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The big trend of Gaming decoration in your living room


Decoration and gaming may seem like two different worlds, and yet it is possible to combine the two and integrate your gaming decoration into the layout of your living room . Indeed, for people who spend most of their time at home, for gamers or those who work at home, it seems consistent to mix the two and take advantage of a gaming comfort and gaming decor that brings originality to your interior.

The trend of gaming decor has only increased lately and to match your interior decor and gaming equipment you have many choices in terms of models , colors, etc. Discover our ideas and advice so that your gamer setup brings the best decorative touch to your interior.


1. Increasingly trendy gaming decor

Very trendy these days, gaming decor is attracting more and more people. Indeed, thanks to many models on the market (different sizes, different materials, different accessories, different colors, different materials, etc.) it is now easy to match your gaming setup to your decorative inspiration and vice versa.

Combining the comfort of your setup and the decoration of your interior has never been easier.


2. Why opt for a gaming decoration in your living room?

There are many reasons to opt for a gaming decoration : the fact that you spend more time at home with teleworking, the fact that many very stylish and design ideas are recommended to you and put forward by Youtubers and Streamers, but also it allows you to combine your passion for gaming with the desire to have a cozy and stylish interior.

has. Telecommuting makes you spend more time at home

With telework becoming more and more ubiquitous, you spend a lot of time at home. It is therefore necessary to optimize and adapt your interior space and its layout in order to feel good in this place which today serves as a place of work, play and life.

So to your gamer setup inspirations to make your gaming decor a success whose merits you will be envied.

b. Gamer decoration inspired by youtubers and streamers

To help you in your search for gaming decor and advance in gamer setup inspiration, many youtuber or streamer influencers suggest trendy ideas and layouts. We advise you to take a look and get inspired. Indeed, the gamer setup decoration of these influencers is a valuable resource with real tips for possible gaming decoration.

vs. Integrating his passion for gaming into his environment

As a gaming enthusiast or teleworker, you will take a liking to gaming decor because it is comfortable, original and practical . Moreover, if you are a gaming enthusiast, what better than to live in the universe of your passion.


3. How to choose a TV cabinet for gamer?

For a gamer setup inspiration and thus find a suitable decorative gaming TV stand , here are some tips that will help you in your search.

has. Storage for game consoles

Even if it means finding and choosing a gamer-inspired TV stand that is as stylish as it is practical. For this, we advise you to find TV cabinets that also serve as storage for your game consoles.

Your TV cabinet must be adapted to your storage needs (console, internet box, book, gamer mat, game box, etc.). Indeed, this will allow you to optimize the space as much as possible and make your TV cabinet a trendy gaming decoration.

b. Opt for sober black or white colors

Clean lines, sober colors and lights for a gamer-inspired TV stand . Indeed, if you want a modern gamer setup decoration , you just have to opt for colors such as black and white , colors that will go with everything and harmonize well.

Betting on sober colors for your TV cabinet will allow you to play with light by adding LED lighting , for example, which will bring dynamism, modernity and color to your interior.


4. Which gaming desk to choose to match the gaming decor of a living room?

After choosing your decorative gaming TV cabinet, here are our tips for finding the gaming desk that will make your interior a place of optimized well-being and design.

has. Adapt to the space available with a straight or corner desk

To optimize your interior space, you need to analyze the architecture of your room in order to adapt your choice to the available space and your needs. Indeed, different types of gaming desks exist: straight desk or corner desk.

The elements to take into account for an optimal choice are the following:

  • space available in your room
  • decoration and inspiration you want
  • needs in terms of storage and space allocated to cables and your screens
  • dimensions and weight of the equipment required.

b. Good cable management with socket storage

Important in a gamer setup decoration : the layout of the cables and the storage allocated to the sockets. Indeed, it is necessary to think about how and where you want to store your cables and sockets so that it is not visible: cable management . There are many storage models and a lot of tips that will allow you to optimize your cable management . We recommend furniture with multiple storage spaces to arrange your space as you see fit.

vs. A gaming desk with LED for a trendy gaming decoration

An indoor gaming decor is nothing without the trend of LED lights . Indeed, to have a trendy design nothing better than to decorate your furniture with LED strips. LEDs will allow you to bring light and color to your interior . You will be able to customize them in terms of colors but also opt for optimal and intelligent lighting.

The more your lighting is well thought out, the more your interior will be pleasant, cozy and trendy, so let your passion for gaming speak for itself and adapt it to your decoration.


5. A gaming chair in the colors of your decoration

A successful gaming decor must have a gaming chair worthy of the name . Your gaming chair must be comfortable , match all your equipment and be inspired by your decoration.

Many gaming chairs exist so you are spoiled for choice in terms of design, colors, dimensions, armrests, wheels, seat, backrest , etc. It's up to you to match your gaming chair to your equipment as a gaming decoration.


As you will have understood, gaming decor is THE trend today. Whether it's the living room, the office or the bedroom, many equipment and models exist to coordinate your taste for gaming with your interior decoration.

The important thing is that your layout must be thought out in such a way that it is functional, optimal, stylish and comfortable so that every moment spent in your home is a joy every moment. So let your desires speak for a gamer setup decoration that meets your expectations.


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