How to get your first viewers on Twitch?


For an active and known Twitch channel , it is imperative to have an engaged and loyal community . But before you get to that, when you're just starting out on Twitch, you need to make a name for yourself by earning your first Twitch viewers .

Indeed, the number of viewers and the level of interaction with your community are two essential things to break through as a Streamer . We have therefore dedicated this article to you in order to give you all the keys to gaining your first Twitch viewers in a simple, qualitative and effective way both in terms of the quality of your audience and the number of viewers.


The recipe for becoming a streamer

The recipe for becoming a streamer is as follows:

  • Make a good impression on Twitch

The viewer must have a good first image of your account/profile to stop there and not keep scrolling its thumbnail page. Your profile must attract him. To do this, opt for a short and clear title, choose a beautiful channel image, make quality streams (with quality equipment).
  • Interact on the Twitch platform

Interactions help attract new Twitch viewers.

  • Be yourself

You must be charismatic in your game and work to keep your level, and of course remain yourself without trying to imitate anyone. It's you we love and only you!
  • Surround yourself with the right people

It is wise for example to make collaborations with streamers and streamers of your categories of games or discussions and also to do Raids at the end of your live in order to recommend the profiles that you like and who knows... that we recommend you too!
  • To have fun

Being a streamer is first of all about being passionate and wanting to share your passion with a community, so do what you love and viewers will follow you and love you for what you are.


Good hardware for streaming on Twitch

A good Streamer must have good gaming equipment if he wants to break into Twitch . Indeed, a complete and quality setup allows a superior technicality and a certain credibility.

Thanks to good streaming equipment, you will make your visual identity an asset and Twitch viewers will take even more pleasure in watching your streams.

Some essential play equipment:

Think about the image of your Twitch channel

Gaining Twitch viewers also means appreciating your brand image, your personality and the atmosphere of your channel . To do this, you must have a quality gaming setup and an atmosphere that suits you . Do not neglect anything in the decoration and equipment of your game or stream room.

Interact with your Twitch viewers

It is important that you interact with your Twitch viewers in order to create cohesion , maintain exchanges and show that you are present and attentive to your community. Bringing your community together is essential for positive community engagement.

Indeed, some even create servers on Discord in order to exchange daily on different subjects. In addition, the fact of conversing and consulting the flows of other profiles will allow you to develop your community in a fast and qualitative way.

A few tips to help you grow your Twitch viewers :

  • use the chat
  • ask questions and answer other people's questions
  • greet newcomers and integrate them into your community to make them feel at home
  • play with your community, etc.

In other words, your community should be like your friends and you should build strong relationships to retain your viewers.


Advertise on social media

A trick to gaining Twitch viewers as well is to advertise on social media . Yes promoting your profile is important so use Facebook and/or Instagram especially if you want to encourage people to discover and follow you.

You have the possibility to do it for free via stories or publications , but also to do it for a fee thanks to sponsorship . It's up to you to adapt your communication to your desires and to what seems most relevant to you in terms of target and budget .

Stream regularly on Twitch

To maintain your presence on Twitch, show off your investment, and get the following you deserve, you need to stream as much as possible . Indeed, creating excitement around your channel depends on the time you devote to it, both in terms of its image and the number of streams you do.

So it's up to you to create your daily or weekly appointments to liven up your channel and make each of your streams an unmissable moment for your Twitch viewers. This will also allow you to develop your channel by attesting to your seriousness.


Create original content

To attract and retain Twitch viewers on your channel, nothing better than creating original content that stands out from the rest, in short, you must make a difference by entertaining and interesting your community.

Indeed, you must make sure that your community has fun, is good by watching you and that your exchanges are made of sharing. Your content should also be interesting and varied so as not to bore your viewers. Surprise your community by standing out and offering original content that will be unanimous. Create buzz and enthusiasm around you!

Find the right broadcast time slot

For an engagement that meets your expectations, you need to distribute and publish your content at the right times . Indeed, you must analyze the presence of your audience online (days and hours) in order to offer your content in these niches.

This will allow you to have more viewers present and engaged and therefore be likely to earn more. We advise you to educate yourself, test and then create a release schedule so that you are consistent in your publications and not be caught off guard. The streaming calendar is a timeline respected by top streamers.


Take pleasure in what you present

As a streamer you need to be engaged and passionate about what you do ! Have fun so that your community can too. The recipe for winning Twitch viewers and having a great experience is to stay yourself because viewers will love you for who you are, to take pleasure in sharing with your community and to exchange as much as you can in order to maintain a close-knit and committed community that will recommend you with your eyes closed !

So it's up to you to play and that the pleasure and the viewers are at the rendezvous!

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