No release on PS5 for GTA 6?


For the past few days, the web has been on fire with news: GTA 6 may never be released on Sony consoles , notably PS4 and PS5 .

While this rumor animates the gaming community, we must take each information with tweezers because nothing has yet been officially announced .

So what should we think of this information saying that there would be no GTA 6 on PS5? We have tried to give you a summary of all the information available to date so that you don't miss a single crumb!


Xbox exclusive for GTA 6?

GTA VI is said to be an Xbox exclusive . While the Sony community is affected by this news, it should be noted that nothing has been officially announced.

Indeed, it is for the moment only announcements made by two specialists in gaming news . The latter, Tom Henderson (Call Of Duty and Battlefield specialist) and Bloomberg , claim to have certain sources as to this.

But what about reality?


Microsoft to buy Take Two

18 billion dollars is the estimated price of the acquisition of Take Two by Microsoft. Indeed the Xbox specialist, Jez Corden , affirms this desire of Microsoft to buy the video game publisher Bioshock, GTA or Red Dead.

Valued at around 1,600 billion dollars , Microsoft would therefore be pleased to buy Take Two, especially after the takeover of the video game publisher Zenimax.

This desire for development of the multinational therefore overshadows Sony today as well as the Sony community, but let's wait to see what happens next because for the moment there is no supporting evidence.

Microsoft continues to arm itself

By buying out Take-Two, if it actually happens, Microsoft is building up a strong armor for itself . Indeed, the acquisition of several Microsoft game studios gives it more and more power.

As Satya Nadella, boss of the firm, says, the takeovers are not about to stop . Let's not forget that Microsoft paid out $7.5 billion for all the studios acquired and held by Zenimax as well as the Bestheda games.

In short, Microsoft is on the rise and intends to assert its power through all its studio purchases. To become even more indispensable in the sector seems to be the main objective.

Fund Xbox Game Pass

Teams at Xbox Game Studios will grow day by day along with Xbox Game Pass , says Matt Booty.

Indeed, one of the guidelines for the development of the studios is the axis of a recruitment that will be more diversified, inclusive and representative.


The best-selling game of its last 10 years

Impressive achievement for GTA , which is the best-selling game of its last 10 years ! Indeed, legend of the gaming world, GTA V would be the second best-selling game in history , on consoles and PC with more than 150 million games sold worldwide .

Indeed, Minecraft keeps the first place of the podium with 200 million games sold . Grand Theft Auto V would therefore continue to bring in a lot of money, thanks to GTA Online.


A blow for Sony

Sony and its entire community will find themselves, if this rumor turns out to be true, in a delicate situation.

Indeed, if the American firm, Microsoft, succeeds in buying Take-Two and continues in this line, GTA VI could be exclusive to Xbox. And as you imagine, it would affect many Playstation gamers a lot.

Case to follow.

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