The increasing number of French players


2021 has benefited gaming! Indeed, the video game brings together, unites and unites many players in France and around the world!

We are going, with regard to this article, to devote ourselves to the gaming figures in France , namely the acceleration of the practice of video games in France.

As you will have understood, the trend is therefore on the rise in terms of the practice of gaming by the French this year and here are some of their motivations :

  • practice of the game alone or with family
  • search for social ties and interaction, especially during a pandemic, etc.

Here is what you need to know about the French and gaming in 2021!


60% of French people play at least once a week

In France, the trend is on the rise! Indeed, 60% of French people (aged 10 and over) confirmed playing video games on a regular basis in 2021 and 73% of French people say they play occasionally, i.e. around 38 million people.

Yes, there have never been as many French players as today because 6 out of 10 French people play at least once a week !

Regarding the typical profiles of players, studies show that 53% of players are men and 47% are women , in an average age group of 38 years .

It should also be noted that the smartphone is the most used medium for gaming (51%), ahead of the home console (49%).


Not just a 2020 containment effect

The French are passionate about video games , and not just because of confinement according to studies by the publishers' union.

After seeing an increase in the number of French players in 2020 , we could think that the confinement effect was indeed present. But no, 2021 confirms this upward trend in the number of players in France.

The number of French people who play video games at least one hour a week has increased by 6 points from 2020 to 2021, which is a lot!

But why ? Because playing has a positive impact on the lives of gamers . Indeed, there is a pleasant entertainment , a social aspect of the practice of the game, a pleasure (escape, challenge, motivation, conviviality, sharing, etc.). In addition, the video game helps not to feel bored, to channel stress and therefore to be happier . What good news !

A constantly growing trend

We note that in 2020, according to various studies carried out, that 52% of French people attest to playing at least once a week , compared to 58% in 2021 when we are no longer confined.

Rather pleasant to see that video games have become well democratized and now contribute to the well-being of the French population .


Mobile games contribute to democratization

As figures and studies show, the democratization of video games is due to the possibility of playing on smartphones .

Indeed, this allows even more French people to play where they want and when they want . It would also seem that it has lowered the prices of video games and made them even more popular.

Card games, board and puzzle in mind

After seeing that the most used medium by the French to play is the smartphone , we looked at the most popular games in this year 2021.

The following types of games emerge: card games, board games and puzzles.

Moreover, the most coveted video games are shooters and FPS without hesitation.


Towards more multiplayer games

Several trends emerge from the way the French play. Indeed, since 2020, and more and more, the French are playing online or video games to increase their social ties and therefore discuss, share, meet and have fun with others.

Indeed, whether they are friends, family or even complete strangers, everything is good for playing and sharing fun and friendly moments around a good game.

The social dimension of video games

With more than 61% of players confirming that video games allow them to create social ties , we can say that games bring people together and create ties.

True sharing and exchange of passion or entertainment, the video game, whether solo or multi-player, allows you to play with anyone, anytime and why not anywhere.

Moreover, we note, according to certain market studies that with the game, 33% of people develop a feeling of belonging and therefore feel much better in their skin as in their life.


More and more parents: e-parents

With 7 out of 10 parents who believe they are watching their children when they are in front of the screens , we can see how parents view their children's practices.

Today , many tools and settings exist to reassure parents about the time and practices of their children in front of screens and thus supervise them in the best possible way.

Everything is configurable so everything is controllable (purchase of games, playing time, etc.). This is what we nowadays call e-parenting: the game becomes a family affair and is transformed into a responsible practice.

The figures known to date about e-parenting are as follows:

  • 48% of parents believe they know , use and master parental control systems in 2021, compared to only 37% in 2020 and 32% in 2019
  • 70% of parents say they control and restrict their children's play (choice of game, for example).
  • 77% of parents say they play with their children in order to share moments of exchange and conviviality

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