All the questions you (probably) have about gaming chairs

Toutes les questions que vous vous posez (sûrement) sur les chaises gamer

1- What are the advantages of gaming chairs?

The benefits on health, comfort and physiognomy

ergonomic gaming chair

Do you spend a good part of your time sitting in front of your desk, you feel tired and your back hurts? If you spend several hours a day in front of your computer, you surely have unexplained pain. However, these pains are often explained by what you did during the day , but also by the way you treated your body .

When you sit for hours at a time, your blood vessels dilate , your muscles get cold and dry , and your back sags into a bad position.

Even if it is essential to get up from time to time to stretch, it is not necessarily enough to protect you from the pain and fatigue that goes with it. Why ? The fault of your chair, which surely has the faults of all classic chairs : your feet are not raised, your back is not supported, and you cannot lean on the backrest without being three meters from the screen, because the chair is too small or leans back...

In addition, if the seat of your chair is not comfortable, your back will probably be poorly maintained, and the risk of developing sciatica over time is significant.

This is where the interest of gaming chairs lies, which are not limited to the world of gamers . This is what we originally called bucket chairs. Bucket chairs are built from the ground up for racing drivers: the circulation of their blood and the protection of their body is the priority when designing the seats .

Their shape is ideal for supporting the body in a seated position : no pain when standing up, better posture for the legs which are higher, and better blood circulation allow you to stay in better physical shape longer and to feel better . on a daily basis .

Your elbows are supported by the armrests, which prevents you from leaning forward too much. If you find that you have bad posture on a daily basis when you walk (head tilted forward) it is very possible that this problem comes from your sitting posture when you are in front of your computer.

A sought-after design

designer gaming chairs

Aerone gaming chairs are designed with a gamer design that is out of the ordinary : you don't want a basic chair with a classic design, you like what is beautiful and stands out from the rest , you will surely like our gaming chairs .

They are completely covered in imitation leather, from the chair to the cushions. The seams recall the patterns and design of racing car seats , which in addition to being designed for practical reasons , are also known for their beautiful design .

The "pep" colors on a classy and sober background, brings the touch of audacity and originality . Our office chairs are available in a multitude of different colors to suit all tastes.

A promise of sustainability

a solid steel base

Aerone chairs are built on a solid steel base allowing them to last a long time : you are making a long-term investment by buying an Aerone chair , not an impulse purchase. This is why our chairs are guaranteed for two years ! With an average use of approximately 4 to 5 hours per day, you will quickly earn a return on your purchase!

The price

We might be surprised by the price argument when we know the cost of acquiring a gaming chair, which can reach several hundred euros ; but in comparison, a good office chair can go up to 1,000 euros . Like what, comfort at a price.

And if we analyze the cost of care (or massage) , given the impact of an unsuitable chair on your health and/or your long-term comfort , you will see that acquiring a good gaming chair at 200 or even 300 euros for a long time , remains the best possible investment .

2- Are gaming chairs only suitable for gamers?

A solution for ALL

different models of gaming chairs for everyone

Gaming chairs , although called "gamer", are ideal for developers, graphic designers, musicians/arrangers and anyone who works long hours in a seated position . Let's not forget that these chairs have been thought out and designed to meet the need for comfort as well as certain needs of the body. Gamers have been put in the foreground, effectively spending all their days in front of their computer, being real enthusiasts and making their passion a profession.

Not all office chairs you can find are suitable for all body types , which is why we offer a wide range of sizes and constructions to meet everyone's needs. More and more people spend a good part of their day in front of their computer for their work or hobby , and these gaming chairs benefit all of those too!

Aerone office chairs are customizable and allow the user to get comfortable according to his needs .

3- Why does a gaming chair cost more than a normal office chair?

A solid, high-end and therefore durable design

quality components

Quite simply because the quality is second to none ! While a “classic” chair will be made from a wooden frame and plastic base , gaming chairs are built on metal, nylon, aluminum, warp-resistant cold foam bases. And assembled with professional machines to make efficient and solid mechanisms !

In addition, the padding of office chairs is very often made of low quality recycled composite foam , which deforms and is damaged from the first uses, while the padding of gaming chairs is made of cold foam , resistant to deformation . 

It is the same for the imitation leather of the classic chairs which fades and crumbles quickly, as long as the imitation leather of the gaming chairs is identical to that used for luxury cars .

The finishes are sometimes haphazard and sloppy and the materials used are often cheap to offer an attractive price while setting quality aside.

In conclusion, you should know that the price of a gaming chair varies according to the quality of the materials (plastic, carbon, fiberglass, imitation leather, etc.). The functions offered are also included in the pricing of the product

Since a gaming chair is destined to serve several hours a day for years , it is important that the materials used are of good quality . The result is a heavy chair (between 20 and 30 kilos in general) with a solid metal frame .

The “holes” at the neck are simply an example of a design that makes the chair lighter: without them, it would weigh about 3 kilos more!

A gaming chair is an investment that will last for several years and will provide you with optimal comfort . Compared to the amount of use you will get from it, the hourly cost is minimal!

4- Why a gaming chair rather than a normal office chair?

Adapt to long hours of use

We can never tell you enough, comfort is the basis of good physical and mental health and well-being .

When you spend little time in a sitting position: a normal chair can do the trick. But if you sit for more than an hour a day, a normal chair will only provide you with minimal comfort, unsuitable for long sessions in front of the computer. For minimal use, a normal chair will be fine, but you'll be exposed to discomfort and a lot of pain by using it for an extended period of time .

5- Can we work with a gaming chair?

Token of health

According to several Anglo-Saxon scientific studies, working while seated would reduce life expectancy by several years . This is mainly due to the various risks (discomfort, sciatica, muscle stiffness...) that we have discussed in our previous questions. The question that would then arise here would be more of the order of a " should we... ", than a "can we..."; and the answer would be a " yes! ".

