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A new improved PS5 is now marketed by Sony, but only two countries currently offer it for sale: Japan and Australia. Indeed, available for a short time in these countries, this new version of Sony's PS5 is already receiving some criticism. Offering a lighter weight , this new PS5 model would have poor heat dissipation . Here's everything you need to know about this new, revamped Sony console that is already creating controversy .


New PS5 in Japan and Australia

Brand new to the market, the upgraded version of the PS5 is therefore only available for sale in Japan and Australia at the moment. Indeed, Australia was the first country to offer this new lighter PS5, almost impossible to find today.

For information, the release of the new PS5 in France is scheduled for November 2020 in France and be ready since it will always be so difficult to find!

300 grams lighter

Two changes should be noted on this new version of the PS5:

  • a weight loss of about 300g. Indeed, 3828 grams for the old PS5 against 3541 grams for this new PS5 console.
  • a modification on the screw of the base. Regarding the base, it would seem to be easier to fix because of a new base with a new screw that can be screwed and unscrewed without tools.

A new PS5 that heats up more

A problem appears, however, on the new version of Sony's PS5 : its ventilation which is not very effective and which would make the brand's console hotter in terms of temperature (change in the shape of the heat sink).

Indeed, the old model rose to a maximum of 52 degrees while the new one goes up to 55 degrees . The question then arises about the longevity and performance of this device, which could be revised downwards.

So we will see if the smaller size of the heatsink in this new PS5 affects the gaming performance and the durability of the console.


Soon in Europe?

It will be necessary to wait until November 2021 to perhaps have the possibility of claiming to buy this new PS5 in France . In the meantime, you have to be patient.

This will allow everyone to find out about the first trials and tests of this console to find out if it is really worth buying it or not. To tell the truth, the opinions are well divided for the moment with a more or less general opinion that the new version of the PS5 is disappointing .


Reduction of production costs

This new model of PS5, which is supposed to see improvements, does not seem to really embark on it.

Certainly lighter than these elders, the new PS5 does not include major new features due to a reduction in Sony's production costs , to the detriment of the necessary components.

In short, as you will have understood the shortage of electronic components that affects Sony today and many brands in the world, amputates the quality and durability of new technological products .

For the case of the PS5, it would be a really important internal component that would have been modified by Sony . Would we be faced with profitability at the expense of quality?


Should we wait for this new PS5?

Opinions on the matter of waiting for this new PS5 are mixed . Based on the observation that it heats up much more than these predecessors and that the noise is almost not reduced , some are of the opinion to wait for another “PS5 Slim” version, for example, before embarking on the purchase.

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