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The Aerone gaming accessories and setup range

La gamme accessoires et setup gaming Aerone

Whether you are professional, gamer or simply looking for comfort and performance, it is essential tohave a complete setup . Indeed, having a complete and quality gaming setup will allow you to geek or work in comfort for long hours without feeling any bodily pain.

Working or living from your passion does not exclude taking care of your health . This is why at Aerone we have selected quality components in order to offer you gaming setups that meet your expectations: gaming chairs, gaming tables, gaming glasses, gaming accessories, etc.
Here is a dive into the passionate and exciting world of Aerone so that you can find equipment for your games!


1 – A complete Aerone universe to associate with its gaming equipment

Aerone's desire is to offer everyone the possibility of equipping themselves in the best possible way with quality equipment at affordable prices . Transparent about our quality materials, attentive to your needs and passionate about our profession, here are the accessories that will make your gamer setup a top-of-the-range, effective and efficient setup . Indeed, you will find different types of gaming chairs for your greatest comfort as well as a wide choice of gaming desks for your daily support.

A - Inexpensive gaming accessories designed for gamers

With different ranges of gaming setup accessories designed for your comfort and performance, you can match your gaming setup with high-end and inexpensive equipment. Indeed, equip yourself with accessories such as gaming glasses to protect your eyes, the gamer chair mat to avoid damaging your floor and your chair from slipping, a mouse mat to preserve and prevent your movements , etc. is important especially if you spend hours in front of your screen.

B – Quality materials

Finding quality materials at affordable prices is possible thanks to the Aerone ranges for gamer setup . Whether it's our gaming chairs, our gaming desks, our anti-blue light glasses, our mouse or chair mats, we have chosen each material and component with your comfort and satisfaction as our sole leitmotif . Indeed, we are transparent about the composition of our products and have selected quality components to ensure the durability of each product that could make up your gaming setup.


2 - A uniform office decoration with Aerone gaming accessories

For a competitive gamer setup , discover many gaming setup accessories and decorations that will make your "gaming cocoon" a place where you will feel good with maximum comfort and ergonomics .

A – Aerone gaming chair for a comfortable installation

Are you looking for a gaming chair for moments of comfort, aesthetic design and unparalleled durability? The Aerone gaming chair ranges allow you to be comfortable for your long gaming or work sessions. Indeed, with different types of materials, foams, accessories, dimensions, armrests , etc. you can choose the comfort and the chair you need by adapting your chair to your needs. In short, optimal and lasting comfort is yours!

B - Floor Mat for Gaming Seat to complete your Aerone gaming setup

A powerful and complete setup, it is a quality gaming chair but also a gamer floor mat to protect your floor from wear and dirt, for sound insulation when moving your chair, to rest your feet but also to have stability on your chair. Indeed, at Aerone we have thought of everything! You will find gamer floor mats of all kinds to match it to your gaming setup and your interior decoration.

C - Gaming table specially adapted for gamers

After choosing your gaming chair and its associated floor mat, it is important to look into the question of the gaming desk . Indeed, many models exist on the market to meet your needs in terms of support, stability and ergonomics . Aerone gaming tables are designed as much for passionate gamers as for workers who need optimal comfort , especially for days of teleworking. Make sure to choose a suitable and reinforced gaming table for the durability of your equipment. Discover our gaming tables which are equipped with high-end finishes with gaming accessories such as integrated USB sockets, non-slip surfaces or glass holders or helmet holders.

D - Aerone XXL Mouse Pad for unlimited glide

The mouse pad as a real gaming accessory is an equipment not to be overlooked. Indeed, it will improve your performance and your comfort. You will find all kinds on the market, but we advise you to opt for an XXL mouse pad because, by its large size, the latter will offer you greater capacity and freedom of movement with your mouse.

E - Aerone Gamer Glasses to prevent eye fatigue

In order to refine your perfect setup , all you need to do is choose one last important piece of equipment for your concentration: gaming glasses . Indeed, having blue light blocking glasses will allow you to preserve your health and your sight while increasing your concentration. You will therefore be much less tired after many hours in front of your screen and your sleep will be even better. So opt for gaming glasses and gain in responsiveness and performance while protecting your health.

There you go, you are now fully equipped with gaming accessories so that your setup is adapted and ergonomic. From now on you can count on your quality setup for long work or gaming sessions in order to gain in performance, responsiveness, comfort and with health protected in all respects. Up to you !

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