Moonlight White: the new Asus ROG range


A new range of Gaming peripherals is coming! Indeed, Asus ROG unveils Moonlight White to us, a refined and minimalist range with a surprising and very elegant monochrome tone: the iconic color Moonlight White.

This new range consists of a new gaming keyboard (ROG Strix Scope NX TKL), a Strix Go Core headset , an ambidextrous optical mouse (Strix Impact II) and Intra Cetra II Core headphones .


Asus ROG, dedicated to gamers

Asus ROG offers technology dedicated to gamers with many devices allowing gaming professionals to practice their favorite sport in the best possible way.

Indeed, with many colors and products, Asus ROG offers gamers the opportunity to equip and customize their setup as they wish via a large catalog.

The arrival of the 100% white range of Asus ROG will bring the touch of minimalism expected by some.

A color that changes gamer stereotypes

In order to change the predominant dark colors, usually red and black, Asus ROG is betting on white to bring purity, elegance and design to the setups of its gamers. A color that breaks the codes and that will dress the different devices of this Moonlight White range . Note that a small touch of gray will be visible on this sleek range.

Minimalist all-white peripherals

White in color, with a slight hint of gray for a professional look, the Asus ROG Moonlight White range allows a setup with a clean and minimalist look .

Original way to stand out and illuminate your gaming room with a complete range of devices designed for all gamers . You will find in this range a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, a gaming headset as well as in-ear headphones . We detail all the features below.

ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Gaming Keyboard

Expected for November 2021, the ROG Strix Scope NX TKL mechanical gaming keyboard from Asus ROG's Moonlight White range offers a compact TKL format.

Indeed, with an Xccurate design (a larger "Control" key) and quality ROG NX switches , this keyboard offers you superior feel and durability. The latter also has an aluminum plate with a brushed effect to give it superior rigidity and a 100% gaming style. Asus has also added RGB lighting which is customizable.


ROG Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse

Ambidextrous, light and small model , the ROG Strix Impact II gaming mouse allows you to save space, wide and precise movements but also allows you high-end precision.

Indeed, with a 6200 DPI sensor , a maximum frequency of 1000 Hz , an optical sensor and a weight of 79 grams , this gaming mouse offers fast execution of each movement and a low sensitivity rate to lower the reticle by sight and thus have a higher precision.

Conceived and designed with professional gamers , the gaming mouse offered in this Moonlight White range also offers 5 angled programmable buttons to adapt your style of play as you see fit.

Note that it also offers RGB Aura lighting in the logo, on the front and on the wheel for maximum gaming effect. You will need to count 59.95€ in order to have one placed on your beautiful gaming setup.


ROG Strix Go Core Headset

The ROG Strix Go Core Gamer headset offered in this new Asus ROG range is available now and offered at €99.95. Compatible on all gaming platforms , it offers a 3.5mm jack . It also features two exclusive ASUS Essence transducers and a sealed acoustic chamber .

In short, a jewel of technology allowing an incredibly pure sound for a true audio immersion. The ROG Strix Go Core headset also offers a lightweight design and rock-solid ergonomics to provide maximum comfort for long, high-performance gaming sessions.

Note that this headset offers efficient and simple portability with two features for perfect adaptation (nomadic or gaming) as well as Teamspeak and Discord certification . The helmet will also be delivered to you with a detachable and unidirectional microphone boom for communication that meets your expectations.


ROG Cetra II Core In-Ear Headphones

The ROG Cetra II Core In-Ear Gaming Headphones are made from streamlined aluminum parts and offer an elegant, sleek and aesthetic design. Designed for maximum durability and pristine sound quality , these headphones are equipped with ASUS Essence transducers made of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) .

Offered at €89.95 and available for sale, they are also equipped with LSR tips and a 90° connector for unbeatable comfort and longevity in use. Note that the ROG Cetra II Core In-ear Headphones are compatible with all platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, ROG Phone 5, PC and mobile devices).


Already available for sale

In this new Asus ROG Moonlight White range, are already available for sale:

  • ROG Cetra II Core In -Ear Headphones
  • ROG Strix Go Core headset
  • the ROG Strix Impact II gaming mouse .
Indeed, the ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Gaming Keyboard will only be available for sale from November 2021 , so be patient for a complete and 100% white setup!

A new trend in the gaming world?

The Moonlight White range of the brand comes to upset the codes by offering a monochrome that would become trendy? Story to follow to find out if this sleek design and style will be the new trend in gaming in terms of setup!

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