A PS5 Pro for 2023?


The following rumor runs: Sony is preparing a new pro version of its famous next-gen console PS5 , and this for the end of 2023 or 2024 at the latest.

Indeed, rumor launched by a known Youtuber, Moore's Law is Dead, and who would have sources close to this potential project. So info or intox?

While the PS5 was released barely a year ago, it is wise to ask the question of this brand new rumor about a possible future PS5 Pro which is already talking about it!

We have therefore looked into the subject in order to provide you with all the information relating to this new PS5 which will point the tip of its nose in several months.


The PS5 will celebrate its first year

It's been almost a year since the PS5 was released. Indeed, marketed since November 19, 2020 , the PS5 will in a few months celebrate its first anniversary.

But remember that due to a shortage of electronic components the PS5 is still as difficult to obtain.
Scattered and small stocks, the PS5 is desired by many people.

Note that this does not stop Sony, which seems to want to release a PS5 Pro from 2023-2024.


No official announcement from Sony

It is important to point out that at the moment these are only rumors as Sony has not yet made an official announcement regarding a potential new PS5 Pro.

So let's be patient before really being certain since the Japanese manufacturer will have to solve the shortage problems of its PS5 before claiming and announcing its new Pro console model.


A rumored release for 2023 or 2024

If tempted that a PS5 Pro sees the light of day, it would therefore be marketed in 2023-2024.

Indeed, a high-tech expert, named Tom N/A, says the following about Sony's future plans: "I'm pretty sure you'll have a PlayStation 5 Pro by 2024, most likely by end of 2023” .

In addition, this new model of PS5 Pro would be equipped with technology that is significantly superior to those of the previous versions of the brand.

In terms of price, it would take around $600-$700 for the PS5 Pro compared to €499 for the PS5 released on November 19, 2020. But as we told you, please take each of this information as an assumption and not as the truth. since Sony has not confirmed anything yet .

A PS5 Pro with 8K support

Regarding the characteristics of the possible PS5 Pro , it would be, in terms of performance, compatible with 8K televisions thanks to a brand new chip.

In addition, the PS5 Pro would offer much greater improvements with, for example, a new AMD APU and a new RDNA and Zen architecture (chip engraved in 5nm).

Indeed, the Sony-AMD partnership would allow the PS5 Pro to take advantage of FidelityFX Super Resolution , says FSR, for high-resolution image quality and computing power that would allow very fluid movements.


Still as difficult to get a PS5

The PS5 Pro is certainly possible, but the PS5 already existing for almost a year is still desired . Indeed, the shortage of electronic components makes accessibility to this famous Sony console difficult for any buyer.

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