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Gaming Desk Zero XL

  • The Zero XL gaming desk is a large gaming variant of a classic desk.
    With more features designed for gamers and artists , it's an ideal alternative for those who do long sessions in front of their computer and like to keep their desks in order.

    Discover all the advantages of the Zero XL gaming desk and take advantage of its gaming ergonomics to be more comfortable when you are at your desk for a long time.

    Ideal not only for gamers, its ergonomic dirt-repellent surface is also very practical for streamers, graphic designers, and anyone who works from home. Its length of 146 cm is perfect for a multi-screen setup.

    Find the Aerone Zero desktop test (in small version) at lecafedugeek and on Gamewave .


The base of the table is Z-shaped, made of reinforced metal. Original and stable, the base is internally reinforced to guarantee the solidity of the desk.

reinforced table

The table is designed on a reinforced structure covered with carbon fiber. The surface is easy to clean, pleasant to touch and ideal for detecting your mouse.

Multicolor lighting system

The Zero gaming desk is equipped with multicolored LEDs whose colors you can choose. Pleasant lighting that brings out the carbon of the table. The LEDs can also be turned off if you prefer sobriety.

giant mouse pad

A giant mouse pad is included with the table. Specially designed with the carbon table, this one does not skid

Helmet Holder and Glass Holder

A helmet holder and a drink holder are also supplied with the desk. Light and sturdy, these can be placed on the sides of the desk, so you don't take up extra space on it.

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