What is the best covering material for a gaming chair?

Quelle est la meilleure matière de revêtement d’une chaise gamer ?

Do you like playing video games? To enjoy a unique gaming experience and sit comfortably in front of your screen, there is nothing like having a good gaming chair. Whether you are used to playing on a console or on your computer, the gaming chair will allow you to adopt a good sitting posture. It generally has a solid structure, excellent body support and comfortable seating.

You probably know that there are a multitude of models of gaming chairs available on the market. So which model should you buy? Before choosing this or that armchair, you will have to take into account different criteria. Among these, you should in no case neglect the covering material of your seat.

Aside from basic criteria such as the functionality of the chair, its design or even its dimensions, it is fundamental to opt for the right covering. Because in the end, you will spend several hours there. Do not take this choice lightly. When it comes to gaming seat coverings, various options are possible, including leather, imitation or fabric. In this article, we will study these materials to help you choose the ideal material.

The importance of choosing the right covering material for your gaming chair

Much more than an aesthetic element on the gaming chair , the covering material has a major importance, both on the comfort and the longevity of your furniture. It also has a significant impact on the general style of your gaming corner.

The quality of the covering determines the overall quality of your seat. It determines the resistance of the chair to the effects of time, shocks or scratches. Thanks to superior quality material, your chair will have a prolonged lifespan. In addition, being of excellent quality, the coating will maintain a beautiful appearance over the years. And this, even if the chair is used frequently.

Long gaming sessions can cause moisture and heat to build up on the seat. By opting for a quality material, preferably breathable, this will help the air to circulate better. At the same time, your body temperature will be maintained at a certain level, contributing to your comfort.

In short, carefully selecting the covering material for your gaming chair will allow you to have a robust seat, which will satisfy your needs in terms of ergonomics. In addition, a wise choice will improve the comfort and decor of your small play space. You can of course take your personal tastes into consideration, but also think about the durability of your equipment as well as its ease of maintenance.

But then, which covering should you choose for a gaming chair?

As stated above, the covering of the gaming chair is made of different materials, in this case PU leather, fabric, imitation, real leather or mesh fabric. If PU leather is commonly used for the design of gaming chairs, real leather is more durable and has an equal elegance.

For its part, the fabric is breathable. Which is also the case for mesh fabric. Wool is the fabric most used to cover gaming chairs. Furthermore, the imitation is less aesthetic. So what material should be preferred on a gaming chair? Let's analyze each material.

PU Leather: one of the most used materials for covering a gaming chair

PU leather is one of many types of synthetic leather. Shinier than imitation, it has almost the same appearance as real leather, and its price is more affordable. Its feel is also similar to that of real leather.

The PU leather design process generally involves applying a layer of polyurethane to a base made of a synthetic polyester fabric. In some cases, it is designed using pieces of leather covered with polyester and polyurethane.

PU Leather can be available in several colors. This allows designers to offer various colors of gaming chairs. Waterproof, PU leather is easy to clean. Its fibers are difficult to stain. However, its waterproofness prevents your skin from breathing. If you play in the middle of summer on a PU leather seat, you risk sweating a lot.

Faux leather: another material very present on the market

Faux leather is another covering material used for gaming chairs. It is available in several variations, some being of better quality than others and with distinct characteristics. If you are considering getting a faux leather gaming chair, check that the faux fur is of good quality.

To do this, find out about the following:

  • Is the appearance of the imitation aesthetic? As an indication, when it is slightly shiny, it gives a low-end style to the seat.
  • Does it contain cold foam? You probably already know that leather tends to heat up very quickly. To avoid this, some manufacturers add cold foam to keep the covering at a suitable temperature.
  • Pay attention to the smell of the leather: sometimes, imitation leather gives off a very strong smell of plastic which can persist for weeks and weeks.

You may be wondering how do faux leather and PU leather differ? In fact, while PU leather includes a layer of polyurethane applied to a fabric, faux leather consists of a layer of polyurethane or PVC at the base of a cellulose fiber surface. If you are hesitating between the two materials, weigh the pros and cons by looking at their price and appearance.

Genuine leather: definitely the best covering option!

Opting for real leather is very advantageous. With its elegant appearance, it gives a classy and luxurious side to the gaming chair. It certainly won't stand out if you combine it with a modern electric desk . And of course, real leather is more durable than faux and PU leather. However, to promote its durability, a minimum of maintenance is required.

Additionally, genuine leather does not emit any chemical odors, which may be the case with faux leather or PU leather upholstery. Just like PU leather, it is easy to clean. On your seat, your skin will be able to breathe without any constraints. With this type of leather, you do not risk exposing yourself to the unpleasant effects of PU leather, which makes you sweat when the skin touches the covering.

Unfortunately, as a gaming chair covering, leather is rather rare. You will only find it on high-end models and therefore at exorbitant prices. Thus, leather brings many positive points. Its main disadvantage is its cost. In addition, it is not available in several colors, as is the case with PU leather.

Fabric: the ideal alternative to real leather

The fabric usually used on gaming chairs is synthetic fiber. Although it doesn't have the same visual style as PU or real leather, fabric is a very good alternative. To the touch, it is particularly soft, much more so than PU leather.

Unlike PU leather, the fabric is not waterproof. This lets your skin breathe at the point of contact with the covering. So you don't risk any worries about sweating. However, this is also one of its weak points. Because given its permeability, the fabric is sensitive to stains. A stain can quickly set in and remain permanently on your fabric seat.

In terms of its lifespan, the fabric is less durable than imitation and PU leather, but also than real leather. He fears scratches, tears, scratches and the slightest sudden shock. Be careful, especially if you have pets at home.

What about mesh fabric?

Also called mesh fabric, mesh fabric is made from airy canvas, ensuring good breathing for the skin. This fabric is very often used for making sports outfits. On a gaming chair, this material makes perspiration fluid, sweat evacuating more easily from the body. Better yet, it doesn't stick to the skin. This is an undeniable comfort advantage when you know that a video game game can last for several hours in a row.

If mesh fabric is usually used for covering high-end gaming chairs, you will understand that its price is not cheap. Indeed, apart from real leather, this material is among the most expensive on the market. In any case, don't forget that it guarantees good breathing for the skin, an advantageous thing for die-hard gamers.

Ultimately, what is the ideal covering for a gaming chair?

Considering all the information you have been able to obtain in this article, you will see for yourself that even though real leather is very expensive, it remains the best covering of all. If you decide to buy the genuine leather model, you can combine it with a leather gaming mouse pad . The whole thing will be very harmonious.

Furthermore, if you sweat easily, avoid imitation leather and PU leather. If you have pets, fabric will not be the best option for you. To conclude this list of covering materials for a gaming chair, we have drawn up a table of the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

Coating material



PU leather

-        Identical appearance

- Affordable price

-        Ease of maintenance

-        Available in several colors

-        Short lifespan compared to genuine leather

-        Does not let the skin breathe properly

-        Damaged easily

Real leather

-        Very high robustness

-        Particularly elegant appearance

-        Allows the skin to breathe

- High price

-        Requires special maintenance

-        Very limited choice of colors


-        Covering accessible to all budgets

-        For good breathing of the skin

-        High sensitivity to stains

-        Requires regular maintenance

Mesh Tissue

-        Breathable coating

-        Reduces sweating

-        Only available on premium seats

- High cost

Simili put

-        Significant waterproofing

-        Very affordable price

-        Available in several colors

-        Short lifespan

-        Low resistance to sun and heat

-        Contains chemical compounds

-        Unnatural appearance


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