The difference between a gaming chair and an ergonomic chair

La différence entre une chaise gaming et une chaise ergonomique

Want to sit in the greatest comfort in front of your computer, your workstation or your television? Among the seats available on the market, the choice is vast and you can either opt for the gaming chair or the ergonomic chair. Generally, the ergonomic chair is intended for workers while the gaming chair, as its name suggests, is aimed at video game enthusiasts.

Is there really a difference between the two types of seats? How do you know if it’s the ergonomic model or the gaming model? It actually seems that the two chairs have several points in common. It should also be noted that they present a certain number of dissimilarities.

If you have to sit for hours and hours, it is more than essential to opt for a quality seat. In terms of quality chairs, the ergonomic model and the one dedicated to gamers have no equal. Discover in more detail the characteristics of each of these seats, what makes them special and what distinguishes them from one another. You will then know the difference between the two.

What about the ergonomic chair and the gaming chair?

To a layman, a chair is a chair, as long as it allows you to adopt a sitting position, whether comfortably or not. However, when we talk about gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs, it must be emphasized that each has its own specificities.

What you need to know about the ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is a seat capable of adapting to the human body and conforming to each shape of the body. this. Depending on your height and weight, this seat aligns with your body shape. This allows you to benefit from a comfortable and completely natural sitting posture.

To guarantee optimal physiological support for its user, the ergonomic chair normally has armrests and a headrest. It has a slightly inclined backrest and it is possible to adjust its height.

The main function of this type of seat is to ensure an optimal position for its user, particularly when they have to sit for many hours in a row. It is essential that this chair offers a comfortable and upright position, to reduce pressure on the back.

When we talk about the ergonomic chair, we generally refer to the office chair that allows you to sit in the greatest comfort over a long period of time. You will understand by reading the rest of the article what differentiates this seat from the gamer model.

What about the chair for gamers?

Now you are wondering what a gaming chair? In fact, it is simply an ergonomic chair with a few additional features. In a few words, the gaming chair allows you to be in a sitting position for hours, while enjoying excellent comfort. Just like the ergonomic model, it has armrests and a headrest.

If the classic ergonomic chair is reserved for office workers, the gaming model is especially suitable for video game fans. Professional gamers have this type of chair, as do people who are glued to their computer screen.

So how do these two types of chairs differ?

We have already mentioned it above, the gaming chair is a model of ergonomic armchair, but with specific features in more. Which makes it more suitable for certain activities. To truly understand how the two chair models differ, we will discuss the things they have in common, then the differences between the two.

The identical features of the gaming chair and the ergonomic chair

As has been said, the gaming chair is an ergonomic chair, with a few more options. It is therefore perfectly normal that the two armchairs have certain similarities, as follows.

The presence of headrests and armrests on both models

Here is one thing common between the gaming chair and the ergonomic seat: the presence of armrests and headrests. If you are forced to sit for hours on end, it is essential to have a seat equipped with armrests and headrests. This prevents joint problems in the neck and wrist. If you work on a PC regularly, these accessories are essential.

Possibility of adjusting the seats according to the user’s body shape

The ergonomic chair, like the gaming chair, is adjustable. This characteristic is also one of the elements that make it ergonomic. The physical constitution is distinct from one person to another. The chair must suit everyone's shape.

The advantage with these two seat models is that you can adjust its height to your size. This is a point that these two chairs also have in common with a office chair. The advantage of both versions is that it is also possible to configure the inclination of the backrest. Which makes them even more ergonomic.

Ideal chairs for staying in a seated position for many hours

Both the gaming chair and the ergonomic seat have been designed to allow a person to sit for long hours at a time. No matter your activity, whether you work from home or are a gamer, both chairs have been designed to offer you the possibility of sitting for a long period of time. This, without harming the health of your spine and lower back.

The distinctions between the gaming chair and the ergonomic chair

Although the distinguishing points between the gaming chair and the ergonomic chair are few, you should still take them into account if you are thinking of getting one of the two chairs. Here is a brief overview of the dissimilarities between the two types of seats.

Design materials that differ

The materials used to make each of these chairs are different and have different objectives. Indeed, the gaming chair is usually designed in padded materials, as is the case with most gaming seats available here.

The upholstery of the chair, combined with the optimally inclined backrest, ensures the most comfortable seating experience. This, in particular thanks to the seat components: footrest, headrest, armrests. Their materials are flexible, so that the limbs of the body rest in the greatest comfort.

On the other hand, the ergonomic chair is made from a durable fabric to better support activity behind a desk. The fabric is also intended to be breathable. Thus, it will help to improve the working conditions of its user.

The design of the two seats

On the design side, some differences can also be observed. And of course, this comes down to aesthetic points. In the majority of cases, the design of the gaming chair is often more accentuated. This model has a more modern and trendy style. The colors used for its manufacture are more intense and the seams on the backrest, seat and other elements are more visible.

On the other hand, the ergonomic seat is more basic and classic in design. It has simple lines, in short everything you need to sit comfortably. Its colors are sober. Here, we can say that the design is at a disadvantage compared to the practical aspect of the seat.

Moving seat vs stationary seat

This is undoubtedly the most striking difference between the gaming chair and the ergonomic chair. If the gamer model is intended to maintain a still position, the ergonomic version on the contrary promotes mobility.

The ergonomic chair is light. Its dynamic configuration allows its user to move it with ease. This aspect of the ergonomic seat therefore helps to avoid standing in a static position for too long.

For its part, the gaming chair weighs more, which reinforces its objective of maintaining a still, but comfortable pose. It is for this reason that all its components have been carefully designed, in order to keep the user in a stable position, with maximum comfort. And this, without experiencing any pain whatsoever. With its reclining backrest, the constraint of sitting for a long time does not cause any problems.

So what should you choose: the ergonomic chair or the gaming chair?

If you have to purchase an armchair, your choice will essentially be determined by the use you will dedicate to it. It will also depend on the space you have available for its installation. The tips below will help you select the seat that best meets your needs.

In which case is it better to opt for the ergonomic chair?

First of all, if you excel in teleworking, you are recommended to opt for an ergonomic chair. This type of chair is light. This will allow you to move easily from one area of ​​your workspace to another. In addition, thanks to these breathable materials, your body temperature will be regulated.

A gaming chair is not suitable for teleworking. And for good reason, this equipment has been specially designed to provide unparalleled comfort for hours. If you work while sitting in this chair, you risk falling asleep, you are so comfortable.

You are a student ? Choose an ergonomic chair when studying at home. If you have to sit still reading and writing, the comfort of the gaming chair will not suit you. The ergonomic seat will better suit your activity. With its functional style and height adjustment, you can adapt it to your study space.

Under what circumstances should a gaming chair be preferred?

The use of the gaming chair is perfect if you want to devote yourself to leisure activities. If you are passionate about video games, this is the ideal seat to comfortably indulge in your hobby. This type of chair is also the best alternative if you need a cozy chair to watch a film or series while seated.

Basically, for entertainment opt ​​for the gaming chair and for work or study, turn to the ergonomic chair. In any case, these two seats are virtually identical, apart from a few details. The choice will primarily depend on the use of the chair.

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