Guarantee of comfort

Gaming chairs are not only suitable for gaming of course, since the original purpose is to have better comfort in front of your desk .

The Aerone chairs are therefore of course suitable for those who spend a lot of time in front of their computer - whether for leisure or for work.

Whether you are working or playing in front of your computer, the effort remains the same : your back is tense, your legs are not stressed (they therefore remain inactive and inert), and your arms are resting on your table.

Aerone gaming chairs improve your posture and make your everyday sitting position more comfortable , placing each of your limbs where they can be comfortable even when inactive.

Guarantee of efficiency

Also, Aerone chairs are non-messy and do not emit any squeaks . Perfect for staying focused, while combining comfort and efficiency.

Ergonomics is also an attribute of a good gaming chair . Your occupational physician will surely tell you that you need an ergonomic chair for a healthy working environment .

6- Does a gaming chair improve your game?

Good player you will be, good armchair you will have!

gaming chair for gaming

Several studies, such as that of Smith System , have shown that the comfort and the position in which you are installed are very important when you are learning or working : an uncomfortable position distracts you , and makes the process more complex for your brain, which cannot focus on your actions but only on the discomfort felt...

When you are comfortable in front of your desk, you are better able to perform the task at hand effectively.

And the effect is the same during a gaming session : you are well settled and better able to focus on your game with a suitable gaming chair . All gamers can affirm it: comfort clearly contributes to improving gaming performance. Hence the fact that all pros have their own gaming chair, without exception, during E-sport competitions!

7- How long does it take to assemble a gaming chair?

30 minutes flat

When you receive an Aerone chair, for example, each part is separated in the box: the legs, the backrest, the seat, the armrests and the wheels. You receive everything with installation instructions of course , and the total process will depend on your manual skills and your good understanding of the guide!

The average installation time for a first try is 30 minutes .

8- What is the guarantee of a gaming chair?

Guaranteed durability

Aerone gaming chairs are made with a solid steel base. They are built to last , just like the good brands of gaming chairs on the market.

But in addition to this manufacturing durability guarantee, we offer a 2-year guarantee on each of our gaming chairs , being completely sure of the solidity of our products, and knowing all the questions and doubts that you may have before finally acquiring your chair.

9- What size is suitable for gaming chairs?

Adapt to large sizes

plus size gaming chair

It all depends on the model of the gaming chair. The basic models are suitable for a height of up to 1.80m : you risk being uncomfortable on one of these models because you will be too high on the backrest if you are over 1.80m .

Some models of Aerone gaming chairs are however suitable for taller people (up to 2m) and will suit you better if you are between 1m80 and 2m tall .

10- Why do gaming chairs have a special design?

 Race-inspired design

gaming chair with bucket seat design

The design of gaming chairs comes from the motor racing industry . Automotive “bucket” seats have been designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for motor racing drivers. These seats were taken over by arcade drivers : at the time, in arcades, a racing game looked like a steering wheel and a racing car seat.

This design has become popular on all gaming scenes and can now be found among small gamers as well as among esports professionals.

11- What maximum weight do gaming chairs support? 

170 kg or even 200 kg

The solid construction of Aerone gaming chairs allows them to support up to 170kg for simple models and 200kg for large models .

Some models also offer a wider seat if you want more space when seated on one of our office chairs.

12- What are the qualities of an Aerone gaming chair?

As explained earlier, gaming chairs have several types of advantages over classic chairs. Aerone gaming chairs have been designed for maximum amplification.


Aerone office chairs and gaming chairs are above all dedicated to the comfort of the user . Nothing to do with a classic chair: when you use an Aerone chair, you feel much more comfortable .


Aerone gaming chairs are solid : made on a steel structure and equipped with high quality components , they are made to last .

It is true that gaming chairs are more expensive than normal chairs, but the differences in quality justify the price differences . A gaming chair lasts for several years with several hours of daily use, and will not deteriorate for very long.


It is always more pleasant to be able to change a little daily according to one's desires rather than always having the same thing. Another good point for gaming chairs! Rather than always being in the same position every day with a classic chair, Aerone gaming chairs allow you to adjust your daily comfort . Move the seats, change the height, the angle of the backrest, the position of the armrests.


The main attraction of gaming chairs is their different design . With a resolutely gamer design that is akin to today's gaming world, with fine lines and bright colors, you are sure to have a product that you will not get tired of (and that will make your child very happy). child or your spouse if it is for a gift!).


More important than the condition of the chair, your condition is the main reason for buying an adapted chair : while an unsuitable chair will be uncomfortable on a daily basis and risk giving you health problems, a chair more adapted will protect you from back problems in the long term .


It may sound silly, but ask yourself the question: are you in the wrong place now, in front of your computer or on your phone? Do you move regularly because you can't find a comfortable position?

Well, try to imagine that you no longer have to readjust yourself every five minutes because you are exactly at the right height, that your buttocks no longer hurt because the chair is too hard or too soft. , that your legs are not numb … That's the whole point of a gaming chair : allowing you to focus on the essentials!

In summary, the interest of Aerone gaming chairs is not only in their aesthetics. In addition to having an original gamer design - or more sober, according to your preferences - you get a product built on a solid base, guaranteed for 2 years .

Aerone gaming chairs are customizable according to your preferences : choose your favorite color, move the cushions or remove them, increase the height of the backrest, its inclination, and the position of the armrests according to what suits you best.

Protect your health and save your energy thanks to the Aerone gaming chairs , which will make you feel more comfortable and more efficient every day in front of your desk , whether for gaming, work or leisure.

Aerone gaming chairs support a weight of up to 200 kilos and are all guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

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