How to choose an electric office? The points to check before buying!

Comment choisir un bureau électrique ? Les points à vérifier avant d’acheter !

Have you ever heard of the electric desk? Particularly ergonomic and practical, the electric desk is winning over more and more consumers. And this is perfectly normal! An excellent alternative to the traditional desk, this piece of furniture offers multiple advantages.

Also called an electric sit-stand desk or a motorized desk, the electric desk is beneficial to your health. Indeed, it allows for example to relieve lumbar pain and cervical pain. Plus, it can boost morale and helps energize the body.

For this reason, the choice of this equipment should in no way be taken lightly. Especially since it comes in several models. Before getting the electric desk, you are recommended to check a few important points. You will be able to discover all this in the following lines.

So what is an electric desk?

A motorized desk is a desk on which you have the possibility of adjusting the height of the top. This, thanks to an electric motor that allows the user to manipulate the legs of the desk, so that the worktop can be lowered or, on the contrary, raised. This makes it easier for the user to move from a seated to a standing pose. Hence the name of the furniture: sit-stand desk.

Designed in the 1970s in Scandinavia, the electric desk, like all height-adjustable workspaces, has enjoyed a certain popularity, especially in recent years. This is due in particular to the growing number of people deciding to work from home and those who choose jobs requiring the use of a computer.

The height-adjustable desk makes it easy to go from a seated to a standing position. It then helps to guard against " musculoskeletal disorders ", such as cramps, low back pain, abdominal compression or back pain.

Thus, the user can configure the height of the desk according to his needs and inclinations. And this allows him to work better, to be more concentrated and therefore to be more productive. Notice to video game enthusiasts: some models of bureau gamer embed this option.

The Importance and Benefits of Using an Electric Desk

There are many benefits of owning and using a motorized desk. After reading these, you will probably make the decision to get an electric sit-stand desk.

The motorized desk, an excellent health ally

First, this type of office can help soothe, and even prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs. These problems represent the main cause of most work stoppages in France. In fact, 87% of work stoppages are related to MSDs. This percentage tends to increase every year by 15 to 20%.

Everyone knows that the practice of a sporting activity is essential to health. However, maintaining a seated position for several hours is not beneficial. When you work in front of a desk, the muscles get exhausted. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height of the desk, you can stand sometimes standing and sometimes sitting. This will prevent you from fatigue problems and help you fight sedentary lifestyle.

Standing up from time to time contributes to better blood circulation in the body. At the same time, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders. To preserve your health, it is therefore in your best interest to work on an electric desk.

The sit-stand desk: equipment suitable for all

Being adjustable in height, the electric desk can adapt to all morphologies and all sizes. If you are tall, if you sit in front of a desk that is too small for you, it will force you to bend your back all the time.

With the motorized desk, on which you can raise the height, you can remedy this problem. Also, this desk model is suitable for people with reduced mobility. And for good reason, with this desk, they can configure the desk height according to their needs.

The electric desk: to be more productive

When you work, if you regularly move from sitting to standing, it will improve your productivity. Changing poses has been shown to boost the brain. This allows you to be more efficient. So you will work faster.

Focus after lunch can be difficult to achieve as the digestion process begins. With the sit-stand desk, you can get into a standing position. Which will be more beneficial and help you stay wide awake.

Things to check before buying a motorized desk

Before acquiring an electric desk, you will have to take into account a certain number of criteria in order to make the best choice. Among other things, you will need to check the format of the desk and its dimensions, its design quality, the type of motorization and several other parameters. Discover all this in more detail.

Adjusting the height of motorized furniture

The height adjustment of the desk is the main criterion to consider when selecting such equipment. First, check which height range can be adjusted. On some models, the adjustment can start at 66 cm or 75 cm. Regarding the maximum heights, they can also be higher or lower. You must first base yourself on your needs, but also, and above all, on your morphology and your size.

On the other hand, do not neglect the desktop control mode. Ideally, for an electric office, bet on a model equipped with a digital control panel. Thanks to this element, you can more easily choose the desired height. Even better, it will allow you to save your preferences.

What dimensions and format for your electric desk?

The dimensions of the sit-stand desk, in this case those of the top, can vary according to your needs. This can change depending on the size of your computer, the peripherals you use, and any utility accessories you need. Also consider determining how much space you have in the room where the desk is located.

According to all these criteria, you will turn to an electric desk whose dimensions are more or less large. As for the format of the desk, there are all kinds: straight motorized desk, with drawers, angled, with rounded edges, extendable, curved... The choice of format will mainly depend on your tastes.

Single or double motor electric desk?

It goes without saying that a desk with two motors will perform better. However, this will depend on the size of the desk, but also on the adjustment speed of the motor. Of course, the larger the desk, the more power it will need to raise or lower the height of the top.

If you have opted for an electric desk with a length of 1.20 m and a width of 80 cm, a single motor will already be able to maneuver the device. If you buy a large desk, it will therefore be preferable to favor a desk equipped with a double motor.

The build quality of the desk and its solidity

If you want a durable desk, whether it's a bureau gaming or a work desk, prefer a top-of-the-range model, designed in a robust and resistant material. To know the build quality of the electric desk, you can refer to some points.

If the base is short and thin or if its base is reduced, it is quite possible that the desk is unstable. To avoid unpleasant surprises, buy a desk equipped with thick and rather long legs. This will guarantee you better working comfort and easier handling of your desk.

In addition, do not forget to find out about the maximum weight that the desk is able to support. This will help you know if a desk is sturdy or not. If the maximum load it supports is low, it may mean that the desk is fragile.

The practical side of the electric desk: storage, comfort...

When you buy a motorized desk, you have to think about the practical aspect of it. On a desk, it is customary to have several storage compartments. This will allow you to leave nothing lying around and enjoy a well-organized workspace. For this, you can choose an electric desk that includes one or more drawers.

In this regard, it is not the models that are lacking. On some desks, you may have dedicated storage, for example a compartment for your files and documents, another for your work or play accessories and so on.

Also, if you use an electric desk, it is certain that you must have at least a laptop or desktop computer. You may also have two screens. By adding the various peripherals, to name only the keyboard, the mouse, the speakers or the printer, your desk will undoubtedly be invaded by many wires and cables.

And this is especially not aesthetic. You are therefore advised not to neglect the practical side of the office, and in this specific case to check the ease of "cable management". On some models of sit-stand desks, you will find a cable hole, located in one corner of the table top. Other models have a bottom chute. Do not omit this detail, because the wires quickly become cumbersome when you leave them lying around.

What about the design of the electric desk?

The design is probably a subjective criterion. However, you should consider this when choosing an electric sit-stand desk. Selecting the right design will help you perform better.layout of your office and to match the decoration of your interior.

In this context, you will study several points, starting with the material of manufacture of the desk. You can find them in plastic, wood or steel. If you want to create an industrial atmosphere in your home, opt for a steel desk. Do you have a penchant for rustic decor? Go for a wooden motorized desk. If you have a preference for modern interiors, a plastic desk could do the trick and blend in with your decor.

In terms of design, you will also have to take into consideration the colors of the desk top, those of the base. Design also involves leaning towards a specific style of desk: curved, straight, angled… Basically, it depends on your design predispositions.

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