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Arranging your office for teleworking: Our advice


Do you have to work partially or full-time remotely? It is therefore important to know how to arrange your workspace to optimize the quality of the place of your activity at home. A development requires a little organization in order to evolve in a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Whether it's for a day or an entire week, more and more people are required to coordinate telecommuting and the office . Being able to work from home offers several advantages, such as saving time on transport, or simply the comfort of being in a personalized atmosphere.

In order to be perfectly productive in your day, it is necessary to adapt your office space to the house . Discover our 5 tips for setting up a telecommuting office.



Before setting up your equipment and your office, it is essential to think carefully about the place in which you will be working. The ideal is to be able to set up your telecommuting and office in a dedicated room . Unfortunately this is not necessarily always possible. The alternative is therefore to settle in the living room or in a bedroom.

Since you are going to spend a certain number of hours on this desk, it is better to find the space available in your living room so as not to end up with a night's sleep in the bedroom. It is important that your environment changes distinctly between your work space and your living space.


It is therefore necessary to think carefully about the place where you will install your office. It's possible with a laptop to work in different places depending on your mood, but the most productive way to work from home is still to set up a desk in a place with enough room.

Use every corner of your house or apartment , such as lost space under a staircase, in an unused corner, in a niche in the wall. The important thing is just to have enough space for your equipment. There are all kinds of desks for working at home that can be inserted, both facing a straight wall, a sloping wall, or even in an angle.


In order not to strain your eyes , your workspace should ideally be placed in a light-prone place. It is often best placed near a window to have a greater sense of space for your gaze. However, be careful of light reflection if you are working on a computer screen.

Natural light is the best source for feeling good while working. If this cannot be the case, suitable lighting is necessary to rest your eyes. It is therefore necessary to add direct and indirect light to create an office area conducive to a Zen working atmosphere . Depending on the time of day, it will be necessary to light a lamp to best adapt the brightness of your office space.


If, for example, it is not possible to have a room dedicated to teleworking at home, separating a room with furniture or decorative accessories is a solution to simulate a semblance of a workspace different from the rest of the room ; especially if you decide to invest your room. It can therefore be practical to place a shelf between your work desk and the rest of the room to create a space dedicated to teleworking.

It can also go through the installation of a curtain in order to always create a separation of the room. The advantage of this decorative solution is that it can be easily modified. By folding the curtain back on itself, the room regains its initial composition. Convenient to be able to have 100% of your room when you are on your days off and at the end of the day.

To define a teleworking perimeter, you can also add a screen or play with a wallpaper decoration delimitation to create two different spaces in one and the same room.



There's nothing like a calm and organized place to be able to work effectively and promote concentration . For the layout of a telework office, it is therefore necessary to opt for designer furniture with storage to free up the workspace at home. It is therefore necessary to bet on storage based on drawers, wall shelves to have both access to the different files that we need, and to the equipment to help us in our task.

Do not hesitate to sort regularly in the case of a long period of teleworking. Remember to store your supplies and documents in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere . In order to best optimize your office space at home , the trend is towards a tailor-made layout, even if it comes at a cost. Do not hesitate to look on the internet to find furnishing ideas and tips (we are thinking in particular of Pinterest ), which you can make yourself if you know how to tinker. The decorative trend is focused on using the entire wall.



Outside the office, the chair is an essential investment that should not be neglected. Just being comfortable for many hours can change a lot about your health, in addition to your productivity. Nothing worse than lumbar pain, a pain in the shoulders that irremediably distracts his work objective.


This is why it may be wise to invest in a designer gaming chair in order to have a comfortable seat in the layout of your office and living room area. In addition to being trendy, they are designed to be used all day long and have many advantages to optimize your comfort by improving your working posture . The chair will then keep you in an ideal position to let you concentrate only on your work. We invite you to consult our guide to choosea good gaming chair adapted to your morphology.


If the chair is the essential investment, fitting out an office area inevitably involves the purchase of a desk . If a simple board placed on trestles can do the trick, it is not necessarily the most practical. So choose a solid desk that is suitable for your work .

You may need a desk with storage that has plenty of room, both lengthwise and deep, to work on multiple screens. Gaming desks are designed with this in mind and some are even equipped with the most integrated LED light design to improve your comfort. This allows you to optimize your productivity while being more restful. If your office is very simplistic, consider completing it with shelves and storage units nearby to gain practicality.



To be able to know how to set up your office properly, you also have to think about the equipment you need to carry out your work at home. The layout naturally involves the purchase of accessories and supplies to save time in your relationship with your company.


Who says telework, necessarily says internet connection . At present, fiber optic offers allow you to use your computer to be able to connect in a stable and comfortable way with your company. It is unthinkable to set up an office area at home without thinking about your internet connection to be able to handle the various online collaborative tools . You must therefore ensure that your workspace has good wi-fi reception in order to be able to communicate effectively with your collaborators , but also in your research or to archive your files.


As an extension of your hands, you will be required to use an essential keyboard and mouse throughout the day. Our advice is to find the material that suits you for more comfort. It is interesting to have a keyboard with a numeric keypad if you type a lot of numbers during your telework day. But also to have a wrist rest to relieve your typing. As for the mouse, it can be silent, equipped with many shortcut buttons further improving your productivity.

Even if mouse pads are no longer mandatory since the end of ball mice, for gliding comfort and to avoid the noise of rubbing on the desk, it is wise to invest in this equipment.


Working all day on a small screen can mean fatigue as the day progresses. You can therefore install a large screen of at least 20 inches on your desk in order to create a pleasant space for the eye. But your office must be able to have the space to receive it. In order not to be too close to your screen, it is recommended to have a deep space of at least 60 centimeters in order to be at the right distance. Several screens can also be combined to perform several tasks at the same time, always with a view to productivity.

To be able to isolate yourself from ambient noise, or simply if you are more than one at home, buying headphones is a solution for working efficiently . It is thus possible to continue your activity with music, but also to activate the reduction of ambient noise on certain high-end headphones in order to maximize your concentration . Depending on the nature of your activity, you can add a webcam or even a printer and scanner to your office space in a room in your home.



To work effectively, it is necessary to impose a rhythm close to a classic day. If staying home saves commuting time, keep your alarm clock on every morning to start your day the right way. It is important to take your time and not to throw yourself out of bed into your activity.

Continue to take care of yourself , even if it can be very pleasant to work in pajamas, we advise you to dress to please yourself every day that passes. This also allows you to maintain a good rhythm throughout the week and not to be lost in seeing the days look alike.

Remember to take regular breaks without getting distracted by other activities. A break every 2 or 3 hours is necessary so that you can easily get back to your office work.

Consider decorating your office for an atmosphere that suits you and where you enjoy being. One thinks in particular of the addition of plants which help to purify the layout of a teleworking office. But also to add touches of color to the decoration to create a pleasant office area.


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