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What is a gaming chair armrest?


As you can see, there are several types of gaming chairs. Each of these offers different features to consider before buying, including the type of armrest. Indeed, the components of your gaming chair define the right level of comfort but also the selling price of the product.

We've got you covered with a comprehensive guide to office chair armrestsso you can find the right gaming chair to suit your needs and provide the comfort you expect.


What are the different types of gaming chair armrests?

Important characteristic in the choice of a gaming chair, the armrests are classified in relation to the number of directions (designation "D")possible to move / orient them. The more you go to higher levels of directions in terms of appellation, the more you will gain in comfort and maneuverability.

Indeed, there are 5 categories of gaming chair armrests: fixedarmrest, 1Darmrest, 2Darmrest, 3Darmrest and 4Darmrest . But what are the differences? Here are those answers!

Fixed armrest

The fixedoffice chair armrest is the entry level, meaning it does not move and does not adapt to your needs. You will use it as is and you will not be able to tilt it or adjust it regardless of how you use your gaming chair. We therefore suggest that you favor gaming chairs offering at least 1D armrests for more comfort and flexibility of use of your product.

1D armrests

The so-called 1D gaming chair armrests are height adjustable, i.e. from top to bottom. Some 1D armrestsoffer a more padded support to increase the comfort of your chair when you lean on it. This type of office chair armrests allows you to enjoy significant support and support comfort when you spend several hours sitting in your chair.

2D armrests

The 2D armrestsof gaming chairs are more comfortable than the 1D ones because they offer two dimensions in terms of settings. Indeed, they are adjustable both in height and in depth, namely the possibility of adjusting the size (top-bottom) but also the position (back-front). The 2D armrests therefore adapt to your hands, your forearms and your build for more comfort.

3D armrests

Offering 3 adjustment sizes, the 3D armrestsare very comfortable and adaptable to each situation. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of an armrest that is adjustable in height (top-bottom), in depth (back-front) but also laterally (angle). The 3D armrests attest to a quality of support and superior comfort.

4D armrests

The must have armrests for 100% comfortable gaming chairsare the so-called 4D armrests. Indeed, the 4D armrestsare, as you will have understood, adjustable in 4 dimensions: in height (top-bottom), in depth (back-front), in side (angle) but, unlike the 3D armrests, they also offer a rotation adjustment (left-right). The 4D armrests are therefore ideal for spending hours in a seated position, whether for work, watching movies and series or simply playing online. This type of armrest therefore attests to top-of-the-range comfortand superior support, with good management of your body's pressure points.

In short, taking into account the classification of the armrests offered by the different models of gaming chair is important, whether for your comfort, for the durability of your product as well as for the explanation of the price of the latter. However, not all users necessarily require the most developed armrests to enjoy the comfort of a gaming chair. This is why it is wise to analyze your personal needs regarding the use of the product to find the right gaming chair, at the fairest price.


Which armrest to choose for your gaming chair?

For good comfort and optimal support on an office chair, here's how to choose the type of armrests for your gaming chair.

According to your needs

The higher your needs for your office chair, the more you will have to move towards 3D or 4Dtype armrests . It is advisable, in all cases, to opt for products offering at least 2D typearmrests in order to ensure optimal comfort. We therefore advise against choosing a product with fixed armrests.

Depending on the price of the office chair

There are many models of office chairs, in all price ranges. In other words, your budget will more or less determine the type of armrests of your gaming chair.The brands position the price of their products according to the quality of its components, in particular the armrests, an essential element of the good comfort of a gaming chair.

The more you go upmarket, the more your armrests will go up in management classification, the more the design and the comfort of your chair will be important. To give you an idea, here is the price segmentation of the different types of armrests:

  • For fixed armrests and some 1D armrests, it will take on average a hundred euros of budget for the purchase of your gaming chair
  • For armrests ranging from 1D to 2D, the price will be between 150 and 250 €
  • For more upscale 2D armrests or even 3Dyou must allocate a budget of 250 to 350 €
  • If you want 4D armrests, the price of your product will be higher, namely from 300-350 €.

Depending on the brand

A multitude of brands exist on the market and offer a wide variety of products. It is not always easy to find the right product at the best value for money . In order to help you in your search, we suggest that you find out as much as possible about each brand as well as their ranges of gaming chairs and gaming desks.

Indeed, learn from the brand, immerse yourself in its universe, look at the various tests available online, carefully read each product detail and their descriptive sheets, but also ask questions to brands or gamers by contacting them directly. It is only by having an approach of interest that you will make the right choice as to the selection of your gaming chair , and this for moments of guaranteed comfort.

How to tell the difference between the different kinds of armrests for office chairs ?

To easily distinguish the different types of gaming chair armrests , you will need to analyze the price, the product and the data sheet. Moreover, take into account the fitting directions and voila! Regarding your comfort, avoid office chairs with fixed or even 1D armrests. The more you increase the number of possible directions of your chair armrests, the more you will ensure your comfort.


Why are armrests important when choosing a gaming chair?

It is important to pay attention to the armrests of your gaming chair for the following reasons:

  • Your health: for an effective distribution of the pressure points of the body, especially after many hours in position, it is important to opt for 3D or even 4D armrests. Indeed, the position of your pressure points, namely the back, elbows and even the neck is an important element of your physical and mental health. Adopting a comfortable office chair relieves your body and avoids nervous and muscular tension.
  • Your comfort : to work at your desk, to play online or to watch movies or series, in short, whatever you do, you must adopt a quality seat for optimal comfort. Having, therefore, freedom of direction of the armrests of your gaming chair allows you to increase your comfort through greater ergonomics of your chair.
  • The design : the different types of armrest of a gaming chair allow you to give your product a style. Indeed, the more you go upmarket, the more your chair will display a design worthy of the name.

What are the best types of gaming chair armrests?

Obviously, the best types of gaming chair armrest are the 4D classifications which give you superior ergonomics and high-end comfort. However, if you don't want to spend too much of a budget on your office chair, 3D-type armrests also offer good comfort . The questions to ask yourself to choose the right gaming chairs are: For what use (time, usefulness and personal needs), At what price (budget allocated to this purchase), What durability and what design.



As you may have read throughout this special Gaming chair armrests guide , we suggest that you opt for 3D or 4D type armrests to ensure your comfort. The important thing in choosing the best office chair is to take into account the following aspects: the quality / price ratio ("what price am I willing to pay for what quality of product"), namely your initial budget compared to the expected characteristics, the use of the gaming chair, the need you have (physical or even psychological order) as well as its design (to, why not, match it to your gaming desk ).

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