10 million ps5 sold

10 millions de ps5 vendues

Despite an impacting pandemic for many industries , that of video game consoles is spared. Indeed, only 9 months after the launch of the PS5, Sony has already recorded more than 10 million units sold !

Despite some supply problems, Sony is breaking all its sales records, well beyond those of the PS4 for example, with a PS5 that is tearing up in all directions.

Discover this crazy story in this dedicated article.


10 million sales in just 9 months

More than 10 million sales worldwide in 9 months!

This is the crazy tale of Sony and its flagship console the PS5 . Indeed, the PS5 is the brand's console that is exploding in terms of sales, despite an unfavorable global economic and health situation.

Exceptional for the brand which, as soon as its products are put on the shelves, sells each unit in no time!

Note that Sony had set a sales target of 22.6 million for its PS5 in order to equal the number of bellies of their very first Playstation in 1998. We wish them well!


The best boot for a Sony console

Unheard of for Sony! Indeed, thanks to a committed and loyal community of enthusiasts and fans , the brand has strong support. The latter being very promising for the rest of the marketing, especially with the arrival of future licenses that you will find very soon on PS5, namely for example Gran Turismo, Horizon or God of War.

Despite the shortage

A global shortage of computer hardware, especially processors, but also consoles is impacting some brands. But not Sony with its PS5! It should therefore be noted that it is the Sony console that has sold the fastest in terms of unit sales over time since the release of the very first Sony Playstation in 1998.

We add that these 10 million PS5 sales were made in just 35 weeks , compared to 39 weeks for the PS4: a record for the brand!

So what would these unbeatable figures be if the market were not in short supply?

We let you imagine!


An ever-increasing demand

Shortages of computer components, global pandemic and decline in purchasing power do not seem to harm Sony as we have seen!

Indeed, with its PS5 Sony is exploding the market and recording more and more requests for consoles. In short, enough to make more than one blush.

But it must, however, be admitted that Sony is currently far from meeting all the demands due to a stock of PS5 which disappears as soon as it appears and is made available. So everyone is looking for a PS5 .


Sony's priority on improving inventory

With demand greater than its supply capacity, Sony ensures that it has as a priority the management of its PS5 inventory levels .

Indeed, very complicated to find on the market, the Playstation 5 is desired and immediately finds a buyer as soon as it is put on the shelves.

SIE, Sony Interactive Entertainment, therefore assures that the production of PS5 should be accelerated , with the objective of satisfying each applicant for the console as soon as possible.

We all hope so!

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