How high will sales of GTA 5 go?


The most popular and sold game in the history of the industry, after Minecraft, is GTA 5 !

Indeed, sales of GTA V have just exceeded an impressive threshold: that of 150 million copies sold worldwide , and this in 8 years . Amazing!

Yes GTA 5 is one of the most popular games today, thanks in particular to the online mode which is offered and developed daily by Rockstar Games .

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto license is therefore estimated at more than 350 million in total sales. So here is an article that we have dedicated to this game and this series that will not stop surprising us.


150 Million copies sold for GTA 5

With more than 150 million copies sold for GTA V and more than 350 million total sales for the Grand Theft Auto saga , the Rockstar Games title is breaking sales records.

Of these 350 million, it should be noted that more than half of the sales are devoted to GTA 5 . So we can say that Trevor, Franklin and Michael offer a staging that appeals to the majority.

GTA 5 has not said its last word as with a 72% increase in players since the Los Santos Tuners update on July 20, 2021 on GTA online. It therefore still has 50 million more sales to reach the same stage as Minecraft, today the most popular and sold video game in the history of the industry.


GTA V game released in 2013

GTA V, also known as Grand Theft Auto, was released in 2013, 8 years ago. Its popularity since its release has made it one of the most popular games among players and has become a reference today .

With sales that continue to increase day by day, GTA 5 is the subject of many shares on all gaming platforms and therefore becomes a real phenomenon in the gaming universe.

3 console generations for GTA V

GTA V is accessible to you on three console generations. Indeed, in 8 years it has been possible for you to play on different versions of this popular game: the very beginning with PS3 and Xbox 360 , then PS4 and Xbox One to soon offer the game on PS5 and Xbox Series .

A game, as you can see, that has evolved with its time and its community. Indeed, with a release on PS5 and Xbox Series scheduled for November 11, 2021, GTA 5 and GTA online continue to reinvent themselves.


The success of GTA Online multiplayer

The possibility of multiplayer on GTA Online offers a role-playing game that is successful in the gaming universe . Indeed, multiplayer is a component that is very popular within the gaming community and Rockstar Games has understood this well.

Role-playing intertwined with a strategy game is therefore the popularity of these games which offer various ways of approaching how to play online.

The 200 Million sales of Minecraft in the viewfinder

The best-selling game in the history of video games is of course Minecraft with more than 200 million sold ! We therefore assume that the parent company of Rockstar Games does not want to stop there in terms of sales by aiming for an additional 50 million copies sold in order to equal or even exceed the leader!


A GTA 6 not ready to be released

With the success of GTA 5, Take-Two-Interactive is a priori in no hurry to produce and market the long-awaited version of GTA 6.

Indeed, GTA 6 would not be expected to be marketed before at least 2023-2024 . What to wait a few more years before being able to discover the sixth episode of the series.

By generating so much money and sales on GTA 5, it therefore does not encourage them to rush on the new version, especially since the release of GTA V on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles arrives next November .

It even seems that this new version of the game will bring the following improvements : new technological performance, improved loading time, faster framerate, more qualitative images, improved vehicles, etc.

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