Gaming chair options: with or without wheels?

Options sur chaise gamer : avec ou sans roulettes ?

When purchasing a chair, several criteria must be taken into account. In this article, we will focus specifically on casters. Are they really necessary? While some gamers opt for seats without wheels, others prefer to have them. So what is the ideal alternative? In fact, it’s all about comfort.

The roulette wheel is a really practical accessory. It allows its user to enjoy a certain mobility around their gaming space. This will make it easier for him to move from one corner of his office table to the other. However, the gaming chair with wheels can unbalance the stability of the body.

But then, which model is preferred? To help you find the best solution for you, we have put together a list of the advantages of the gaming chair with casters and the version without casters. We also tell you the disadvantages of each model. You can then decide which model best meets your expectations.

Some points to know about the gaming chair with wheels

Casters are part of the accessory range on a gaming chair . Equipped with wheels, the gaming chair ensures excellent mobility for its user. However, it should be noted that with casters, the seat can have an impact on the stability of the body, and this can be uncomfortable. Also, in order to guarantee a good lifespan for this rolling furniture, you must maintain the casters regularly. Regardless, it has strengths and weaknesses.

The strong points of the gaming chair with casters

When a seat is equipped with casters, it allows the person sitting there to benefit from good mobility. This may particularly be the case if, for example, she wants to increase the volume of her speakers which are located at the end of her gaming table. So, she won't have to get up, because she just needs to move around using her chair. In addition, she does not have to reposition herself, since she remains seated in her seat when traveling.

Basically, here are the main benefits of the gaming chair with wheels:

  • Excellent mobility when the user sits there;
  • Save time when traveling around the gaming office;
  • Less stress thanks to good seating and a comfortable posture;
  • Castors that can be locked by activating the brakes.

You should also know that depending on the design material of the casters, their quality can influence the stability of the gaming chair. If you have your gaming space on a flat, smooth surface like parquet, it is better to turn to wheels made of a flexible material, such as rubber. If, on the other hand, you place the gaming corner in a room with carpet or a rug, casters made of hard material will be preferable.

Some negative points regarding the gaming chair with small wheels

However, it should be noted that the wheeled chair can have certain disadvantages. In reality, this type of seat does not always ensure good maintenance of the overall posture of the body and back. Additionally, if you make sudden movements, you risk falling at any time. Another thing, on a chair with casters, it is difficult to keep the initial position, because the backrest and the seat itself move according to the movements of the body.

To ensure that the gaming chair on wheels guarantees good support, here are some practical recommendations:

  • Do not cross or extend your legs when sitting in your gaming chair;
  • Rest your feet flat on the ground, this will prevent you from possible falls;
  • Position your chair well so that you don't have to lean forward to be able to look at your computer screen;
  • Choose quality casters so that the life of the seat is extended and don’t forget to maintain them regularly and properly;
  • Keep your chair in a still pose in front of your gaming desk . To do this, use the caster brakes;
  • If your seat is equipped with a footrest, use it as a reference on the floor so that you can correctly position your chair.

By following these few tips, you will not have to endure the inconveniences of the gaming chair on wheels, especially the fact that it can sometimes be unstable.

What about the gaming chair without wheels?

The majority of gaming chairs available on the market have casters. However, it must be said, the gaming chair without wheels can have a certain number of advantages, but also some weak points.

The advantages of the gaming chair without wheels

First of all, since the gaming chair is stationary, it provides excellent stability when you sit on it. The seat will remain in a fixed place and will not move. You will therefore not be able to move involuntarily while you are in the middle of the game.

In addition, the model without casters is usually more durable and stronger. Being static, the seat remains immobile. It should be noted that frequent movement of a gaming chair can have a negative impact on its durability. Finally, if you appreciate the minimalist style, there is nothing better than the gaming chair without wheels.

The disadvantages of the gaming chair without wheels

As you will have understood, with a chair without wheels, it will be difficult for you to move around on the seat. If you do this, it may damage it prematurely. Plus, you'll probably have to lift it. Such a seat can be heavy to carry.

At the same time, as it is fixed, it will not allow you to go from one corner of your desk to another without getting up. You will therefore have to get up every time you need something around your gaming space.

Review chair with wheels vs seat without wheels

Are you still hesitating between the gaming chair with wheels and the model without wheels? If you have not been able to make your choice by consulting the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, continue reading with the summary below.

Freedom of movement: seat with or without casters?

If you have to move frequently, whether to adjust the setting of your screen, to turn on the speakers or to grab your game controller, choose a gaming chair with casters. With this model, you are freer to move around. You then benefit from a significant time saving. In addition, it reduces stress, since you will not constantly have to get up and then reposition your chair each time.

If you have to stay in your seat for several hours, a model without wheels may be more practical. However, on the version with wheels, you can lock the brakes to immobilize the seat. In summary, if you are looking for a mobile chair, it is better to opt for the model with small wheels.


Prevention of back pain: which seat to choose?

Sitting on a gaming chair in front of the computer for hours can cause back pain. To prevent the problem from getting complicated, choosing a seat without wheels can be advantageous. And for good reason, he remains motionless at all times. This means that the body is kept stable. You can still move your feet and legs without your movements changing the position of your chair on the floor.

On the other hand, if you opt for a seat with wheels, the latter will move following the movements of your body. He may move closer or, on the contrary, move away from your office. It can then prove complicated, or even impossible, to keep your initial position.

In any case, in order to preserve the health of your back, it is essential to always position your seat correctly. As we have already specified above, the feet must be placed flat on the ground. This way, even with its wheels, the seat will hardly move. When the wheeled chair moves away from your desk, you will tend to lean forward to have the screen within sight. But by doing this, your back will not be in contact with the backrest, which will make your posture uncomfortable.

Chair with or without wheels: which is more stable?                                         

With a gaming chair without wheels, the stability is perfect. If you fidget in your seat, you are rarely likely to fall. However, this is not the case with a model on wheels. Indeed, if you adopt an inappropriate posture or if you move suddenly, you certainly risk falling.

So, if you opt for a wheeled seat, first make sure that it is height adjustable, so that you have your feet on the ground when you sit down. Also remember to check the quality of the casters, this largely determines the stability of the seat.

The final word

As you will have noticed, each version has its strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, both versions are equal. But before opting for this or that model, define your needs. Ask yourself the right questions :

  • Do you have to move around all the time or do you have to sit in the same position in front of your gaming desk?
  • Is the floor in your gaming area parquet or carpeted?
  • Do you need a model with height adjustment?

By answering these kinds of questions, you can easily find the ideal model for you. So, which do you prefer: the gaming chair with casters or without casters?

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