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5 Tips for working comfortably on a laptop


You who spend more and more time in front of your laptop screen to work , you need an installation worthy of the name in order to avoid all the imponderables that result from it (back pain, eye strain, body tension, impacted sleep, etc.) and thus protect your physical and mental health . Team Aerone has therefore looked into the subject in order to offer you 5 tips for working on a laptop in a comfortable and efficient way.


1 - The laptop increasingly popular for work

More and more people prefer to work on a laptop than on a desktop PC , as was the case for the majority a few months ago. Indeed, working on a laptop brings you many advantages, in particular equivalent power for easy transport . In other words, a real alliance between mobile work and ergonomics .

a - The portable PC powerful enough to replace a fixed PC

With the arrival of new ways of living and working in a pandemic world that demands efficient mobility and availability, portable computers for work have become the new darlings of any professional wanting mobility, efficiency and flexibility in their work. work. No longer just personal tools, they have become real professional allies, thus gradually replacing fixed PCs (about 20% of employees are equipped with a laptop PC for work) .

b - Ease of transport combined with teleworking

Working on a laptop also allows you to have access wherever you are and wherever you want to all your company's data in order to work as soon as you need it. Indeed, you take your business with you everywhere to have a better organization in your work by juggling between personal life and professional life.

But this tendency to use the laptop to work through it. Indeed, even if it allows better productivity, it is sometimes a source of bodily ailments , discomfort, etc. that affect your mental and physical health. Here are our tips and tricks on the right reflexes to adopt to work on a laptop while protecting your health.


2 - How to avoid back pain with a laptop?

When you opt for a laptop to work, it is important to preserve your health because intense and daily use of the latter can impact your health. Here are our 5 tips for working on a laptop in a comfortable and healthy way for you and your health.

a - Have a real work desk

In order to work on a laptop in a healthy way, we advise you to have a real work desk in order to have enough space during your sessions in front of the computer. Indeed, this will allow you to find an ergonomic posture as if you were at the office. We therefore advise you to avoid working on your sofa with the PC on your knees and to favor a table as a work desk in order to have a comfortable position: the goal being to be able to put your arms lengthwise so that your posture is good .

b - Buy a booster or laptop stand

Tip number 2: buy a booster seat or a laptop support to work in order to be at the right height and have a good position at the level of your neck and your eyes . Either you buy directly a suitable riser for your laptop or a dedicated laptop stand or you do it yourself. If you want to build it yourself, nothing could be simpler: Take a wooden box or any type of high box or crate, put your laptop on it and you're done. Doing this will allow you to avoid all kinds of tension in the neck and back .

c - A mouse and a mouse pad for better productivity

In order to increase productivity, here is our third tip for working on a laptop comfortably: opt for a mouse and a mouse pad . Indeed, the choice of your mouse and your mouse pad must be based on your needs (time spent working on a laptop, need in terms of speed of movement or flexibility of movement, workspace, etc.). We advise you, however, to choose a mouse that is independent , namely wireless, and preferably equipped with a wheel allowing better control of your gestures and speed of execution. Regarding the mouse pad, you have to choose your favorite according to your space, the design, your need, etc.

d - A comfortable gaming chair to no longer have back pain

In order to avoid all tension and back pain, it is imperative to opt for a comfortable gaming chair . Do not make the mistake of the living room or dining room chair, which will not be ergonomic and comfortable for work sessions on a laptop. Many gaming chairs exist on the market , so you will find one adapted to your budget, your needs, your taste and your place. Before purchasing your gaming chair, please make sure of its quality in terms of equipment: armrests , type of directions, materials, cushions supplied with it, possible inclinations, etc.

e - An ergonomic keyboard with numeric keypad

Here's our final tip: buy an ergonomic keyboard with numeric keypad . Since you'll be raising your laptop with a stand, you'll need a separate keyboard . We advise you to opt for this accessory, directly connectable by USB or even Bluetooth in order to arrange your space in the best possible way. Don't forget that a good keyboard will make you gain in performance and therefore in time and will also allow you to relieve your handles, your elbows and your fingers by minimizing the tensions of the latter.



The flexibility of working on a laptop yes, but at what cost? Not at the cost of your health.

So please take these tips into consideration in order to work efficiently, efficiently, comfortably and ergonomically. Many other tips exist to optimize your workspace, such as: taking care of the light in the room where you work, equipping yourself with comfortable accessories (cushions, footrests, gaming glasses), always adapting a good posture, regular breaks, etc. In short, as you will have understood, an ergonomic posture andquality accessories are required to work on a laptop efficiently.

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