How to choose a gaming desk?


The objective of a gaming desk is to be ergonomic by allowing a better combination between the user, his mouse, his keyboard and his gaming pc. But what criteria should be used to choose your gaming table ? Our complete buying guide answers it with the list of all the advantages of a gaming desk to complete your setup.


When you are a gamer, you think above all about the design of your pc and its accessories, such as the mouse and the keyboard as well as its screen(s). To be able to easily have all your gaming setup, the desk is therefore not to be neglected.

Indeed, the gaming desk allows, by its design, to be perfectly comfortable sitting on itsgaming chair by easily arranging its peripherals and more...

It is important to have enough space for your equipment, whether you are:

  • simple gamer who decided to have a perfectly tidy office space
  • content creator such as a streamer or youtuber who needs a workspace to your liking
  • home worker (or not), spending long hours in front of a pc
  • a user wishing to have space both to play and to do his homework on his office space
  • a user with several screens requiring a large space
  • a user simply wanting a stylish desktop

This allows you to know the reason for your purchase of a gaming desk. But to choose a table adapted to your practice, here is what to take into account.



Most certainly the element to look at first is the total size of the desk. In order to choose the right gaming desk , it is important to know its size. This gaming desk must adapt to the space you have at home (or at work). It all starts with measuring the space available where you want to install your gaming setup . If your installation has several screens, it is better to turn to a large gaming desk .

Improve your productivity

A gaming desk is suitable for multi-screen use. With a large enough size in length, you can work or play on multiple screens. With all this workspace, you will gain in productivity , both for multi-tasking, and to avoid juggling between several windows on your pc.

The gaming desk is designed to accommodate large screens (22 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches and more) while leaving you enough room for your other peripherals.

Improve your posture

Choosing the best gaming desk also means adapting to your posture. Depending on your height, a desk that can be adjusted in height to your height is important so that your arms and back are not tired after long gaming sessions and thus improve your gaming experience, for example.

The ideal position is to have the forearms horizontal to cause less fatigue in the long term. This therefore goes hand in hand with the dimensions of your gaming chair .

Avoid visual fatigue

This is a point that we tend to often overlook but with the appearance of ever larger screens, it is necessary to have enough space in width so as not to be too stuck to the screen. It is estimated that the best gaming desks offer a depth of at least 60 cm .

This is important if you plan to use a screen larger than 24 inches. You will experience much less visual fatigue with a screen not too close to your eyes. At the same time, you will have a lot more space.



Designed specifically for gaming setups, the gaming desk has adjustable options to accommodate all peripherals . These details in the design are a considerable asset for anyone looking for a clean play or work space. The gaming desk is thus particularly resistant, practical and comfortable to use.

Height adjustment

The height adjustment of the desk makes it possible to adapt as closely as possible to your size but also to your position. Comfort is essential when you spend many hours in front of your screen.

So you can find the best position by adjusting the height of its gaming desk . This way, you can find the ideal location for your PC, your gaming chair and your gaming mouse. Easy to assemble and adjust to the desired height are the important criteria that you should look out for when buying a gaming desk.

An invisible cable management system

It's the nightmare of manic people but also of gamers for whom style is also a way of life. Being able to store your cables neither seen nor known under the desk is a luxury in order to have a pleasant gaming environment . The location for the cables is therefore very important for making all the connections necessary for using the PC.

Even more so if you have substantial office equipment such as several monitors, a webcam or even a microphone, each of which requires cables to operate. Thus stored perfectly and discreetly, it is also easier for you to find your way around cable management if you need to upgrade your equipment. Being able to camouflage the connections is therefore not just an aesthetic means but a very practical one in the use of a gaming PC.

A cup holder to avoid spilling your drink

When you have high-end equipment on your desk, you understand the need for a cup holder integrated into the gaming desk . It is very practical to be able to put your glass in a dedicated place without it being able to spill.

Some desks also have an integrated mouse pad along the entire length of the gaming table to ensure that your mouse never leaves its comfort zone.
It is also possible to find a place to hang your helmet when not in use. Attached to the edge of the gaming desk, it is very useful so as not to clutter up your setup even more. This is an element to take into account when choosing your desk, just like the controller support which saves space without dragging on the table or unnecessarily covering your mouse pad.



The best gaming desks are made of resistant materials to guarantee their durability over time. When you invest in a gaming table, you are choosing excellent value for money for a desk that you will keep for many years. Solidity is very important to ensure your gaming equipment has good stability.

Gamer desks are therefore made of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum as well as glass and high-strength PVC for perfect solidity over time. In addition, the materials used are generally dirt -repellent with a carbon fiber coating that is very pleasant to the touch on the entire surface but also visually.


A gaming desk can give style to your interior . With the addition of LEDs integrated into the gaming table , it is possible to do without all other light sources when playing in the dark.

RGB lights bring style to your desk to make you stand out even more from a simple desk. This allows you to match your gaming setup , which may also have RDG LEDs in the tower of your PC, but also on the mouse or the keyboard. All this light installation provides a good atmosphere to focus even more effectively on your gaming screen.


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