What is the best pc controller?


To choose the PC controller you need, there are plenty of characteristics to take into account such as ergonomics, configuration, precision, manufacturing quality or even responsiveness .

Not always easy to find the right controller among the number of existing models on the market.

Do not panic, we have looked into the subject for you, in order to guide you as to the choice of your future PC controller.


Why prefer a pc gamepad to the mouse?

The PC controller , or gamepad , is an important peripheral for PC gaming because of its versatility.

Indeed, the mouse, much less practical, can often waste time and dexterity in the game, except on certain first-person shooters (FPS) as well as certain strategy games.

However, we advise you to opt for a PC controller if you play adventure games (GTA or Assassins'creed for example), action, arcade racing or platform games .

Indeed, gamepads will allow you better game performance on, for example, fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken but also football games such as PES or Fifa.


How to choose your pc controller?

To choose the right PC controller, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Advanced and customizable controller or simple and compact controller?
  • Wired or wireless controller?
  • Controller that requires an input to connect a headset or not?
  • Imposing controller that stays in place or light controller?
  • What budget?
  • A brand of preference?

In short, once you have answered all these questions, you will already be a little more informed about the type of PC controller you need.

We explain the characteristics to also take into account in order to find "controller in your hands".

Bluetooth or wired gamepad?

Some time ago, Bluetooth PC controllers were subject to many criticisms due to potential latency, but today technology makes it possible to no longer have to ask these kinds of questions.

Choosing a Bluetooth or wired gamepad therefore results today from your simple will and use of your PC controller.

Indeed, it is up to you to see your preferences as well as the practicality you wish to have. Note, all the same, that the good wired PC controller will never fail you.

Precision and responsiveness

Important characteristics for choosing your future gamepad: its precision and responsiveness .

Indeed, analog sticks and directional crosses must be flexible, pleasant to use and very precise.

Regarding the responsiveness of the controls of your future gamepad, make sure that they are reactive and precise, especially if you play video games requiring reflexes and precision such as sports games or online competitive games.

Joypad ergonomics

For a Joypad that meets your expectations, you must pay attention to its ergonomics .

In other words, the ergonomics of the controller for a PC gamepad is a very important element for you to enjoy comfort of use in all circumstances.

Manufacturing quality

Finally, the last characteristic to take into account when selecting a PC controller: the manufacturing quality of the latter.

To fully examine this, please look at the finishes , namely the materials used as well as the placement of the controls in relation to the fingers of your hands.


Comparison of the best pc controllers

Now that you are a pro of the features to take into account for a high-performance PC controller that meets your needs, here is our comparison of the best PC controllers !

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Controller

The Xbox Series X/S Wireless PC Controller features a textured surface for better gaming comfort , has a modern D-Pad giving you better precision and also offers you a share button to record and stream all your content as you see fit.

Indeed, this new version of pad, more compact and therefore easy to use, allows you better ergonomics during your game sessions.

Advantages of the Xbox series X/S gamepad

  • Ease of use : plug in, play
  • Superior build quality
  • A reasonable and balanced choice
  • Compatible with all platforms

Microsoft Xbox Elite 2 Controller

The Xbox Elite series 2 PC controller is a Deluxe version. Indeed, this high-end version of the PC controller is one of the best game controllers in the world .

As proof: adjustable trigger stroke, interchangeable sticks with adjustable sensitivity, directional cross, 4 removable pedals under the middle and index fingers of your hands, etc. In short,

Advantages of the Xbox Elite 2 Gamepad

  • Better comfort : Outstanding comfort with adjustable pedals for your two hands allowing maximum comfort.
  • More precise settings for hardcore gamer
  • A non- removable battery to be recharged directly on the controller via a USB-C
  • Impressive 40 hour battery life
  • A fully configurable PC controller


8BitDo SN30 Pro Controller

Go for a truly old-school look with the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro PC controller as well as superior build quality.

Indeed, integrating analog stick, USB-C and vibration technologies, this gamepad is compatible with smartphone and Nintendo Switch.

Benefits of 8BitDo gamepad

  • A trendy retro look
  • Compatible with PC, Android, Nintendo Switch
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent value for money

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