Where to find a PS5 in stock? Our 10 tips!


Available for sale since November 19, 2020, and supposedly 4 times more powerful than the ps4 , the ps5 is desired. Indeed, it is now complicated to find and buy a ps5 given the many out of stock.

And the shortage of ps5 is not about to stop this year. To help you with the search for "the lost ps5" we have listed the 10 tips that will make it easier for you to find a ps5 available for purchase.


1. 10 tips for buying a PS5

Due to many requests and very little stock , it is difficult in 2021 to find a ps5 available and buyable right away. From the first weeks of its launch, the ps5 sold more than 4 million units and stocks today are minimal or non-existent.

Indeed, it would be a shortage of components of the ps5 which would cause this concern of unavailability, due to the health situation and the blockage of the Suez Canal.

We have therefore investigated for you in order to offer you the tips that will help you to be the first in the running for the acquisition of this famous console.

2. Choose big brands

A tip to know where to find an available ps5? Quite simply by monitoring the major brands and their stocks .

Watch the ps5 in stock at Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc

To be aware of the replenishment of stocks in the major brands, we advise you to monitor the supplies daily . Indeed, given the shortage of ps5, if the latter are supplied, they will be very little. To do this, subscribe to their accounts on social networks, put alerts on their sites and your online accounts and visit their sites.


3. Follow good deals accounts on twitter

To have the information of new stocks of ps5 in preview and at the appropriate time in order to succeed in obtaining one, we advise you to follow the most informed Twitter accounts .

We note a few such as @dealabs, @chococobonplan , @hamster, etc. Indeed, by subscribing to these Twitter accounts you can rely on them to be informed because they are reliable.

4. Avoid queues at some online merchants

In order to avoid the queues of online sites to buy the ps5, there is a little tip that was, in particular, revealed by @Dealabs on his Twitter account . If you haven't seen the information, here it is: Add *queue* as an Adblock or Ublock filter.

5. Buy from your smartphone

It would be advisable, according to some sayings, to use a smartphone to buy the ps5 more than a computer. Indeed, the ordering process would be simpler and faster which would save you time and therefore have a stock, who knows, available.


6. Use a fast payment method

To buy the PS5 it is recommended to opt for a fast and simple means of payment. Indeed, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal allow you to pay easily and quickly.

This trick of paying your ps5 in one click by registering your bank information beforehand saves time and is faster online when you find a ps5 in stock . So be quick and quick.

7. Keep the PS5 in your cart

If you want to save precious seconds during your quest to buy a ps5, we advise you to put the ps5 in stock in your basket , even if there is none available.

Indeed, this trick allows you to keep the ps5 in your basket so that you can be the fastest in terms of its purchase when it is put back in stock . As soon as it is back in stock, all you have to do is validate your basket, pay quickly and you'll be done!


8. Create auction site alerts

In order to successfully find a ps5 and buy it, it is also advisable to create alerts on sales sites . If the ps5 is not in stock, you can activate alerts which will inform you of its return to stock as soon as it is.

Note that alerts can be either by email or by message . Different sales sites offer this style of alert such as Amazon, Darty, Fnac or Micromania.

9. Don't overload sites before a sale opens

The ninth tip to find a ps5 efficiently and optimize the chances of buying it is not to overload the sites , especially when sales reopen. Indeed, this would make the traffic far too heavy and important on the site and it could crash and no longer be accessible, so it would be counterproductive.


10. Be patient

In order to put the odds on your side to find a ps5 , last little advice: be patient and do not rush to buy the console because many sellers, especially on leboncoin, try by all means to sell their ps5 much more expensive than its original price.

If you rush, you are not safe from an online scam so do not succumb to temptation too quickly and inform yourself before confirming your purchase.

Here you are, you are now ready to find your ps5 via these 10 tips that will optimize your chances of finding a ps5 , and this in a fast and efficient way. Up to you !

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