How to spot a bad gaming chair?

Comment repérer une mauvaise chaise gamer ?

We say it again and again, a gaming chair is much more effective for maintaining the body during a long day when we have to stay in a seated position than a classic office chair. The health benefits of the gaming chair are indisputable as it provides comfort and stability to the body.

The problem is that when it has faults or defective elements , it can be very bad for our health and our posture.

So how do you define a bad gaming chair ? How to spot it first? How to be sure not to make a bad investment ?

This list of negative points that a low-quality gaming chair can have will help us distinguish good chairs from bad ones.

Manufacturing defects

The manufacturing defects of a gaming chair can make you more irritable than "classic" office chairs, although uncomfortable and not suitable. Some manufacturing defects can be subtly concealed , but with use, they become easily spotted as their discomfort is unbearable . These are, for example, a leaning seat, protruding defects, poor padding...

Wobbly armrests

The armrests are one of the defining elements of a good quality chair . They are essential for comfort because resting the arms, forearms, and elbows helps stabilize posture and judge whether one is standing straight or not . So when they are wobbly, even after spending more than 30 minutes screwing them in, unscrewing them and screwing them back in, they can render the chair unusable .

Poor quality leather

When leather is of poor quality, it cracks and tears easily . The durability of the product is therefore to be reviewed . Good leather should be firm without being hard; it must also be ventilated to allow the foam to hold the body well.

Uncomfortable pillows

The wrong padding of the cushions or the wrong leather used can easily make them uncomfortable , even dangerous, depriving them of their primary function which is to adapt to your body in order to offer you the comfort you need.

The collapsing foam

Poor foam quality can cause it to sag with use. Some low-foam chairs also sag quite quickly, even on first use , leaving the wooden base of the seat felt. Which is absolutely unpleasant.

Wheels that leave marks and are not lockable

The problem of dirty wheels is also a significant defect in the choice of a gaming chair . We tend to move a lot with our chair, forced to stay there all day or throughout a task.

We also use it for our simplest trips , for example to fetch a sheet from the printer, pick up the phone which is two steps behind us, or even the pen which is at the other end of the table. ...

And realizing that at the end of our day we have left little black traces that we will have to take care to clean up is not the most pleasant (marks that are very often difficult to clean). Especially since it should be noted that the wheels wear out as they leave traces .

On the other hand, when you don't want to move all the time , and it is better for you (in an effort to concentrate) to remain static, not having wheels that lock can be hard to manage .

The squeaky chair

This may be due to poor quality of the base , a low-end plastic structure , altered screws for lack of low-end materials recycled for the design...

Anyway, it is quite painful to be disturbed by the creaking of a chair , whether for the gamer who indulges in his passion, or for the user who works.

Failed finishes (staples)

The finishes are also part of the quality/price ratio of a gaming chair. Lines that fly, crooked seams, or even missed staples... can obstruct the design of the gaming chair and call its quality into question .

If you really want to be reassured of the quality of a gaming chair, it is better to test it beforehand; or buy gaming chairs belonging to real brands that you can contact at any time, and whose existence of customer service is a good guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Aerone gaming chairs have been designed to overcome all these problems that you may encounter with any gaming chair, designed by a banal process of "copying and pasting" from what exists basically and simply on the market, without making any improvements. . We are a French company, with a real customer service, at your disposal to guide you in your purchase.

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