you do not protect your eyes.

has. Disruption of sleep cycles

Not to mention damaging your eyes and therefore your sight, not wearing gaming glasses will affect your sleep. Indeed, due to eye fatigue, your sleep will be impacted by this spectrum of blue light which will be too much light for your eyesight. This therefore results in insomnia, more restless nights or even the impossibility of falling asleep normally and therefore days when you will be more tired and less productive.

b. Headache

Not wearing blue light blocking glasses when you spend many hours in front of your screen can give you headaches . Indeed, vision is connected to the cerebral cortex and can have a major impact on it. So genes appear in the temples but also headaches more or less important.

vs. Vision disorder

The blue light on your eyes can degrade your vision with significant eye fatigue with, over the longer term , vision degeneration that may appear. Indeed, only anti-blue light glasses can help you fight against the harmful effects of the blue light spectrum when you are confronted with screens on a daily basis, whether in your professional or personal life.

d. Sight Decline Acceleration

Accelerated vision loss is also one of the dangers caused by blue light. Indeed, if you protect yourself properly from blue light, you will avoid a potential degeneration of your retina called AMD.

e. Dry and irritated eyes

Finally, not wearing gaming glasses when you spend time in front of your various screens can make your eyes dry and irritated with sometimes even tears of fatigue when your eyes are overexposed.


4. FAQs

Can you wear gaming glasses all day?

Wearing gaming glasses to play or work on a computer, smartphone or tablet is recommended, but wearing them all day is not recommended. It is important to use your gaming glasses when you are facing a screen and not otherwise.

Do gaming glasses protect against the sun?

Gaming glasses protect against blue light but do not protect against the sun and therefore do not filter UV rays. To filter UV, sunglasses are therefore more suitable.

Will I play better with gaming glasses?

Yes, you will be able to play better with gaming glasses in the medium to long term because they will reduce your fatigue, protect you and therefore you will be more focused and responsive over long hours of play, but you will also have to put your skills into it, of course.


Spending a lot of time a day on your screens therefore exposes you to the blue light from their LEDs and impacts your sight with many health hazards. This light and harmful intensity can be controlled with the wearing of gaming glasses which will stop the spectrum of blue light and protect your eyes from screens. Your eyes will therefore be untouchable, protected and this will allow you to play or work for long hours, with maximum efficiency without impacting your well-being.

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