Oculus quest 2: One step closer to the metaverse


Your future life is just waiting for you. Yes, the Oculus Quest 2 headset takes another step towards the metaverse with the possibility of calling in VR via Messenger, an augmented mixed reality but also the possibility of having a virtual office.

With “Meta” increasing updates to its Virtual Reality (VR) branch , you can now enjoy even more immersion to be a real person in a virtual world .

We tell you a little more about these new improved features that will make your experience with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset a real life experience.


The best VR headset for Christmas?

Would Oculus Quest 2 be the best VR headset for Christmas ?

You tell us! Regarding our opinion, it is true that the Oculus Quest 2 makes the difference in the VR headset market .

Indeed, offering ergonomic and technical improvements , this VR headset offers you the most impressive immersion and therefore stands out as the most autonomous virtual reality headset.

Meta (Facebook) offers more immersion

“Meta”, a new version of Facebook, offers you even more immersion thanks to virtual reality .

Meta hits hard, very hard with its new features and updates allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a virtual world , whether it is to make calls, to work, to exchange, to discover new places or even to play with your friends, and this without being there physically!


The v35 update that changes everything

Making virtual scenery a reality, here's what the v35 update will change!

Indeed, the v35 update brings you many new features including Messenger exchanges in virtual reality , multi -account but also the mixed reality of your experiences in VR via a mixed reality camera deployed from the application.

This will allow your games through your headsets as well as the content on your device to be merged.

Note that a new function is coming: The live Overlay , which will make you exist in a decor and an atmosphere, it, virtual.

The importance of your smartphone therefore makes sense because this privilege will only be given to holders of iPhone XS or higher with iOS 11 minimum.

Capturing mixed reality on smartphone

The v35 update will also enable mixed reality capture via your smartphone, without any green screen.

Indeed, before you had to have a green background for integration into a VR place in the middle of a game session, but Oculus now makes sure that you can do it without.

Real progress, you can go into the staging of your favorite game by just putting your smartphone in one place or by having yourself filmed .

As you have understood, this v35 update will allow you to watch, share and save videos of your VR game games .

Note that this option is possible on the Oculus application.


List of compatible games

The games compatible with the v35 update that lets you enjoy mixed reality capture via your smartphone are as follows (note that this list is not exhaustive):

  • Job Simulator
  • Superhot VR
  • Beat Saber
  • Pistol Whip
  • Richie's Plank Experience
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Synth Wrinkles
  • Vacation Simulator
  • Racket Fury
  • Gravity Sketch.

Voice calls in VR in Messenger

Messenger from "Meta" now offers you to make your voice calls in VR !

Messenger has never been so detached from Facebook with this new feature that lets you make your calls in VR through your Oculus.

Surprising but true to see what it is possible to do with Messenger: make calls and answer calls (audio or video) via your headset , even in the middle of a game!

It is enough that your correspondent also has a VR headset for you to meet him in a virtual environment, and this in VR.


Cloud backup finally available

From now on you can save your games and their settings directly in the Cloud .

Advantage ? Keep your data and be able to restore it if you want, for example, to do a reset.

With the arrival of multi-accounting for users , which we'll tell you about in the next paragraph, backing up your data in the cloud takes on greater importance.

Multi-account with Oculus Quest 2 headset

Let's go for multi-account accessibility with the Oculus Quest 2 headset !

Today in beta version, this multi-account feature on Oculus is now available so that you can register several accounts at the same time, and this in a single headset !

It's up to you to share the accounts in your Quest 2 headset with different settings specific to each game!


Virtual workspace

You will also benefit from a virtual workspace: the personalized Horizon Workrooms desktop !

As you understand, the Oculus Quest 2 headset brings us into a new dimension of life with an increasingly important and impactful shift to the Metaverse .

Indeed, many workers will now be able to work in virtual offices that sometimes seem at the limit of reality !

The Horizon Workrooms workspace has been designed as a real coworking place where you will be both individually and as a team since you can customize everything (decor, environment, decoration, company logo, etc.).

Multitasking 2D application

In your Horizon Workrooms virtual workspace, you will have the opportunity to see 2D panels arrive that will keep you in a world of virtuality but using applications used in the real world .

Many applications, especially social networks, will therefore be part of it!


The Metaverse on the way

With these new more than technical features, we see our world switch to the Metaverse !

It is time for you to have the possibility of being present in an augmented reality via virtual reality with other individuals.

So are we building a whole new way of living, meeting, sharing, exchanging and working via the Metaverse that allows you to do everything without leaving your home?

Let imagination free in the future which will give us the answer very quickly.

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