Buying guide: What is the best gaming laptop?


In 2022, you no longer need a huge PC that eats up all the space in your gaming space to play efficiently. Times have changed and it is now possible to find a portable gaming PC just as powerful as a desktop PC and much less bulky. Before making any choice, you must pay attention to the following characteristics: the graphics circuit, RAM and storage, the screen, the connectors and the brand . So let's go together in search of the best gaming laptop through this buying guide that will help you make your choice.


No more PC tower needed to play in 2022

For good gaming performance, in 2022 it is possible to use a portable gaming PC. Indeed, many advances have been made in this direction and allow you to find laptops to play with quality and high-performance components. You have the freedom to move your place of play thanks to a mobile laptop PC and goodbye to the heavy PC tower that saturates your space.

Graphics card shortage

The current health crisis as well as the reduced accessibility to exchanges between borders are creating a worldwide shortage of computer components , in particular graphics cards. It is therefore more complicated to source good computer components since the pandemic.


For what budget?

When you choose a portable gaming PC, there is the question of the budget because mobility and practicality mixed with performance come at a price. Here is an inventory of the budget to devote to the purchase of a portable gaming PC.

Entry-level portable gaming PC

The very first budget to acquire a portable gaming PC is around 1000€. At this price, it is totally possible to find gaming laptops that are equipped with good graphics cards and important processors . Despite a good technical data sheet, we are just alerting you to the definition of the screen and the finishes which may not be there.

Mid-range portable gaming PC

For a mid-range portable gaming PC, count on a budget ranging from 1200 to 1900€. In these price brackets, you will find portable gaming PCs with good screens and solid configurations . One of the only hiccups could be its less qualitative GPU.

High-end portable gaming PC

If your budget allows it and you want a high-end portable gaming PC, it will take a budget from 2000€. Indeed, your laptop will offer you, at this price, the best gaming performance and superior gaming comfort.


The latest gaming laptop components

We are going to discuss something inherent and important for a good gaming laptop: computer components . We have identified three of them, the latest arrivals on the mobile gaming PC market.

AMD Ryzen 5000

For a few years, Intel has unquestionably remained the best in terms of performance, but that time is over and it is now AMD that dethrones it with much more powerful CPUs and at much more attractive prices.

Nvidia RTX 3000

Regarding the graphics circuit, the base remains still and always Nvidia for a quality portable gaming PC, in particular Nvidia RTX 3000 which has proven itself with impressive quality and a very powerful circuit.

Quality OLED screen

For a portable gaming PC that meets your expectations, please choose a good screen, especially OLED . Indeed, OLED screens provide a better quality of image transcription with an irreproachable rendering. OLED displays have been engineered to deliver superior specs and high-end performance for any gaming session.

Note that today you can get a gaming laptop with a 120Hz and 144Hz screen even at the entry level . For the higher end screens, the screens can even offer performance ranging from 240Hz to 300Hz. Go for as many Hz as possible if you want a gaming experience through a premium display.

Selection of the best gaming laptops

The choice of quality components will bring you durability, performance and power of your product. In order to best advise you on your future PC, we have prepared a selection of the best gaming laptops . Discover it above without further delay!

ASUS TUF GAMING A15: The best value for money

The ASUS TUF GAMING A15 gaming laptop is for us the product with the best quality/price ratio. Indeed, it offers superior performance, a good quality screen, good autonomy, a qualitative panel with in particular a refresh rate of 240Hz and complete connectivity (two USB-A ports and one USB-C port).

Regarding the keyboard, it is pleasant, fluid and backlit for simple and efficient use. Its design is also appreciated for its sobriety and elegance. In short, the ASUS TUF GAMING A15 fulfills the mission entrusted to it, namely pleasant and efficient computer sessions.


LENOVO LEGION Y540-15IRH: a minimal budget for good performance

If your budget is not very important but you want to acquire a portable gaming pc with good performance, we advise you to opt for the LENOVO LEGION Y540-15IRH . This portable gaming PC has a good quality screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz, a discreet design, an Nvidia RTX 2060, 16GB of RAM and a Core i5 9300F .

In short, with an unbeatable price, the LENOVO LEGION Y540-15IRH promises you great PC sessions. Its small flaw lies, however, in its greater weight .


Razer Blade Pro 17: the ultimate gaming laptop

The Razer Blade Pro 17 is the ultimate portable gaming PC . Indeed, it offers an efficient design and beautiful finishes , all with elegance and power. Its excellent Full HD 144Hz quality screen, its high-end keyboard, its very good connectivity (3 USB-C and a Thunderbolt 3 port) as well as its finesse make this PC an exceptional laptop, but to be the owner you will have to put the price (price higher than 2000€). In short, the best gaming laptop with an unparalleled technical sheet. Its only downside is the autonomy of about 3:30 .


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