The design of gaming chairs

Le design des chaises gaming

When we say "gaming chairs", you surely think of a chair made of flashy colors, and full of strange curves? Well, that's not quite it.

Gaming chairs don't have an out-of-the-ordinary design for nothing. If at first glance, it is possible to think that these forms are useless, this is in truth not the case. They have a specific purpose .

Why is the design of gaming chairs so special?

As you have noticed, gaming chairs have a very different design from "normal" chairs. Why? Inspired by bucket chairs intended for car racers , gaming chairs aim to ensure maximum comfort for the user .

Let's compare an Aerone gaming chair to a "normal" chair made of wood or metal, such as those usually found in offices.

First huge difference: the shape of the backrest

Right-angled chairs are notoriously bad for your health . A straight back does not provide effective support for the back, because a good position is simply impossible there.

We are supposed to hold ourselves in a way that respects the shape of the spine so as not to weaken it . Indeed, the unsuitable posture of a classic office chair leads to a sagging of the column , which results in a leaning standing position and many back pains .

With curves specially designed to improve comfort , gaming chairs allow you to stand up straight without hurting your back, thanks to the curves of the backrest. The shape of the backrest and the pillows allow the back to respect its natural curves without you having to constantly reposition yourself.

Second difference: The modularity of the height of the chair and the armrests

Then, the height of the chair and the armrests (or lack thereof!) can be a problem. If your chair is too low or too small, you won't have enough room and you will start to stamping your feet after a few minutes. It is a very unpleasant feeling and it does not allow you to be comfortable in the chair .

If the chair is too big or too high, you won't be able to align yourself properly in front of your desk and your feet will float off the floor. It's a bit more comfortable than a chair that's too small, but still quite uncomfortable and really impractical.

As for the armrests, it is not uncommon that you cannot even use them . We don't necessarily realize it, but we are supposed to put our elbows lower than the table during work, in order to be able to rest the muscles of the wrists without damaging them; however, non-adjustable armrests are often too high or too low .

This is not a problem with a gaming chair whose height and armrests are adjustable . There is no risk here of ending up with a chair that will be too low or too high (the Aerone chairs are of different sizes and can each be adjusted by 10 cm in height). You can adjust the armrests so that you are properly installed on your chair : by moving them thanks to the different systems available on the Aerone chairs , you can rest your arms entirely on your armrests.

Third difference: The durability of the gaming chair thanks to quality materials

Another recurring problem with classic office chairs is that of construction. A low-quality wooden or plastic chair deteriorates very quickly . This deterioration reduces comfort and can lead to a lot of squeaking and extraneous noises . When the seat and backrest frame is damaged, they twist and become less comfortable for the user (in addition to being dangerous!).

Aerone gaming chairs are built with a reinforced base , hence the impressive weight of these. We didn't skimp on the metal used .

Aerone's gaming chairs are strong thanks to a metal frame (which weighs quite heavy. Hence the holes in the neck, which are there to lighten the chair), which allows them to be more durable . The adjustable armrests allow you to set the angle at which you put your arms, in order to avoid damaging your wrists , and finally the adjustable height allows the gaming chairs to be usable for all types of user sizes .

Why the design of gaming chairs is better than that of conventional office chairs?

To recap, Aerone gaming chairs are of a much higher quality than conventional office chairs which will not necessarily be suitable .

The pillows and the seat adapted for your back are the promise of a much better comfort , and allow you not to feel pain after use. By installing yourself well, you avoid damaging your back over time .

The adjustable height and armrests of the Aerone gaming chairs allow you to find an optimal position in relation to your desk , and not end up with a single height office chair that will not be suitable in all circumstances.

Finally, the superior build quality ensures you have a chair that will last a long time , providing you with optimal comfort for many years to come.

Note that the vibrant color details (available in several colors) on a sober and refined surface of the Aerone gaming chair add the touch of originality that is sorely lacking in classic office chairs, and are a nod to the gaming universe.

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