After a few months of suspense regarding the eSport tournaments on Street Fighter V and Rocket League , we have had confirmation from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and Intel that they are maintained.

Indeed, on May 5, the IOC and Intel announced that these two tournaments will take place from July 23 to August 8 on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics , and this completely online due to the health situation. Here is the information you need to know about these long-awaited competitions.


The two Street Fighter V and Rocket League competitions will be held on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics. Indeed, these are the firsteSport competitions to be held under an Olympic licence, supported by the International Olympic Committee and its partner, the Intel brand. These two tournaments will take place at Zepp Diversity in Tokyo in a 100% online format .

Teams and players will wear the colors of their regions and countries loud and clear. As for the qualification stages, they will take place in June for the final stages scheduled for July 11 to 14 for the Rocket League tournament and July 16 to 21 for the Street Fighter V tournament.


Esports makes a "mini-entrance" to the Olympic Games

Yes, this year the Tokyo Olympics will offer a bit of eSport to the delight of players and enthusiasts. These "mini" Olympic eSports games will be open to anyone wishing to participate, however we can imagine that the qualification phases will be taken by storm by professional gamers .
For this "mini-entry" of eSports at the Olympic Games, the IOC and Intel have therefore chosen the most popular and accessible games in order to reach as many people as possible: Street Fighter V and Rocket League.

Intel World Open from July 23 to August 8

As stated at the beginning of this article, the Intel World Ope n will take place from July 23 to August 08 and will be based on Street Fighter V and Rocket League games. It should be noted that despite this integration into the Tokyo Olympics, these two tournaments will be organized as part of the Intel World Open, but not fully integrated into the Olympics program.

In short, an announcement that pleases all eSports fans. Regarding the French teams, a team will have the opportunity to qualify on Rocket League for the regional final and two players for Street Fighter V.

2 games easily understood by the public

The choice of these two games was made in order to offer the greatest accessibility and understanding of the games to the public . Indeed, Street Fighter V and Rocket League are the two most popular and known games of the moment in order to allow the public a certain understanding of the competitions.

These two well-known and popular games, particularly in Japan, will therefore be held by teams representing their countries. Intel and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) opted for the following strategy when choosing the two games: a fighting game (Street Fighter V) and a football-inspired car game (Rocket League).


$250,000 in winnings for each game

€207,000, or $250,000, is the amount of winnings that will reward top players. This gain will be distributed between each best player of each team of the two tournaments, that is to say $250,000 for each of the tournaments making a total reward of $500,000 for the two competitions.
Note that the matches will be in teams of three for Rocket League and four for Street Fighter V.


Participation open to all

For these two eSport tournaments, participation will be open to everyone . We imagine, however, that most of the participants will be professionals and that places will be scarce.
The first phase of Rocket League qualification will select the top 16 teams (one team per country), each consisting of 3 players and the second phase will determine the final 7 teams to join Japan for the competition.


No official entry of Esport competitions at the 2024 Paris Olympics

For the moment, it is, according to many statements from the Olympic and IOC movements, "premature" to claim to add eSport competition to the Paris Olympics in 2024. However, these will not be the last Olympics and the hope is still present in everyone's mind for an "acceleration" of the process in order to, perhaps, touch the finger on the opportunity to integrate eSport into the official program of the Olympic Games.

To be continued…


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