Which gaming chair to choose for a purchase?

Quelle chaise gaming choisir pour un achat?

There are several types of gaming chairs with different capacities. Forms and functions vary, and it can be difficult for a beginner to know which type of gaming chair to go for. Three elements are important when making your choice: your budget, your build, and your aesthetic preferences .

Gaming chairs aren't just for gamers . They were designed for them, but are very suitable for anyone who spends several hours a day in a seated position . For example developers, musicians, artists, graphic designers... Keep in mind that a gaming chair is above all an office chair and is not only used for gaming !

Here is a guide that will allow you to better know what type of gaming chair can suit you according to your morphology/your build, your budget, and your desires .

I'm looking for a simple and effective low-budget gaming chair

For those on a budget or new to the industry, Aerone's "basic" gaming chairs are of good quality . If they have fewer functions than the top-of-the-range chairs in our collections, they are not necessarily of poor quality! These are chairs that are not very customizable (modular but to a certain limit), but with all the functions necessary to be comfortable .

Aerone's Bronze andSilver ranges are excellent entry-level products: with 3 different colors each , they are very comfortable for a reasonable price .

The Silver Series gaming chair is quite wide and suitable for all body types , but is best suited for people who are not taller than six feet . The Bronze Series gaming chair is more slender and suitable for taller people , but the seat is a little tighter and is more suitable for slim builds .

I want to treat myself... while remaining "reasonable"

For those who are mixed: you want to treat yourself but you don't want to take the highest end possible either because you don't really need it?

Of superior quality to the chairs presented previously, the Gold gaming chair by Aerone is an excellent mid-range choice . With its 4D armrests, the Gold gaming chair is highly customizable and comfortable . Its comfort is ideal for daily use and you will quickly see the difference with a classic chair after just a few weeks .

The Gold Series gaming chair is also available in three different colors .
It is suitable for average builds, of all sizes, thanks to its slender and rather thin shapes .

I am looking for a large gaming chair

Some of us are not comfortable on a normal chair, and a classic gaming chair is not necessarily suitable either: the size is an issue, and we find ourselves stamping our feet if the chair is too small. ..

Aerone offers you a perfect gaming chair for you if you exceed the 85 meter: the Platinum Series . Taller, wider and sturdier than other chairs , it is ideal for very tall people who might not be comfortable on smaller models.

However, its comfort is not to be outdone: it is a wide gaming chair equipped with a reinforced structure for optimal comfort .

The Platinum gaming chair is also equipped with 4D armrests and a higher angle than other chairs: you can surely use it to rest if you sit in it correctly (:D)!

I want the best gaming chair possible!

For those who want the best of the best: we are talking about highly customizable chairs , with as many features as possible . 4D armrests, removable pillows, an easily adjustable seat... The highest quality gaming chair offered by Aerone is the Diamond .

With all the qualities of the chairs we offer, the Diamond is also equipped with a leg raiser that allows you to be as comfortable as possible.

It is a solid and comfortable gaming chair of very high quality that ensures your comfort for your long sitting sessions.

All the chairs offered by Aerone are not reserved for the world of gaming: whether you are a gamer, an artist, a developer, a graphic designer, a content creator... Anyone who spends many hours in a seated position can benefit from the advantages of gaming chairs . It all depends on your tastes and preferences in terms of color and shape for the final choice, but a gaming chair can undoubtedly help you feel better every day .

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