Are gaming chairs good for your health?

Les sièges gaming sont-ils bons pour la santé ?

The way you settle in on a daily basis has a direct impact on your health . Back pain, leg and neck pain , a feeling of numbness ... We don't necessarily notice it because of habit, but the way we hold ourselves throughout the day can have a direct influence on our physical health .

If, like many, you work sitting down, you're probably spending several hours at work with poor posture . It all depends on the office chair you use, but the majority of classic office chairs are not suitable for sitting for long periods of time , for a simple reason: Classic office chairs can be very comfortable if you have the chance to find THE model, which perfectly matches your build and structure. However, this is quite rare. Not all classic office chairs are great quality , and even without that, a quality chair may not fit or be comfortable for you.

Human beings are not made to remain seated for very long periods of time: we are supposed to be either standing or lying down. As soon as you sit for more than 2 or 3 hours a day, your health takes a hit.


Why is sitting for a long time dangerous for your health?

Sitting on an unsuitable classic chair has many negative consequences on health (we think mainly of back pain). It is not uncommon for children who spend too much time sitting in their youth to grow up with very complex health problems to resolve: scoliosis, frequent headaches, bone deformities (spinal column)...

When you sit for many hours in a classic chair, the first part of your body that suffers is your lower body , especially your legs . Your veins dilate and your muscles tense . In the long term, this can lead to blood circulation problems , which can have disastrous consequences for health.

Circulation problems cannot be repaired after a certain age, due to problems with cell regeneration in the body that appear after the twenties.

In addition, your muscles contract less : they get damaged by lack of activity, and your legs get weaker over time. In the immediate future, it is not necessarily visible. In the long term, however, many of the pains you experience in your joints can come from this.

Then it's your back: If you don't sit up straight when you're sitting, you're damaging your back , and it shows. Your spine and neck gradually bend forward, giving you a stooped appearance when you walk . Not only is it not very pleasant to see, but it's also bad for you: being contracted like this leads to persistent back pain which can be avoided with better posture from a recliner.

Also note that the spine can move and have a leaning curve by dint of holding you askew in your classic office chair, not adapted to your physique and your daily and personal use.


How will the gaming chair correct these posture defects?

An ergonomic gaming office chair can compensate for these many problems: thanks to better lumbar support , adjustable height and an adjustable backrest , you can facilitate your blood flow , keep your legs straighter , and above all, a good chair can relieve pain . back.

A good gaming chair also improves well-being. By reducing stress levels and muscle tension, you increase mental alertness. As a result, a gaming chair user is more productive and more focused on their work or play activity, especially over long sessions.

The cushions on the back allow you to align your back in a way that suits you best . Not all postures are suitable for all users as body sizes and shapes vary, but adjustable pillows allow you to set a shape that will relieve you of back pain . Some relax chairs offer massaging lumbar cushions, USB rechargeable for even more comfort and less back pain.

Likewise, the adjustable height allows you to give a better position to your legs. These should ideally be parallel to the ground or inclined towards you: this facilitates blood flow and prevents you from having ants in your legs , or blood problems in the long term.

The armrests , on the other hand, allow you to align and rest your arms in a good way in relation to your body . Ideally, these should not be too far from your torso when you put them on, in order to facilitate your blood circulation, once again.

All this does not seem like much, but it solves many of your daily problems that you do not necessarily realize on a daily basis.

This allows the gaming chair to improve your daily health: better blood flow, less back and leg pain. You will see the difference yourself!



How much does a good gaming chair cost to avoid back pain?

We advise you first of all to eliminate the cheap armchairs if you plan to spend many hours at your desk. A gaming-looking chair below 100 euros may be a bad idea. Mainly because the materials used as well as the functions of the chair do not allow you to feel comfortable sitting over long sessions. In addition, the seat foam will eventually wear out quickly. This could cause back pain over time.

To find quality products that do not wear out quickly, nor cause you back pain, it is necessary to invest at least 150 euros. From this budget, you will find quality, comfortable and robust armchairs that will keep for several years in good condition.

With a larger budget, you can find additional features such as 2D, 3D or even 4D armrests to keep you in a perfectly ideal position . It is also possible to invest in a gaming chair with footrest if you like to play in a lying position (with a controller, a relax chair is very comfortable). If you are a person over 1m80 tall, it may be useful to choose a gaming chair adapted to your morphology with a large chair .

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