How to assemble a gaming desk chair?

Comment monter un fauteuil de bureau gamer?

You have received your gaming desk chair! But now, the instructions are not very clear, and in the end you don't know how to mount it? Don't panic, we have a simple and effective manual for you.

Not all office chairs are the same, but most have a similar construction . In order to facilitate transport, the gaming chairs are not delivered in good condition, but "boned", and the assembly is still to be done upon receipt. As a result, the assembly steps are often the same for all chairs .

If this manual is designed for Aerone gaming office chairs, it can be adapted to other types of office chairs designed as a kit.

Here we are going to take an Aerone gaming desk chair to show you how to assemble a classic or gaming desk chair, in an easy and accessible way . Whether you are experienced or new to editing, it never takes very long.

Assembly of the base of the office chair

Let's start at the beginning: the basics . Whether wheeled or fixed, the base is necessary for your office chair , which would collapse if it did not have one. Logic!

1) A simple or wheeled base

If your base doesn't have wheels, it's simple, you don't have to mount anything on this base. If it's a wheeled base , it's usually enough to clip them into the holes in each leg of the base.

2) Inserting the piston into the base

Then simply insert the piston into the base of the chair placed on the floor.
This piston is not only an armature: it allows you to adjust the height of your gaming desk chair . Piston mechanisms vary, but it is usually sufficient to slide it into the base without having to screw anything in .

Installation of the piston system under the chair and installation of the armrests

3) It's a bit more complex, but nothing too complicated

Start by screwing the piston system under the seat using the screws provided. (The "FRONT" should point to the front of the seat!)
Then place the armrests on each side, using the remaining screw threads.

The combination of seat and base

We're making progress, but we're not quite there yet! Now we need to combine the base and the seat of the office chair.

4) Seat and base: Question of concordance

Carefully lift the seat up and position the hole under the piston assembly over the base piston, and push the base piston into the hole. Push the seat thus installed to be sure that it is tight!

Mounting the backrest to the seat

5) Join the seat and the back using pins

On the seat or on the backrest there are normally pins : these are used to make the connection between the seat and the backrest . Simply place the backrest on the seat and use these pins to screw the backrest to the seat.
You can then place the bezels over these pins to hide them , if you wish.

Assembly finishes

Well, normally, if you have a normal office chair, this step probably doesn't concern you, because you won't have any pillows... But if you had the good idea to take one of our gaming chairs Aerone , you will have pillows to install !

6) A pillow to rest your neck, and another at back level

Nothing could be simpler, use the straps to attach your pillows in the way that suits you . You can use the holes at the back of the neck to pass the straps through the back of the seat and then attach them, or place them directly on the side as in the photo above.

You receive your Aerone gaming chair separated in just a few pieces, and your package will contain all the information and everything you need to assemble your chair in a good half hour !

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