Gaming chair: which model for which budget?

Fauteuil gamer : quel modèle pour quel budget ?

If you are a video game lover, you probably know that a gaming session, whether you play alone, in pairs or with others, can last for hours non-stop. To hold out, comfort must be there. Therefore, in order to have a memorable gaming experience, the choice of gaming chair should not be taken lightly.

Sitting comfortably in your gaming chair is an essential criterion for enjoying a video game session in the best conditions. But choosing the ideal model can be complicated. And for good reason, there are different types of gaming chairs on the market.

The acquisition of such equipment requires certain criteria to be taken into account. The budget is a fundamental parameter. How much money do you have available to buy a gaming chair? To help you choose the model that best suits your needs and finances, we invite you to read this article.

Which gaming chair to buy based on your budget?

The cost of a gaming chair can range from 100 euros to more than 500 euros. It depends on different elements, such as the model, design, brand, as well as the functionality of the gaming chair. It's up to you to select the model according to your budget.

What you need to know about low-cost gaming chairs, priced under 200 euros

If your budget is less than 200 euros, you will need to opt for an entry-level or low-cost model. The products in this category and those in the mid-range are almost similar, almost. You can find basic models for less than a hundred euros, with simple armrests and a fixed backrest. However, from 150 euros, certain versions are practically identical to those of the big brands.

In any case, the models are distinguished by their design quality, of which that of entry-level products is of course less good than those of the mid-range. For example, on a gaming chair costing 100 to 200 euros, you will be entitled to sponge foam, while more expensive models consist of high density cold foam.

The upholstery of the chair will also be of inferior quality. In the end, you will understand that if you cannot afford to invest more than 200 euros in the gaming chair, the product you buy will have a short lifespan compared to better quality models.

To summarize, here are the characteristics of a gaming chair that you can get for less than 200 euros:

  • Support including 5 branches;
  • 3D fixed armrests;
  • Maximum capacity between 100 and 150 kg, depending on the brand;
  • “Rocking chair” device generally without locking;
  • Fixed or adjustable backrest from 135° to 180°;
  • Sponge foam;
  • Fabric or PU leather covering;
  • Chair size: small to medium;
  • Lumbar support;
  • Head cushion.

As you will have noticed, at less than 200 euros, you benefit from an inexpensive product, but whose quality is very average, but certainly not bad. In addition, know that these models offer more comfort than an office chair of the same cost. So it must be said: you can perfectly find a good gaming chair for less than 200 euros.

What type of gaming chair for a budget between 200 euros and 350 euros?

If you have an amount ranging from 200 euros to 350 euros for the acquisition of a gaming chair, you will turn to mid-range models. In this category, the products obviously have a simpler and less imposing design than those of high-end products. Several brands offer particularly interesting models.

If we were to compare a high-end and mid-range gaming chair, the difference would mainly lie in the options and features of the product. For example, on a gaming chair costing around 300 euros, the armrests will be 1D to 3D, unlike high-end seats with 4D armrests.

Also, you will probably find models of gaming chairs for adults , but of lower quality than high-end gaming chairs. In addition, the covering will be made of synthetic material, and not leather. In any case, such a budget will allow you to enjoy a gaming chair of average quality, with appreciable features.

To recap, here are the main specificities of a gaming chair whose price varies from 200 euros to 350 euros:

  • Metal support with 5 branches;
  • Maximum capacity between 100 and 150 kg depending on the brand;
  • Backrest adjustable between 135° and 180°;
  • Fabric or PU leather covering;
  • Armrests 1D to 3D;
  • Medium to large seat;
  • Rather thick padding;
  • “Rocking chair” device with locking system;
  • Head cushion present;
  • Lumbar support;
  • High density cold foam or memory foam.

On the market, the best-selling gaming seats are those in the mid-range. It is in this category that you can enjoy the best quality/price ratio. If you have no idea what type of gaming chair you would like to have for your video game sessions, it is recommended that you look for a model in this range. It is also a great alternative to an expensive high-end gaming chair.

Which model to choose for a budget of 350 euros and more?

If you can afford to allocate a budget of more than 350 euros for the purchase of your gaming chair, you are advised to do your research among the high-end models. You will definitely find what you are looking for there! You can find this type of seat from major brands and well-known brands. You'll be spoiled for choice.

A high-end gaming chair guarantees optimal comfort. The designers of this type of armchair ensure the quality of the product thanks to great know-how. If you want to get a model included in the top 10 of the best gaming chairs of the moment, you will surely discover it in this category!

By investing an amount greater than 350 euros to buy a gaming chair, you will be entitled to the features below:

  • 4D armrests;
  • Upholstered in thick fabric, real leather or premium PU leather;
  • Backrest adjustable from 135° to 180°;
  • High density cold foam or memory foam;
  • Lumbar support that can be combined with the backrest;
  • Tilting system with locking mechanism;
  • Maximum capacity of 150 kg depending on the brand;
  • Very thick padding;
  • Very spacious seat;
  • Head cushion;
  • Metal support with 5 branches.

Among the specific features of high-end gaming chairs, you have:

  • 4D armrests;
  • The leather covering;
  • Large seats.

In short, the budget you plan to devote to purchasing your gaming chair will have a significant impact on the options and features you can benefit from. The more expensive the product, the more features it will include. If you base your acquisition on its price, however, do not forget that other criteria must also be taken into consideration. Moreover, so that you can better understand the importance of the other points, we will end this article by listing them.

What about the other criteria for purchasing a gaming chair, apart from the price?

To choose the right gaming chair, just like if you were to buy a gaming desk , you must first base yourself on the available budget. However, you will also have to consider other elements, such as the armrests, the comfort that the chair offers, the inclination of the backrest, the padding, without forgetting the quality.

The quality of the gaming chair: a fundamental parameter

Quality is a criterion that should not be neglected if you want to find a gaming chair that meets your requirements. It's more than simple: a quality gaming chair is unaffected by shocks or humidity. It is easy to clean, and its stability must be unparalleled. To check the quality of a gaming chair, make sure that its support is very sturdy. Furthermore, a quality armchair is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Comfort of the seat and back

Comfort: this is a key criterion when choosing a gaming chair. When you play in front of your screen, and you have to spend several hours on it, it is clear that a comfortable seat is essential. To provide optimal comfort, the seat must have a cushion, a headrest, as well as a lumbar cushion.

The inclination of the backrest also plays a key role in the comfort of the seat. The more it is possible to tilt the backrest, the more the chair allows you to enjoy maximum comfort. For information, the ideal inclination is between 140° and 150°.

The armrests of the gaming chair

Although it is a detail on the gaming chair, the armrests play a role of great importance. Their quality determines the overall quality of the chair. First, you must check that they are present on the product, because indeed, some models do not have them.

There are 5 types of armrest mechanisms:

  • Fixed armrests: they are immobile;
  • 1D armrests: height is adjustable up and down;
  • 2D armrests: it is possible to adjust the depth and height forward and backward;
  • 3D armrests: depth, height and width are adjustable left and right;
  • 4D Armrests: You can adjust the height, width and depth of the armrests. Additionally, you can adjust the rotation.

The padding of the gaming seat

This point is also essential. Typically, the padding is foam. In the case of poor quality padding foam, comfort will be lower. If necessary, prefer high-density cold foam padding.

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