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Top gaming chairs for adults


In order to be perfectly seated during long video game sessions or simply for work, it is important that your gaming chair is adapted to your size. Not all models are made for the biggest and tallest of us. That's why we help you choose a large gaming chair.


How do you know if a gaming chair is suitable for your size?

If you are 1.80m or more, it is a good idea to find out about the size of a gaming chair. Their ergonomics are designed to match the shape and size of your body. So if you exceed the standard in terms of height (i.e. between 185 cm and 200 cm), you must invest in a large gaming chair in order to be perfectly maintained in a seated position.

The key factor in a high-end office chair is comfort. Sitting is not natural for the human body. So investing in a gaming chair for adults is a good choice if you plan to stay seated for more or less long sessions.

As well suited to the practice of video games as to work sessions, gaming chairs are ergonomic . So here are some tips for finding a gaming chair that's right for you .

The height of the backrest must be sufficient

This is the main element to watch for tall people. It helps to determine if the chair is big enough by being a good indicator. If the backrest is high enough, it provides good support mainly at shoulder level.

These gaming chairs are "hollowed" in the back for side support like in a racing seat. Your shoulders must thus reach the right height to be well placed on the backrest and not on the raised sides. Your head must thus arrive above the cushion provided for the neck to be able to rest at the level of the cervical when you are in a moment of rest.

The length of the important seat for the legs

If the back is correctly positioned, you should also focus on the seat of the large gaming chair . The ideal is that the maximum of your thighs rests on the seat in order to guarantee optimal comfort while being well parallel to the ground. Ergonomics is mainly to hold well at the bottom of the large gaming chair so that the thighs can be well in place.

The weight supported

Remember to check the weight supported by the large gaming chair . Who says large size, also says greater body weight. To keep the gaming chair in better condition for as long as possible, the materials used must withstand the pressure on the height adjustment cylinder.

This allows you to position yourself correctly in height and should not sag over time. If the latter should wear out over time, it is possible to replace the actuator in a few simple steps . Generally, large size gaming chairs are designed to support a weight of between 120 kg and up to 200 kg for the most resistant .

The armrests

The last point that best serves ergonomics for tall people is to focus on the armrests . Positioning your arms well is ideal to avoid fatigue. Your forearms should rest parallel to the floor too, as should your thighs.

With several possible adjustments , the 4D armrests allow a perfect adaptation to your morphology. In your choice of large gaming chair , you must therefore avoid fixed armrests and favor those that can move at least in two different directions ( 2D armrests ).


Top 9 Best Full-Size Gaming Chairs

Noblechairs Icon

Available in many colors, the Noblechairs Icon gaming chair is available in faux leather, as well as full grain leather . The massive weight of this office chair weighing 28 kg attests to the solidity of the product. This gaming chair can support 150 kg on its seat and has high-end 4D armrests. This allows you to get the best position for your comfort .

It is suitable for people who are at least 175 cm tall in order to be able to touch the ground with their feet. The other advantage of the Noblechairs Icon is the quality of its particularly soft velvet cushions. A good point to support the neck in a pleasant way.

Able to be positioned with the backrest adjustable up to 135°, this office chair is not made for playing while lying down. Its high-end price may be a drag if your budget is tight, but the quality of the product is there.


Secretlab Titan XL

Designed primarily for larger sizes, the Titan XL from Secretlab offers a surface that has been enlarged by nearly 25% compared to the Titan model from the same brand. This allows it to comfortably accommodate people measuring up to 2m08 . The maximum supported capacity is 180 kg, which places this office chair among the most resistant .

Delivered in a sober and classy color, the Titan XL is available in PU leather upholstery but also in textile. If the PU leather is soft and pleasant, it can be more sticky in summer when the heat is felt. Textile is a breathable material that avoids sticking under your skin.

This large gamer seat is particularly comfortable with its removable velvet cushions which provide incomparable softness. Its only flaw is undoubtedly its price which requires some sacrifices, but essential if you want a high-end office chair.


