What is the ideal gaming chair for a small gamer?

Quel est le siège gaming idéal pour un gamer de petite taille ?

The world of gaming now brings together many fans from all over the world. Gamer profiles are very varied. Young and old alike enjoy video games. If you are a gamer at heart, you certainly know that having appropriate equipment is essential in order to play comfortably in front of the screen, even for several hours in a row. And it very often happens that gaming sessions last more than five hours.

When we talk about gaming equipment, this of course includes the gaming chair. Available in various forms, the gaming chair has different characteristics. You are free to choose the model you like. However, to make the best choice, you must take into account a certain number of criteria: price, features, dimensions. Speaking of dimensions, to benefit from optimal comfort, the player must sit in a chair that corresponds to his body shape.

In this article, we will particularly look at gaming chairs for short people. How to select the ideal model? What are the parameters to take into consideration? We will try to concretely answer all these questions so that small gamers, whether children, adolescents or adults, can find the right fit for them. Discover our practical advice on choosing the gaming chair.

Reasons to invest in a gaming chair, regardless of size

The gaming chair is undoubtedly what is best designed on the current ergonomic chair market. Versatile and practical, this particular piece of furniture can be suitable for gamers, but also for people who work at home. And this, regardless of their size.

There are many reasons to invest in such equipment. First of all, it helps protect you from pain related to poor posture. The gamer is often required to adopt a prolonged sitting position. Acquiring the gaming chair will not only help improve your posture, but also reduce fatigue.

In addition, purchasing a gaming chair allows you to sit for prolonged periods in a comfortable pose. Equipped with thick padding and several accessories, such as the headrest, armrests or lumbar cushion, the seat ensures maximum seating comfort. Which then allows you to enjoy an excellent gaming experience.

In short, it is clear that the gaming chair constitutes a long-term investment. It's up to you to see what price you are willing to invest to buy this furniture. Please note that the higher the cost, the more practical accessories and features of all kinds you will be entitled to. In any case, if you have to spend long hours in a chair, it is better to have a gaming model than a simple office chair.

Practical advice for selecting a gaming chair for short people

Are you a short gamer? You probably know that not all types of gaming chairs will necessarily suit you. Indeed, while certain models of gaming chairs are better suited to tall people , others are specifically aimed at small gamers. For this reason, before opting for this or that seat, follow the recommendations below.

Know your exact size: to choose your gaming chair wisely

For the sake of health, when you sit in your chair, your feet must be placed flat on the ground. Furthermore, the backrest must follow the natural curvature of your back. This will prevent you from suffering from tension in the spine and lower back.

This is why it is essential to get a model adapted to your weight and height. As a general rule, the height and maximum recommended weight are displayed on the designer's instructions. By choosing a seat that conforms to your body shape, you will benefit from a very comfortable seat.

Therefore, determining your size is of major importance when choosing your small gaming chair. This is actually an essential criterion that will help you find the seat that perfectly matches your size. There are standard models, but also specific versions. You will bet on special cuts, which will better conform to your body shape.

The same goes for your weight. It is essential to know it, even approximately, in order to find an ergonomic model that will fit your shape and meet your expectations. To continue, let's discover the main points to define when you have to buy a seat of your height.

The elements of the chair to consider when purchasing a model suitable for a small gamer

Now that you know your weight and height, you will have to sift through three elements of the gaming chair. We will discuss the maximum weight supported by the chair, the depth of the seat, as well as the width and height of the backrest.

The maximum weight that the gaming chair can support

If you have ever had the opportunity to consult the label of a gaming chair, you must surely have noticed that there is a small indication regarding the weight supported by the seat. In most cases, gaming chairs are able to support a load of up to 120 kg. However, the capacity of some models can even go up to 150 kg.

Do not neglect this parameter, because even if you are small, it is possible that you weigh quite heavy. If you exceed the weight allowed on the chair, it may gradually collapse. As a result, your knees will not have good support. In addition, this can lead to more or less serious accidents and falls.

The width and height of the backrest: for secure lumbar and cervical support

When you are in a seated position, the lumbar and cervical muscles are heavily stressed. In addition, when sitting for a long time, some people have the annoying habit of leaning forward, especially if they do not have any support at the back. And yet, this posture tires and damages the neck as well as the lumbar area.

To protect these parts of the body, you must choose a seat that matches your height. To be more explicit, you need to adjust the width and height of the gaming chair backrest to your height. It goes without saying that a model intended for a tall person is distinct from that reserved for a short person. To help you see more clearly, here are some figures concerning the height of the backrest:

  • If your height is less than 1.60 m, the height of the back of your gaming chair should be between 50 cm and 60 cm. If you are planning to buy the seat for a growing child, do not take this point lightly, as it can have a negative impact on their postural hygiene.
  • If your height is between 1.60 m and 1.75 m, prefer a seat whose backrest has a height that varies from 75 cm to 80 cm.
  • Even if this information does not concern people of short stature, we would still like to make it clear: for people over 1.85 m, it is recommended to opt for high backrests of over 85 cm.

This data is provided for informational purposes only. If you purchase an adjustable gaming chair, do not hesitate to adjust the height of the backrest by referring to the previous information and your height. In short, if you respect these proportions, your lumbar and cervical spine will benefit from adequate support. To reinforce and optimize support, the seats are usually equipped with a lumbar cushion, which you can adjust.

As for the width of the backrest, it is just as important as the height. If you do not have the appropriate width, your comfort will be less. If you are petite, you will need a seat with a narrow width, which will allow you to properly place your arms on the armrests. Contrary to this, if you are stout, choose chairs with a wide width, to avoid feeling suffocated.

On average, the width of a seat is around 35 to 50 cm. Take the one that is right for your body shape so you can sit in the greatest comfort. If the seat and backrest are separated, be sure to adjust the backrest correctly both in inclination and height. All in all, just as gaming glasses can guarantee you good gaming comfort, comfort will also be there if you choose the ideal width and height of the back of your seat.

Support your back by choosing a good seat depth

Here is another important element if you need to purchase a gaming chair for a short person. Avoid seats that are too deep, because to support yourself correctly, you will be forced to lean backwards. In addition, your feet will not touch the ground. This will wear you out quickly. Likewise, with a shallow seat, you will have to exert more effort on your knees. Result: you will get tired too.

Before choosing the seat, make sure that when you are in a seated position, you can rest your back completely on the back of the chair. On the other hand, to ensure that you sit comfortably, you should have a space of almost 5 cm to 10 cm between the seat and your knees. Your feet should be able to touch the ground without you having to force anything. A seat depth of 30cm to 40cm will do the job well.

The final word

You now know the main points when choosing the perfect gaming chair for a small gamer. To summarize, you must select your chair always referring to your body shape. If we were to summarize the dimensions that a gaming chair should have for a short person, here are the average data:

  • Total height of the gaming chair: between 80 cm and 100 cm;
  • Seat width: approximately 40 cm;
  • Backrest height: on average 60 cm;
  • Weight supported: up to 100 kg.

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