A 480Hz screen for gamers


We have some fresh news for you: LG is preparing a brand new 480Hz gaming monitor for us.

Yes, the high-tech world leader, which recently abandoned the Smartphone market , is working on a brand new panel with impressive 480Hz capacities .

Here is everything you need to know about this new LG gamer screen , scheduled for sale in 2023 !!!


The manufacturer LG hits hard

An announcement made by the TFT Central site that makes our heads spin and hallucinate about this 480Hz monitor (with a response rate of 2.1ms) , supposedly, in production from the end of 2022 at LG Display .

Something to revolutionize the gaming screen market via a panel offering a huge full HD refresh rate and intended for eSport players .


A record 480Hz panel planned for 2023

Revolutionary you say?

With production scheduled to start at the end of 2022 , be ready to find this new 480Hz 1080p LG screen for sale from 2023 .

Indeed, the leading brand should present this brand new model at CES in Las Vegas which will take place in January 2023.

24.5 inch Full HD gaming monitor

This 480Hz gaming screen , scheduled for release in 2023, would also offer a beautiful full HD definition, namely 1920x1080 pixels . To add that its dimensions would be 62cm diagonally, namely 24.5 inches !

In short, a monitor that has made more than one blush since this announcement that has gone around the web.

A price that would exceed 1000€

Regarding the price, beware of the wallet! Indeed, a beautiful big budget technology ! And LG will not procrastinate on the price of this 480Hz gamer screen.

When we see that the majority of 360Hz in NVIDIA technology are on budgets ranging from 650 to 1000€, we must prepare to bank well beyond 1000€ in order to be able to acquire this jewel of revolutionary technology that promises us LGDisplay.


Should we wait for this LG gamer screen?

It depends on your level, your needs but also your budget! Yes, this LG gamer screen is primarily intended for eSport players and will require very powerful computer hardware to be able to run games at this very high frequency.

Indeed, so many images per second requires graphics cards and processors that can withstand the shock by supporting such technology. As you will have understood, these monitors will therefore be above all for gaming professionals who can manage a frequency of this magnitude.

240Hz is enough to play

We believe, despite this 480Hz screen announced by LG, that 360Hz and even 240Hz are sufficient to play your favorite games . Indeed, it is strong, fast and fluid enough to play correctly and be effective during your games.

Those who can or want to afford this 480Hz LG gamer screen will only be a tiny minority because it is indeed a niche product that does not concern all gamers, both in terms of its performance and in terms of sound. very high cost.

Aim for a QHD or 4K OLED panel

The best in terms of image quality for gamers: a QHD OLED panel ! Or rather prefer a 4K gaming screen operating at 144Hz.

Indeed, this is more than enough to play in ideal conditions. But you still need to have the necessary configuration behind all this.

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