Gaming chair for large Ficmax

Intended for tall people, the Ficmax office chair is perfectly suited for people over 1m90 tall . It is equipped with 2D armrests , an integrated removable footrest so that you can lie down comfortably, as well as a USB rechargeable massager lumbar cushion.

The advantage of the footrest is to be able to have your feet elevated when you play lying down, on the controller for example. For a small budget, the large Ficmax gaming chair does the job perfectly, being comfortable and relatively well equipped.


Aerone Silver Large Gaming Chair

Aerone gaming chairs are designed with comfort and quality in mind. The materials have been carefully chosen to offer the best possible quality/price ratio . The dimensions of this gaming chair make it one of the best models from Aerone for large sizes .

The 3D adjustable armrests that can be moved vertically, sideways and fore and aft are a big plus for the comfort of this seat. Equipped with high density foam (35kg/m3) the Aerone Silver has a firm and soft seat to keep you perfectly comfortable.

With its supported weight of 170 kg , it makes it one of the most robust large gaming chairs in our top 10 . In imitation leather, the seat depth is particularly large with 70 cm to rest your thighs.


DXRacer King

Very well known in the gaming world, the DXRacer King is a high-end large gaming chair. For just over 400 euros, we find exceptional quality for a gaming chair . Adjustments are important on this office chair. The DXRacer King offers 4D armrests , a max load support of 150 kg and high density cold foam.

All this makes it one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. If it is not specifically designed for large sizes, it is however suitable for people measuring up to 1m90 in length. It is possible to tilt the backrest up to an angle of 170° which allows you to spread out comfortably in a lying position. Only its price can deter you.


storm racer

Equipped simply with 1D armrests , adjustable only in height therefore, the StormRacer differs from the others by offering a removable footrest to be able to extend its legs . We have also ranked it among the best gaming chairs with footrests . The StormRacer full-size gaming chair is a very good value for money chair with decent user comfort, PU leather upholstery and good build quality.

The large StormRacer gaming chair is therefore a great introduction for those who want a quality ergonomic seat at low cost. It can support a seat of 120 kg maximum as well as tilt 180° at the level of the back. This is useful for changing working or resting positions.


Quersus Geos large size gaming chair

The Geos model from the Quersus brand is designed directly for tall people. Available in version 701, 702 and 703, these gaming chairs have the same functionalities and only the coating differs. The 701 model is for example in fabric. A good point because the fabric makes it less sticky than imitation leather, especially in hot weather.

This office chair is intended for people taller than 175 cm . Its capacity is 150 kg , which places it in the high average in terms of solidity. The Quersus Geos 701 has high-end 4D armrests for perfect adjustment in the forearms.

No lumbar cushion on this gaming chair but instead a wheel system bulges the backrest to adapt to everyone's morphology. A system found on the most high-end products.


KLIM eSports

Guaranteed for 5 years, this large Klim eSport gaming chair is a mid-range model, offering a good compromise in terms of manufacturing quality and comfort. It is intended for people measuring a maximum of 2 meters for a supported weight of 150 kg .

If the design is not the most original for a gaming chair, it would please the greatest number of color lovers. The KLIM eSport is comfortable with 4D armrests as can be found on high-end products on the market.


AKRacing Master Serie Pro

Another well-known brand in the gaming world is the Master Serie Pro chair from AKRacing . Thanks to its quality assembly and finishes, this large gaming chair is one of the most high-end for those looking for comfort and solidity.

The AKRacing Master Serie Pro gaming chair is aimed at the most demanding players as well as heavy gauges (up to 180 kg supported ). The high density foam ( 55kg/m3 ) allows a perfectly comfortable seat for the longest sessions on its seat. The back is enveloping and allows you to lie down with a maximum inclination of 180° . The 4D armrests on this full- size gaming chair are both sturdy and easy to handle.

The backrest height is sufficient for tall people, which makes it a benchmark in the field of high-end gaming chairs .


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