8 essential gaming accessories for PC gamers

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Players know it well, it's not just peripherals and accessories that are just as important as the components of your PC. Whether you're a casual gamer or an avid gamer, gear can make all the difference. Discover without further delay, the essential accessories to complete your gamer configuration perfectly .


Whether for comfort or in-game performance, gamers have very specific needs. Having a PC tower with the most efficient components on the market is not enough. It is equally important to be comfortable in the way you play.

This is why it is useful to invest in quality accessories, especially when you have to spend long hours in front of your PC to play video games. Over the years, gaming hardware has become a market in its own right in the computer world.

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A good screen is essential if you organize long sessions of video games. It is important to have a screen size large enough for the comfort of the eyes but not only.

PC players take into account the quality of the panel. Good responsiveness on a TN screen avoids the delay in displaying FPS (frames per second). If gamers swore only by LCD panels with TN display technology a few years ago, this is no longer so true in 2022. Indeed, this technology offers viewing angles and brightness lower than other slabs.

IPS screens , for example, have since come a long way to achieve a refresh rate and responsiveness almost as good. But the IPS offers much higher viewing angles as well as more vibrant colors.

Now comes the case of OLED technology , which is however reserved for the most high-end screens. Completely different in its operation compared to the LCD screen, the OLED after having first broken through on smartphones and television models is attacking the PC gamer market in 2022. OLED screens have all the qualities you could want from an excellent gaming screen. Namely, a perfect contrast ratio, deep blacks and bright colors as well as the best responsiveness (0.1 ms). If you have the means, it is now towards this kind of screen that you must turn.


Often overlooked, a good seat is nevertheless necessary when playing video games. A comfortable chair is therefore an essential gamer accessory for playing. In order to be both comfortably seated and well maintained, you will quickly forget the muscle fatigue of prolonged bad posture with a gaming chair.

Beyond its look, a good gaming chair must be adapted to your height. Remember to consult our blog to find the ideal gaming chair to play comfortably for hours.

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The mouse is the device we have in hand all day. This is why it is essential to choose the best mouse that will bring you precision but also comfort in game .

There are some for all budgets whether you want a wireless mouse or a gaming mouse. Brands like Logitech, Razer or Corsair offer the best gaming mice.


Even if you no longer use a ball mouse, it is much more comfortable to use your mouse with a carpet. The comfort and precision in play will absolutely make all the difference. Especially if you are an FPS player or adapt MOBA games .

The current fashion among gamers is to have an XXL mouse pad that allows you to have a gigantic playing surface. It is then impossible to get out of the mat in the middle of the game and thus be able to play at your ease, free of your movements.


The keyboard is to PC gamers what the controller is to console gamers. Precise control of your movements on the keyboard is essential to be the best in the game!

Most PC gamers opt for mechanical keyboards that provide more responsiveness and solidity. If this accessory has a cost, it will be very profitable in the long term because this kind of keyboard is almost indestructible. Mechanical keyboards for gamers are designed to withstand multiple key presses.

It is possible to find it in a wireless version, even if the interest is less interesting because your keyboard is not necessarily required to move from its location.

Even being a PC gamer, it can be useful in addition to the keyboard, to have a good joystick. Indeed, some video games are more suitable for joystick play.

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Blue light blocking glasses are not for correcting vision problems. They allow by filtering the blue light of the screens to avoid fatigue if you spend long hours on a video game for example.

This is one of the best essential gaming accessories if you often have headaches. You will then be able to keep a better concentration in front of your screen and fully enjoy the experience.


Whether wireless or with a microphone, headphones make it much easier to immerse yourself in a video game. With headphones on, you can hear and feel the different noises better than on speakers. Because yes, beyond the music, the sound environment transcribed in a helmet is just as immersive in game .

But playing on a computer also means being able to enjoy the multiplayer game. With a gaming headset , it will then be possible to communicate easily between gamers. If this is more user-friendly, it is also a way to better coordinate its actions with its gaming partners.

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To perfectly complete your gamer setup , the gamer desk can be essential if you want to organize your accessories well. A gaming desk allows you to hide the cables, easily store your equipment, and easily support the various peripherals of a gaming PC.

The gaming desk is what makes up your gaming environment . With the latter, it is possible to adapt it in height in order to have the best position or to have, for example, a cup holder and a joystick holder.

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