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6 Tips For Organizing A Perfect Gamer Setup

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Whether you are an occasional gamer, a regular gamer or a simple professional spending time in front of your desktop computer, the atmosphere you create around your computer is important for feeling good. Good equipment makes it possible to harmonize your gaming or office space articulated around a gaming pc.


Today, gamer setups are in the spotlight and decorating your office in an agreed way allows you to play in absolute comfort. To improve both your performance and your well-being , choosing the right equipment is essential to have a nice desk around your gaming pc.

A gaming setup represents all the peripherals and accessories based around a computer system. If the configuration of your gaming PC is important as a player, having a good gaming setup allows you to properly enjoy your machine with a coherent environment.

The gaming setup represents above all the universe and the spirit in which you want to evolve by spending time at your desk.


If there are specialists who make gaming workspaces according to your tastes, your gaming pc and your needs, this still represents a certain cost!

If you want to create your perfect gaming setup yourself, this is of course possible by investing in the right equipment and the right facilities. All you have to do is follow our advice to perfectly organize your play area.

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Whatever your budget, here are the basics of a good gaming setup for your office:

  • a gaming pc
  • one or more screens
  • a gaming desk or work desk
  • an office chair or gaming chair
  • a gaming mouse
  • a mouse pad
  • a gaming keyboard
  • headphones or speakers
  • a microphone for streaming
  • good lighting
  • gaming glasses
  • possibly a floor mat for gaming chair

To immerse yourself with pleasure in your games for hours and hours, it is essential that this office space resembles you. In the case of a tight budget, the priority is to invest in a good gaming chair, a suitable mouse and an optimized desk.


The goal of having a good desktop setup is to organize its elements so that they fit together perfectly in your video game space. It is essential to choose suitable components for the harmony around your pc gamer.


Who says gamer setup, says many hours sitting in front of his screen . That's why it's important to choose a good gaming chair that will make you feel in a cocoon of comfort. There's nothing worse than feeling awkward after hours of gaming.

There are many models of gaming chairs on the market. Some are more suited to larger sizes , while others are reserved for smaller budgets. The key is to find the office chair adapted to its environment but also to its morphology. We have previously written to you on the subject in order to find the right gaming chair .

purchase advice setup gaming armchair cheap aerone gamer


If it is possible to choose a simple table to put the various peripherals of your pc gamer, it is not necessarily the most ergonomic. There are desks adapted for gaming that offer a whole host of equipment to facilitate the layout of your gamer setup.

Choosing a gaming desk means having the best possible combination between you, your gaming computer, your gaming mouse and your keyboard. The dimensions of this kind of gamer desk are specially designed to accommodate all the necessary equipment around your configuration.

There are several models of gaming tables depending on your budget and the look you want to give to your gaming setup. Note that some models incorporate an XXL mouse pad on their surface to optimize its integration.


The screen is an important element in your game setup. Some screens are specially adapted for players with panels with a high refresh rate (expressed in hertz). LCD screens are equipped with a 60 Hz panel as standard, but gamers who prefer greater in-game comfort generally opt for 144 Hz screens or more .

It's not just the IPS, TN or VA panel that matters when choosing your monitor. Its good positioning allows you to avoid fatigue with an adjustable height. If your gaming screen is not adjustable, then it is possible to hang it on the wall (VESA support) or on an adjustable stand.

In terms of size, we see that most gaming setups are equipped with large screens 22 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 30 inches and even more. It should be noted that if you have the possibility, having several screens makes it possible to carry out more tasks at the same time. This is particularly important in a work environment, but also if you are streaming for example.

If your eyes are sensitive, do not hesitate to invest a few extra euros in anti-blue light gaming glasses , in order to maintain reading comfort if you spend several hours in front of a screen .

setup gaming desktop aerone cable management


The cable management of your gamer setup is important in order to keep a good harmony on your desk. Seeing wires running all over the desk or hanging down the back of the table can quickly mar the frame of your gaming space.

Between the cables for the screen, the power cables of the pc and the screen, as well as all the cables connecting the various peripherals, it is important to keep your desk clean to properly store its cables . Gaming tables are sometimes equipped with cable tidies at the back, allowing you to keep most of the wires fitted to your gaming pc out of sight.


If you don't have, or don't want to buy a gaming desk, it is possible to DIY a setup with flexible sheaths glued to the back of a table to discreetly store your cables. By routing the cables from your computer in a sheath along a table leg, it will barely be seen to reach the power outlet.


As for the components being placed on the desk, we can only advise you to switch to bluetooth gaming mice just like the keyboard . This will reduce the number of connections required for your computer. It is now possible to find at affordable prices, bluetooth cameras, bluetooth microphones or even bluetooth headsets so that you don't have as many cables lying around your space reserved for video games.

aerone zero led gaming desk perfect setup


Even if your headset is wireless, you still need to find a place to store it when you're not using it. That's why a helmet hook under the table is very practical . This allows you to leave nothing lying around on the play space, while being a good way to find it more easily. Being in a good environment also means putting things in their place so as not to clutter your mind. It is in this process that it is useful to have a helmet holder.


To definitely perfect the atmosphere you want to play, LED lights are a good way to give more life to your setup . It's not just music that softens morals. Good lighting makes it possible to be more efficient at work (or at play) by providing visual comfort.

If some gamer desks have adjustable LEDs around your gaming setup, it is possible to buy this lighting separately. For a small budget, there are LED lighting strips that you can select to match your computer's elements.

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