Which ergonomic chair to choose?

Quelle chaise ergonomique choisir ?

Many people, given the work they do, are required to sit behind a desk for many hours every day. And this, whether at work or at home. Unfortunately, the majority of them purchase uncomfortable equipment that is likely to cause back problems.

To avoid back pain, it is essential to have quality furniture. In this context, we will especially talk about the chair used to sit behind the desk. There are different models. The ergonomic office chair is undoubtedly one of the models to favor if you have to sit for hours on end.

Various questions then arise. So what is so special about this seat? What type of ergonomic chair should you choose to benefit from optimal comfort when you have to sit for hours and hours? Through this article, we will try to help you find the answers to all these questions.

Ergonomic office chair: what exactly is it?

A chair is said to be ergonomic when it allows you to sit in optimal comfort. Moreover, according to the definition of ergonomics, the ergonomic chair aims to improve a person's working conditions. It is therefore suitable for people carrying out work in a seated position at the back of a desk.

It has different coverings and materials, such as metal, leather, wood, fabric or plastic. One of the characteristics that distinguishes this type of office chair from other seats is that it must offer excellent stability and maximum comfort. It must also be solid and adapt perfectly to the shape of its user, regardless of their size or weight.

The office chair is available in several versions. Some include options to optimize their comfort of use:

  • Height adjustment;
  • Armrests;
  • Casters;
  • Padding;
  • Tilt in several positions…

To find the ideal model, certain criteria must be taken into consideration. Please also note that the ergonomic chair is available in distinct models, which should mainly be selected according to your needs.

What is the point of having an ergonomic chair, rather than another type of seat?

An ergonomic chair is supposed to allow you to sit comfortably. Its first function therefore consists of providing a comfortable seat, corresponding to the morphology of its user. By opting for this type of seat, you will be able to adopt the best posture. This will allow you to work for long hours while sitting. And this, without experiencing neck or back pain, caused by the discomfort of your chair.

Depending on the model of ergonomic chair chosen: adjustable, swivel or standard, you can benefit from multiple functionalities. In any case, if you have to spend hours in a seated posture, nothing beats the comfort provided by an ergonomic office chair.

As you will have understood, a person who works often seated has every interest in purchasing this model of chair. You might need it to carry out administrative matters, to play a video game or to practice a profession requiring you to sit down all the time, such as sewing, working on a PC... Whatever your needs, it It is fundamental for your body, and especially your back, to enjoy a comfortable seat.

If you are predisposed to neck or back pain, you will look for a seat that can offer excellent lumbar and neck support. If you also work in an office and have to move around regularly, choose a chair with casters that swivels.

The ergonomic chair: the different variations seen on the market

As has already been mentioned above, the ergonomic chair exists in several versions, which you will choose based on certain criteria. Here are some models that you can get.

The “classic” ergonomic chair

The classic ergonomic chair is, so to speak, the basic model of the ergonomic seat. Like any ergonomic chair, it ensures great comfort and features lines that adapt to the shape and morphology of its user.

It is equipped with several accessories: footrest, armrests, headrest, which can help the user adopt the appropriate posture and protect themselves from neck and back pain. Before selecting this model, remember to check if it is consistent with your weight and the space you have at home. In short, it is important that the chair adapts to your environment and your profile.

The ergonomic chair for gamers

If you are a fan of video games, this ergonomic chair model is made for you. The ergonomic gamer seat is distinguished by its padding, as well as the comfort it offers. Thanks to all this, it helps protect the back, legs and elbows.

The ergonomic gaming chair also includes adjustment and tilt options. Which maximizes player comfort. However, it should be noted that this model of ergonomic chair is particularly bulky.

The ergonomic chair with casters

Thanks to its casters, the ergonomic chair equipped with casters ensures more mobility. It therefore allows you to move easily from one point to another in your office. If you have to work behind a large desk, this type of chair will suit you perfectly.

The ergonomic chair on casters will be your best work ally. If you carry out a lot of administrative work, if you have to take care of the telephone switchboard and if you need easy access to office storage compartments, with the chair on casters, everything will be within reach.

The ergonomic chair with synchronous setting device

With the device it contains, this ergonomic chair benefits from simultaneous adjustment of the seat and backrest. In this way, you will be able to move and make movements that respect your body shape.

When choosing this model, it is recommended that you check the height of your desk top. You should ensure that your feet touch the ground when you sit down and that your knees do not hit the desk. Which in the long run could hurt you a lot and cause chronic pain.

The office chair with asynchronous adjustment system

For this type of ergonomic chair, unlike the model with a synchronous adjustment mechanism, the adjustment is carried out separately. Thus, the seat can tilt independently. The same goes for the inclination of the backrest. You will make the necessary adjustments based on your body shape and needs.

But you must not forget that to protect your back, it is always best to stay in a sufficiently upright position. If you overuse the backrest recline, it could cost your back quite a lot. Think about it!

As you may have understood, the models of ergonomic chairs are numerous and varied. It's up to you to choose the one that best meets your expectations. However, do not take this choice lightly. In order to purchase the ideal seat for you, take into account certain criteria.

Criteria for selecting an ergonomic chair

When you are considering purchasing an ergonomic chair, whether it is a gaming chair or of an office chair, you need to think about the subject and study various parameters, in order to choose the best model. Here are some criteria to consider.

The design of the seat

The overall design of the ergonomic chair and its constituent elements is among the points to take into consideration. An ergonomic chair can have different styles, which you will select according to your preferences, but also by referring to your interior decor.

A well-chosen design will allow you to perfect the decor in your home. The design can also be an element in determining the quality of the seat. So, under no circumstances neglect this criterion. Avant-garde style seat, classic or trendy seat, it's up to you to see which one suits your interior best.

Dimensions of the ergonomic chair

The larger the ergonomic chair, the better its comfort. Indeed, when the ergonomic seat offers a large space to the user, this allows it to better correspond to the morphology and shapes of the latter.

As a general rule, the dimensions of this type of seat are defined according to the space that most body types need to feel comfortable in the seated position. This therefore means that it is better to bet on a wide model.

The solidity and resistance of the equipment

An ergonomic chair must be robust, from its basic structure to the smallest details that make it up. The design materials used must be strong enough to guarantee secure and comfortable seating for the user.

Usually, this chair has several materials. The frame is most often made of metal to ensure the seat has significant durability. The casters and armrests are sometimes made of plastic. This allows them to be more flexible, given their function.

The chair cover

Here is another significant criterion. And for good reason, the quality of the covering also determines the longevity of the seat. Once again, this quality depends on the construction material used: real leather, synthetic leather, fabric, mesh... However, we must not forget that in addition to the covering, adequate padding is required to enjoy optimal comfort.

The load capacity of the ergonomic seat

Load capacity is also one of the points to check before purchasing an ergonomic chair. By knowing this parameter, you will be able to know what is the maximum weight supported by the seat. If several people use the chair, consider considering the heaviest weight of the users.

The price range

Just as there are several models of ergonomic chairs, the price of this item can vary greatly. This depends on a certain number of points, such as the quality of the seat components, the functionalities it incorporates, the accessories it is equipped with, etc.

All in all, before purchasing this or that model of ergonomic chair, you are strongly advised to inform yourself about all the elements previously mentioned. This will help you choose the ideal product for you. By getting the right chair, you will enjoy it for as long as possible. You will then have made a long-term investment.

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