What is a gaming chair made of?

De quoi se compose un siège gamer?


A quality gaming chair should be made of quality components. Aerone chairs are meant to last. And to do so, we have designed gaming seats with good quality componentsto ensure customizable comfortthat will last.

Based on a thick steel structure, the Aerone gaming chair is then covered with high-density foam - or memory foam, depending on the model - then covered with synthetic leatherette.

The armrests, pillows and the seat can be moved and repositioned so that you can choose the most comfortable sitting position yourself.


The reinforced structure of the gaming chair


A quality gaming chairis above all based on a reinforced metal structure. It's hard to tell at first if the structure is metal reinforced or not, but it's only with time that you can tell.

A classic office chairwill start to creak after a few months of use, signifying the fragility of the structure. This fragility can lead to internalbreakages which will affect your comfort and which can even be dangerous: although it is rare, it sometimes happens that a chair breaks in two in full use. In some cases, the fall resulting from the breakagecan cause serious injuryto the user.

The Aerone gaming chairs have a reinforced steel structure (as well as the base),reinforcing the solidity of the chair and being able to support all kinds of builds.

The tilt system


Gamer seats are also equipped with a tilt system, used to modulate the seat as you wish: adjust the height of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the locking.

The customizable armrests of the gaming chair


The problem that you can often encounter with the armrests of classic office chairsis that they are simply not adapted to yourbody type , your personal use,and to you. The height and inclination of these cannot be arranged on these chairs. So you may end up not seeing the use of them, because these are designed for one size onlyand may not fit you. 

On the other hand, the armrests of the Aerone gaming chairsare highly customizableand can be adjusted according to your preference. Whether it's the height, the inclination, the distance from you... Ideally, your armrests should allow you to place your elbows at a right angle to your body.

Thanks to the removable armrestsof the Aerone office chairs, you can easily settle in the best possible way instead of ignoring your armrests and their function. Discover them in 2D, 3D and 4D.

The memory foam of the gaming chair


Perhaps the most inconspicuous part of office chairs is the most important of these: it is, of course, the foam. It is she who will determine the degree of comfortyou feel when you sit on the seat.

Poor quality foam is usually recycled.This does not mean that the foam has been salvaged and reprocessed in an ethical way (unfortunately), but rather that it has been salvaged from another chair that has already been used and replaced as is. The foam is cut out of the seat, then hastily replaced on a new gaming chair.

Recycled foam without being remolded is flimsy, uncomfortable, and prone to getting dirty very quickly- don't expect a chair filled with recycled foam to last more than 6 months.

A quality gamer seatis made of new foam molded especially for the seat, and of a much better density. The foam prepared on a single mold is solidand comfortable, in addition to holding up better over the long term. This is the case with the foam that makes up the Aerone gamer seats , which in addition to all these characteristics (quality, density, comfort, etc.) and shape memory foam.

The same goes for the upholstery: while a poor quality upholstery will tear after just a few months, a solidly made upholstery with large seams will hold up better over time. The upholstery of the Aerone seatsis made of high quality PU leather , firm enough without being hard, to ensure comfort and access to the foam.

The benefits of quality gaming chair components


All these quality components have several interests. Not only will you be much better seatedthan on a classic office chair, but you will also be assured of a more durable and efficient chair in the long run.

The customization offered by gaming seats also allows you to change your position on a daily basis. If ever a classic office chair isn't comfortable, you're bound to buy a new one. For a gaming chair, it's different: you can change the angle, the position of the pillows, the armrests... And all this without risking damaging the chairthanks to the resistance of the parts that make it up.

This modular base allows the gamer chair to be durable and comfortablefor all users: the shape memory foam adapts to the shape of the user over time. In addition, faux leather is less damaged over time and is easier to clean than real leather.

Our chairs are composed of a base with silent wheels, as well as a backrest and a seat whose height and angle are adjustable. In addition, adjustable armrests are added to the seat to maximize your comfort.

Finally, each of our chairs comes with 2 memory foam cushionscovered in faux leather.


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