Why use a gaming desk chair to work?

Pourquoi utiliser un fauteuil de bureau gamer pour travailler?

The problem with the "classic" office chair

classic office chair

Office chairs, as we all know them, are ideal only for short periods of time in a sitting position . When you sit for long periods of time, the effects of unsuitable chairs are quickly felt : your legs feel heavy, your back hurts, your joints hurt, your neck hurts, you feel tired...

It may seem stealthy, but just getting it right can make a big difference to your day-to-day health .
The lack of comfort of a classic office chair can lead to many consequences that you don't necessarily think of: pain, stress, insomnia... Your body is trying to tell you that it's not up to you. comfortable .

We are not just talking here about work in the unique sense of "working in an office", but about everything that has to do with sitting . All this is as true for those who work in a start-up as it is for musicians who work from home: from the moment you work seated, you are concerned by this problem.

Although all the symptoms mentioned are not necessarily related to your comfort and can be triggered by other factors, it is not uncommon for frequent and regular problems to be caused by your daily habits , in particular your posture , and therefore your sitting position when you are at work.

When you go to see an osteopath, you are often repairing what your position during the day has caused, and this is where we are coming from: if you spend more than three (3) hours a day in position sitting on a normal (so-called "classic") chair, you damage your health.


The advantages of the gaming desk chair

gaming chair

Gaming office chairs are designed in a very different way than classic office chairs. Instead of being manufactured in the simplest and most economical way possible, gaming desk chairs are designed with ergonomics inspired by racing cars .

They are comfortable chairs for anyone who sits for many hours a day; and this is absolutely not limited to the world of gaming :

The shape of the chair and the pillows on it match the shape of the back . What does that mean? Well, instead of having to support your back and struggle to stand up straight - which is healthy but tiring - the chair will keep you in the ideal position . The shape of the backrest and the pillows will hold your back in a "T" shape. Since we tend to forget to do it ourselves, the gaming desk chair takes care of it for us , once it is set up, and allows us not to damage our health on a daily basis .

A gaming office chair with better comfort allows you to spend more time sitting without having health problems . It is therefore also suitable for developers, musicians, artists, craftsmen, and anyone who works in a seated position.

If they were first known in the world of gaming, these chairs are beginning to develop in all environments, because the impacts of work in a seated position on health have begun to be felt en masse in recent years .

Do we work better with a gaming chair?

work gaming chair

According to some studies, the comfort we feel has an impact on our daily productivity and well-being . An uncomfortable and unpleasant position is likely to increase stress and reduce happiness at work as well as productivity , and all of this has negative impacts not only on your health, but also on your well-being at work.

If it is important to be able to get up regularly to stretch and avoid a lot of aches at the end of the day, we do not necessarily think about it.
A suitable gaming office chair can overcome these problems : a rested position for your back and legs means you don't have to get up so frequently to relax your limbs, body and therefore your mind. Don't we say a healthy mind in a healthy body? The more the body suffers, the more you expose yourself to all kinds of stress and irritation . Thus, you disconnect your brain from the task to be performed to connect it to the difficulties of the environment in which you work.

It is exactly at this level that the gaming office chair will be effective for you. By keeping your back and legs in good shape, you won't have to work extra hard to feel comfortable in a seated position .

Therefore, gaming chairs are also suitable for everyone who works , not just gamers.

In terms of aesthetics, we also offer more sober models that may suit those who do not appreciate flashy designs, and in terms of ergonomics, we have armchairs suitable for all kinds of sizes, morphologies or builds. , adaptable and modular.

Get rid of your old office chair and treat yourself to better everyday comfort for your long work sessions.

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