Banned from Twitch. Explanations of the platform


Have you been banned from Twitch or know someone who has been?

Do you have many questions about the platform's explanations for banning its users ?

Until now Twitch gave very little, if any, information to banned people. But since August 09, the platform is keen to say a little more about it.

We have looked into the subject in order to give you as much information as possible to better understand the why and how.


Change at Twitch

Until recently, streamers faced a misunderstanding about the banning or suspension of their Twitch channel on the streaming platform.

Indeed, no explanation , other than the violated rules, was given when a streamer was banned or suspended.

For the past few days, the streaming platform has announced that it wants to provide more precision and explanation to banned or suspended streamers so that they can better understand the cause. And not only!

Twitch has also lowered the price of its subscriptions . In short, many changes are therefore to be noted for this famous streaming platform.


Streamers previously in limbo

Prior to this announcement from Twitch, streamers who were banned or suspended did not know the reason why they were banned.

Quite annoying for those enthusiasts who could not understand and improve in order to no longer be. Appealing therefore seemed complex or even impossible since Twitch only justified its choice by sending the broken rule, without further details .

Indeed, streamers therefore found themselves in the blur of the sanction given to them and even ended up asking questions about how these decisions were made by the platform.

This is why today Twitch has decided to clarify these situations by giving more details as to the sanction.


More clarity now in the sanction

But the time of the vagueness of the sanction is over since Twitch now gives more clarity and details as to the suspensions of its streamers.

Here is what the platform gives in terms of additional details:

  • the name of the content
  • the date of content that violates the rules of the streaming platform
  • the rule that was broken
  • the duration of the suspension of the Twitch account

It may not yet be the total transparency expected by users, but it will help many streamers to find what has been done that has not been accepted by Twitch in order to correct the situation and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Better information provided to streamers

From now on, and for everyone, every banned or suspended streamer will receive a notification from the platform with the details of the suspended content, i.e. the rule violated, the name of this content, the date of the content which goes against the rules of Twitch usage and the length of time the streamer's account will be suspended.

An aid to help streamers find fraudulent content and thus not make the same mistakes again.

Despite an improvement in the justification of banned or suspended accounts, Twitch still keeps some vagueness in the information provided to streamers.

Note that on the Twitch platform, so-called temporary suspensions range from 1 to 30 days depending on the seriousness of the facts. To be permanently banned from the platform, the streamer must have accumulated several suspensions .

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